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A topic I just have to rant and get my fellow man to understand. What's the topic you may ask? Read the title.

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #17: False Friends & Disposable Acquaintances

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #16: There's No Escaping Inceldom As It Only Gets Worse...

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #15: The Blackest Pill, The Devil's Pill...

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #14: The Blue Pill vs. The Red Pill vs. The Black Pill

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #13: The Cringe of Dark Phoenix & Other SJW-Propaganda in Media

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #12: What It's Like To Be Outed & What It Means

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #11: Karma Doesn't Exist & You'll Always Be On The Bottom

Just a rant and my opinion on how crappy the Avengers: Endgame and all of the MCU really is with its SJW-tactics such as feminism and anti-white male hatred.

Like the title suggests: Life is rigged against you and women don't like you... accept it.

Coming back from a slight hiatus from this channel, but thankfully back to uploading another episode to this ongoing podcast (not dead yet, even to my haters so far. lol) :)

Episode #7 of the Darkcel Podcast and today, this one is about the reality of when it is OVER and DONE with when it comes to finding a woman. Whether that be for sex or relationships, it's over for you. Move on.

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #6: Burning Out From Being A Workaholic & Dealing w/ Social Fatigue

The Darkcel Podcast | Episode #5: How Does Inceldom Fit into the Political & Social Sphere?

Inceldom Will Only Keep Growing and Here's Why... (RANT!)

The 3rd episode of The Darkcel Podcast, "Alcohol is the Answer for People LIke Me..."

Episode #2... and about how I failed a simple human task in life and to have never tried again.

Episode #1 of my ongoing podcast about the black pill, inceldom, the manosphere and the bleak future of humanity. Enjoy.. I guess?


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The Darkcel Podcast is a series of videos uploaded every other day of the week to talk about and explore the dark depths of reality. Taking the black pill phenomenon and autistically indulging into its very being. I am not only a voice for fellow incels, but for men alike, as well as those that are open-minded enough to take a venture into the world of... darkceldom.

What you hear is what you get..