Hey guys welcome back to another Boruto review. It's been sometime since I did one of these but I feel like this was a good episode to return on so enjoy

Hey guys, I'm The BlackPizza here with another theory. Is adult naruto stronger than war arc naruto. Let's discuss this.

Hey guys, welcome back to attack on titan 2. Stuff is really starting to get crazy in this world and I hope you guys are really enjoying the series as much as i am. Anyways, I gotta go kill some more titans. Enjoy

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Hey guys welcome to raft. An ocean survival game. This game is a little different than games I've played before but I enjoy it so enjoy.

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Welcome back to some LTA mon, I have been absent from my channel for quite some time. But I'm back now,Today's topic is will boruto be able to surpass naruto. Let's Discuss.

Hey guys I'm so sorry I haven't uploaded in like 2 weeks but I have kinda just been doing my own thing but I'm gonna try and get everything back on track, so enjoy

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Hey guys welcome back to another review for boruto in this episode we finally get to see the start of the chunin exams. So let's sit back and relax.

Hey guys, it's been a while since PubG has been on the channel so I thought I'd start it up again with this epic solo game so enjoy.

We finally got a trailer for season 3 and it is great. So let's watch

Hey guys welcome back to far cry 5 and I'm still learning so don't judge me too hard guys. Anyways, enjoy

Hey guys sorry i didnt upload yesterday but my internet was acting up andyways I hope you enjoy this episode of attack on titan.

Hey guys, Welcome back to a way out. Forgot about these videos for a little minute but anyways, Enjoy

Hey guys, Welcome back to another Boruto review and today we finally get to see Sasuke take Boruto under his wing. So, Let's have a discussion.

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Welcome to probably the best anime game I've played to date

Hey guys welcome to far cry 5

Hey guys, Today I will be taking a quiz rather than discussing one of the anime's I've watched just to try something new. But rest assured, next week I will have a great LTA video ready for you guys. So sit back and enjoy.

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Hey guys, Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday but It was my birthday and I was kinda busy but enjoy

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Hey guys, welcome back to another LTA. Today we will be talking about why you should watch naruto and why it is my favorite anime I've seen so far. Without giving to much spoilers I hope you guys enjoy this video.

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So I'm Finally doing a review on Boruto. And I chose a great week to start it because the Man, The Myth, The Legend himself, Sasuke Uchiha has returned. Ok that's enough of that. Now sit back and enjoy the show.

I low-key hate this game.

Hey guys, So welcome to GTA: Vice City. The First GTA i've ever played but never even beat so let's get into this

Hey guys, today we will be talking about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations the anime and what is so good or bad about. If you haven't watched the series I would really advise it. Watch naruto first obliviously. Anyways enjoy this weeks LTA.

This is one of my lives biggest accomplishments


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Hey guys I'm The BlackPizza or Pierre which ever you prefer my main platform is Youtube and I'm really just trying to expand my viewership to new lengths, So what do I do here? I mostly play games on PC or Xbox soon to be PS4 but if your interested in a collab let me know anyways im gonna go and edit a video or something so enjoy my channel