Adolf Hitler: Stand with Me


An excellent presentation detailing the epistamalogical differences in how the terms "Nation" and "Race" was understood by the 3rd Reich government, and most specifically Adolf Hitler himself. Please like and subscribe to Wilk_Mocy_Publishers.

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Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest-Slavery by Gottfried Feder (1919)

Audio Book reading by The Fascifist

Reuploaded here in case you are unable to access his page due to censorship in your country.


A little video exemplifying the first hand sources I am consistently accumulating and studying to grow my knowledge of WW2 from the perspective of the Axis Powers.

Hans Westmar was the last of an unofficial trilogy of films produced by the NSDAP shortly after coming to power in January 1933, celebrating their Kampfzeit – the history of their period in opposition, struggling to gain power. The film is a partially fictionalized biography of the National Socialist martyr Horst Wessel.

A recent debate that was held on the topic of the American Revolution.

In favor of Revolutionaries: Of Air N' Sea

In favor of Loyalists: The Fascifist


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