Prof Augusto Zimmerman is a Professor of Law and is currently Head of Law at Sheridan College in Perth, WA. He has published several books and articles on law and has held top positions in a number of highly respected organisations, including being the Law Reform Commissioner for the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia (2012-2017).

Prof. Zimmerman is a Bold & Courageous warrior against Injustice and has for several years spoken out against the Extremist of the Feminist movement and against the Family Court Legal system that has many failings. Recently, Professor Zimmerman has collaborated with groups seeking to fix the Family Court and did two in-car interviews / commentary for a West Australian Group, FACRA (Family and Childrens Rights Australia). He has also made a Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Family Law System (# 6).

In this interview with our ‘On Point’ Team (Lisa and Don), Professor Zimmerman talks candidly about the many problems within the Family Court System, that destroys the lives of thousands of Good Parents and Innocent Children every year in Australia, and also about the current Family Law Inquiry.

In particular, our team asks Prof Zimmerman if he thinks that the current Family Law Inquiry is corrupt, as he believes that it is currently being conducted as a Lawyers’ Hog Feast and that if this continues, he will denounce it with all of his might.

Professor Zimmerman also talks about the following topics;
- Suicide being driven by Divorce and Parental Alienation.
- Parental Alienation is a Criminal Act, yet in Australia it is rewarded.
- False Interim Violence Restraining Orders.
- Feminism.
- Domestic Violence is not a gender specific issue.
- Perjury is not prosecuted.

Paul Elam is a a men’s human rights activist and the founder of a “voice for men”. He has also just released his new book Men,Women ,relationships and surviving the plague of modern masculinity (most recently). Lisa from the On Point team speaks to him about a wide range of topics that include his views on radical feminism, what men really need to do to enact change and when he thinks a change is coming.

Rob Tiller is a male friendly counselor, anger managmenet expert and workshop presenter. He has helped thousands of men, women and couples repair their relationships and recover from separation. The On Point team speak to him and cover many topics including his views on the Duluth Model, domestic violence and a range of other topics. We hope you enjoy our wide ranging discussion with Rob and visit his website at to show him your support.

Special edition of On Point.

We hope you enjoy our special interview from across the pond with activist and hip hop superstar Philly Slimm.

Philly met up with Adam and Lisa to discuss the complexities of having to walk away from a child you love as the other parent, pathogenic by nature, creates hell for the child the more you get time to redevelop your relationship with the child.

This concept in itself is a very important one to consider, especially for people who have not been through this process before, as it is in contradiction to what any loving parent would think and feel would be a natural way to progress.

Philly makes a number of other very important and passionate statements and if you don’t like lots of colourful language now is the time to put that aside for the ideas he brings to the table.


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