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A short video dedicated to the illiberal flames of Europe that have sadly become weak due to the enlightenment and its consequences. This video is dedicated to the continent of Europe during the period of Medieval Christendom.

Rooted in a philosophy that assumes that humans are the ultimate measure of everything, the arbiters of both the visible and invisible, and that human reason is the pinnacle of evolution, The White Man's Burden asserts that through self-enlightenment and the acquisition of knowledge, humans can shape their own destiny through the unfolding of history. There is a theological evil that surpasses mere considerations of political violence. It is a deeper violence inflicted upon the human soul itself, which is at the very core of our divine image.

Karl Haushofer's Influence on Germany's Geopolitics
Written by The Fascifist

In this presentation, I will prove that Adolf Hitler was, in terms of his geo-political ambitions, a German carbon copy of Napoleon Bonaparte in that he wanted an empire that could stand tall against the might of Britain and the USA. I will prove that this qualifies Adolf Hitler as a Eurasianist, and that his influences, maneuverings and alliances all reflect this inescapable reality. I will present Karl Haushofer and analyze his influence on Hitler. I will show how Haushofer was the German counterview to Halford Mackinder's Heartland Theory with the only difference being that Mackinder's Geopolitics was from a pro-western perspective while Haushofer's was from an anti-western perspective. Finally I present the influence that Haushofer's theory of Geopolitics has had on the Russian philosopher and thinker Aleksandr Dugin.

Lawrence Dennis charted a singular course within Depression-era American proto-fascism. A veteran of the foreign service and an Ivy League graduate, Dennis stood as a respectable and dignified intellectual in the midst of frothing anti-Semites such as William Dudley Pelley and James True. His respectability resulted in Dennis being taken seriously in broad circles, and he gained a reputation as the “theoretician” of American fascism. Dennis managed to survive the mass sedition trial of 1944 debacle with his status intact, emerging in the postwar period as an influential Cold War spokesperson for noninterventionist conservatives. Dennis's supporters, however, did not know that the same man who met with Charles Lindbergh and Adolf Hitler began his life as a “famed, globe-trotting Negro child preacher” (p. xxii). Before entering Phillips Exeter Academy, Dennis began “passing” for white—a facade he maintained until his death. Gerald Horne places that racial conversion at the heart of The Color of Fascism, the first full-length biography of Dennis.

This presentation diagnoses the ontological essence of the modern world. It touches upon the concepts of whiteness, white supremacy, westernism, western civilization and all other peripheral topics that relate to the socio-psychological and historical progression of the modern world from its inception to its current state.

A Production by Angry Warhawk
Post Production by The Fascifist
Script by Richard Heathen
Narrated by Angry Warhawk

A look into Halford Mackinder’s thesis from the geographical pivot of history and his theory of the heartland.

According to Mackinder, the heartland of Eurasia is the key to global hegemony. This video discusses the duality between land power empires and sea power empires and how this ties in with the heartland theory and events happening right now in Ukraine and why the New World Order of the Atlanticist West is so hostile towards Russia.

A Production by Angry Warhawk
Script by Zoltanous HN

This video goes over the nuances regarding the activities and motivations of fascist collaborators during the Cold War.

This documentary reveals the groundbreaking conclusions which now have to be reached in line of the latest findings thanks to quantum physics. It is now clearer than ever that the hard problem of consciousness can only be solved through philosophic idealism. This finding reveals that:

1.) consciousness is the primary and
fundamental substance of the

2.) the universe is mental

3.) reality is the product of thought

4.) objects are a set of ideas


For more, read the following papers
by The Fascifist

The Theory of Consciousness as the Basis of Reality (

The Theory of Language as the Basis of Identity (

Idealism as the Philosophy of Christian Theology (

A Production by
The Fascifist and Historia Prohibida

In this video, Adolf Hitler explains the philosophic idealism that the NS worldview is founded upon. He exposes both capitalist individualism and communist collectivism as manifestations of the same philosophy of materialism.

In sharp contrast, the NS worldview sought to free the German people from the ills of both by uniting the folk as an idealist socialist nation free of all materialisms that have ravaged the world for centuries.

This documentary takes a closer look at the social turn Russia has taken in the last 3 decades. This is also a personal journey, through my travels and experiences in this country. This documentary deals with complicated and controversial issues and the context within which Russian society and Russian history has evolved socially. This is an English subtitled version of an original documentary.

This documentary details the life and times of the great Indian patriot who undeniably with the help of the Axis Powers, contributed to the decolonization of India by the British Empire. Unfortunately, Bose's dreams of an independent and free India were not fully realized due to the Allied Powers winning the second World War. Nevertheless, it is interesting to consider what kind of drastically different India could have existed today had the Axis Powers been victorious, and had Bose triumphantly returned to India and governed India as Netaji.

Bose's plans for India were grand and included the implementation of the Indian socialist and fascist worldview known as "Samyavada". Bose wanted to model the Indian prince after the German SD and SS. He is also wanted India to join Japan's imperial socialist project, the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

A Production by ChuckThemClouds
Narration, Script and Post-Production by The Fascifist

What is often deemed as “Western civilization” or simply “the West”, whether consciously or subconsciously, carries a whole host of ontological implications that distinguish it phenomenologically from the character of all other types of civilizations in the world throughout history. It is important to note that this expression has perhaps only a very loose relationship to geography, and that the term has far more to do with specific modes of thought that were birthed out of a specific kind of consciousness that arose around a specific time and place in human history.

The thesis of this video is that Medieval Europe was the fulfillment of eastern thought, thereby qualifying it as an Eastern civilization rather than a Western civilization.


On the Ontological Difference Between Medieval Europe and the Atlanticist West (PDF):

A Critique of American Identity Politics and the History and Construction of White Identity (PDF):

The Theory of Consciousness as the Basis of Reality (PDF):

A Production by The Fascifist

Albert Westphal and Mechthild Roth recount their memories of the time they spent in the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls respectively. The Hitler Youth and League of German Girls were the only official youth organizations during the period of the Third Reich. All other youth organizations were either absorbed or banned. This was all done for the National Socialist ideal of achieving a united Germany; free of internal antagonisms, uplifted in strength of national character, and symbiotically harmonized into a grand high culture worthy of a healthy folk-community. The new Germany was to manifest the aristocratic qualities Plato described in The Republic. A people initiated and educated in the spirit and wisdom of philosopher kings.


Outro song:

"Vorwärts! Vorwärts! schmettern die hellen Fanfaren" (1933)

("Forward! Forward! Blare the Bright Fanfares")

Text by: Baldur von Sirach

Composition by: Hans-Otto Borgmann

A Production by The Fascifist

Three various clips of important speeches by Adolf Hitler in regards to his social philosophy and the relationship between economics and the concept of the “folk-community”.

A Production by The Fascifist and Tempusverita

Giovanni Gentile's writings on Karl Marx reveal the inherent idealism found within Marx's own thoughts and writings. This video analyzes how Actualism derived and corrected Karl Marx's "confused idealism" thereby producing a philosophy that interprets the thoughts of the young Karl Marx in a manner far more coherently than the one provided by Engels and Lenin.

A Production by The Fascifist
Script by Zoltanous HN, Momcilo Nevesky, Lain OS, Pessemistic Idealism and The Fascifist
Narrated by Momcilo Nevesky

The following video is an excellent introduction in to the philosophy of "Actual Idealism" or "Actualism" that Fascism is built upon. It is comparable to how Communism, according to Karl Marx, is built on "Dialectical Materialism" or "Historic Materialism" as a matter of equivalence.

Giovanni Gentile does not reject Marx, but rather builds upon Marx by pointing out that Marx was actually just a "confused idealist", and that Fascism is in actuality just "a better Marxism". In other words, Fascism is not "Anti-Marxism", but more accurately "Post-Marxism". It is a "superior Marxism" in praxis because it is built upon a coherent ontology unlike the vulgar materialism of Marxists that follow figures such as Engels and Lenin.

Another excellent lecture by John J. Mearsheimer regarding Liberalism and Geo-politics from a realist perspective

A Production by The Fascifist
Script by Zoltanous HN and Momcilo Nevesky

A Production by ChuckThemClouds
Script by Zoltanous HN
Narrated by Blood Satellite

A Production by The Fascifist
Script by Zoltanous HN

Some audio clips from speeches given by Aleksandr Dugin put together in a nice music video montage

A Production by The Fascifist
Script by Zoltanous HN
Narrated by AllofYou and The Fascifist


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