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"Six Chapters on Christianity and National Socialism (1931) by Wilhelm Stapel
Audio book reading by The Fascifist



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2:47 - Rudolf Jung

24:05 - Gottfried Feder

45:18 - Adolf Hitler



An Andkon's Reich Production

The SS as an Anti Bolshivek Fighting Organization PDF:

Positive Christianity In The Third Reich PDF:

God's Law (The Law Of God) PDF:

Immorality Of The Talmud PDF:

The Sun Korps Newspaper Article PDF:

Unfortunately. I don't have a free pdf of the Seventh Volume of SS Culture There are audio books of the volumes until the seventh part where there are audio books. It seems as if that person does not want to publish a book which is in opposition to his beliefs. But the books is available on Amazon or others stores if you don't want to buy it from there.

Also. There is a church on the grounds of Wewelsburg Castle which i cover in this video as well. It's at the entrance. It was built as apart of the castle.


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