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We report truth and facts about history and present day events. Our channel is dedicated to exposing crimes against humanity committed by the international Jewish supremacist banking cabal and their Gentile co-conspirators'.

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Degeneracy is on the rise. It is the greatest symptom of society's ills. A clear indication of spiritual decline.

Within narrotolgy and comparative mythology there exists a template called "The Hero's Journey". In the modern era, there is no greater a man that fits this template than the person of Adolf Hitler. Often known only for his exemplary statesmanship as supreme leader of the German people during the 3rd Reich, his achievements in rescuing Germany from the downward spiral after the Treaty of Versaille is a legendary testament of honor and virtue unmatched ever since. Trials and tribulations plague the hero in his journey to the summit of his destiny and this was certainly no different for Adolf Hitler, the unknown soldier. Adolf Hitler the fighting man is the subject of this engrossing feature, chronicling the future leader's combat experience as a foot soldier in World War I. Excerpts from Hitler's letters from the front, recollections of regimental comrades, and evaluations by his officers offer a revealing portrait of a brooding, fearless loner who preferred battlefields to brothels, frontline service to home leave, and kept the men he frequently risked his life to protect at arm's length. A selfless man willing to risk his life for those whom he loves. Original German, British, and American wartime footage presents a graphic visual impression of life in the trenches. In a world of death, hardship, and discipline, Hitler sought comfort in the companionship of his English terrier, and in sketches and watercolors he rendered during lulls. This candid, meticulously researched program provides an intimate, well-rounded, and unique picture of the most controversial figure of the 20th Century. It speculates on the influence wartime service exercised on his personal and political development, filling a critical gap for any sincere appraisal of Hitler's psyche, motives, and subsequent actions.

A documentary detailing the early era of the Weimar Republic. The intergovernmental period between the Second Reich (Kaizerreich) and the Third Reich (Nationalsozialistische Grossdeutsche Reich).

The Final Chapter of The documentary "China Awake".


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