The Coronavirus has 17488 cases but due to lack of updates it most likely over that. Many people are ignorant of the dangers of this virus, but thats evolution for you.
362 has died but it most likely more. I suggest that people start to stock on food, water, medicine and gold/silverware.
Also get a weapon, because those who did not prepare will most likely try to steal yours. But if you have the virus please do us a favor and infect the higher ups.

Sorry for not giving you guys an update I was gonna but sorta forgot to but know I have and I found more bones and other cool stuff.

Yesterday In school we went to this park in Ursvik while there I saw an old structure when I looked around I found some animal bones.

A few weeks ago I started to notice youtube replacing the subscription with suggested content and it hard to get rid off.
I sorta predicted this comming and ever since this happend nobody is talking about it really strange?
I wouldn't be surprised if the removed the subscription completely in the next few months.
Godbye youtube I mean Ourtube, I will leave that website and google soon and move my way to Bitchute and other platform tht acctualy cares about it users.


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Just a disabled 17 year old white male wanting to start something new in this platform instead of youtube.