Our channel continues to expand and grow, where the main reason is in large part because of you, the viewers and subscribers. Goliath and myself Leviathan, we wanted to give a great big thank you to everybody, on all of the platforms, (From YouTube, Minds, BitChute, and Vimeo) for giving our channel a chance, and for the continued support and feedback on each of the episodes.

We are humbled and truly honored, from all of the support that you guys have shown to us within these past months. This series appears to be reaching new heights, and it would not be possible without any of you.

-Thank you.

The world is a very large place, there are always going to be people with very different beliefs, values, and thoughts on things from you. The key element in any civilized society to maintain itself, is talking openly without threats, and letting others have their opportunities to speak. This allows for all sides to look at the facts and evidence being presented, from all of the angles with an open mind.

To allow people to express their stance on things, look no further than: The First Amendment, found in The Constitution of The United States.

The First Amendment:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The assault on any man continues, where the false accusations and detestable attacks, from social platforms, to the mainstream media, from the Hollywood Elite, through-out the schools and even in our own backyards. The Feminist never ending barrage to destroy men, continues to expand and explode all across the globe.

Feminists cry out, that through the act of "giving consent" this is now the equivalent of rape. When the average woman of today considers everything that a man does as less than human, and to even talk about counter arguments is vilified at every turn; the world only collapses into darkness.

This Witch-Hunt is painting every single male, as a predator who is guilty with no truth or merit of evidence, and the sheep flock alongside the White-Knighting bandwagon, to appease others with nothing to validate their claims, and it causes society to rot from within.

"When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural." Ra's Al Ghul from Batman Begins. (2005)

There are destructive and very vile people in this world, and the truth must come to light. However, where is the justice being done, for those who were branded monsters, when they are innocent and their reputation has been destroyed?

For a civilization to allow such a low moral compass, to dictate terms and policies of everyday life to one group of people only, inevitably the society is doomed to oblivion. MGTOW is the path to enlightenment, where you understand that you as an individual man cannot change the Matrix, instead, you understand the truth means you can only walk away.

For most people in the West, this "Hallmark Holiday" brings forwards all sorts of things that men of this day and age, are guilt-ed into having to do, for a certain special someone in their lives.

Once you embrace the MGTOW lifestyle, and you go your own way, the benefits of avoiding women outweigh any possible perks that the opposite sex may have to offer you. Spending too much money that you do not have, on gifts and things that the person you are trying to please, does not need. It is fueled through an ever competitive out-maneuvering marathon, to do something better than any other possible would be suitors, where in the long run, she will never be satisfied with your feeble efforts.

With the Hashtag Me Too movement spiraling far out of control, and with the Social Justice Doctrine, Feminists and the elements of the extremes within society, to even approach a woman of today is too expensive, and the risks are severe. When even saying "hello" can be considered an act of aggression, and pushing the envelope.

To put it bluntly, hypergamy is rampant in the modern woman. Think of everything that you offer her, and where every day can be special, things are heightened to a whole new ballgame on this day in particular.

By going MGTOW, you focus on the core elements of nobody else but yourself. To enlighten, enrich, strengthen, broaden and expand upon your life, and the greater goals that you have always wanted to see achieved.

There are a plethora of ways to spend ones own spare time, from the variety of avenues, that the mind can enlighten and expand upon. From the adventures a person can make in their own life, as well as others, by partaking in charity programs, along with the sort of enjoyment and objectives, and even bringing a bright glow into this world, that has yet to be uncovered.

In this episode, I reveal why it is imperative for a young man who is single, to keep on the MGTOW path, and to avoid the strangeness and drama that will inevitably unravel, when you think of possibly dating a female, of this current generation of youth.

What happens when the cameras and the makeup are off, and when you take a glimpse at the world, behind the curtain that so many want to be ignorant of?

In this day and age, there are many avenues and places to set your goals to take you, for the various enrichment we can achieve in our lives. So many young women of this current age, do not even realize the mighty problem that is only going to become more and more prominent, in the following years.

As a man who is MGTOW, you do not need a women in your life, where the wisest decision anybody can make, is to simply walk away from the herd, and to transfer their energy, their time, their money, and any labor on the self. Most women who do see the issue, are too confounded and lost to comprehend that most possible mates of the future, have already left the Matrix and are setting out to new horizons.

Source of content: YouTube: Spechie. Episode: "Turning Myself into a Christmas decoration". Published on her channel: December 30th, 2017.

Countless people build relationships, hoping and striving to create a path of something with a special someone, in ways to follow the herd, yet to stand out for themselves, as having a stake in something greater than ones own neighbor.

In this day and age we currently live in, the odds are set against you as a man, where most women constantly seek out more resources to strip from you, most women put more tests and obstacles in your way, to see if you are worthy of anything. More over anything else, the risks far outweigh any rewards, that may be given.

The greater elements about MGTOW, is that you do not let society or women define you, where the games and the system is rigged to make you fail, and then when you do succeed and you overcome, to put it bluntly her expectations only increase, and the rift between you and her begins to widen.

The wisest course of action to avoid this mess as a man, is to walk away from the very start, and to hone your skills, to keep your money, to invest in yourself and your future. By going your own way, you watch your wealth grow, you can travel while those in relationships are granted fewer options, as doors and avenues that were sealed behind walls, are suddenly smashed wide open, through the sledgehammer you wield.

The broader aspect about the truth, hidden within the truth that so many wired to the Matrix are unable to grasp for themselves, is that once you realize the aspect; that doing the exact same thing over and over again, and expecting different results is insanity.

By taking small steps to find more meaning in your life, rather than letting someone else dictate their terms to you, you are already on the path of MGTOW. Learn from your mistakes, and from the pitfalls of those around you, where to break through the lies that have been generated to keep you enslaved, you understand that the romantic attachments that women want to form with you, these bonds are a vicious cycle, where in most cases they lead to pain, suffering, and self destruction.

It had so many things going for it, and the potential for an even grander expansion was just on the horizon. Everything was on the cusp, and the way the plot COULD have made sense, the story and the characters COULD have had arcs and interesting backstories, the continuity SHOULD have remained, and answers to questions SHOULD have been explained. Alas, none of these things mattered in this new movie.

Everything was so simple enough to allow growth of the characters, and for the next installment to keep us all, on the edge of our seats for Episode 9 in the coming years. Yet Episode 8 failed on so many fronts, in so many layers, in every conceivable place that most people left the movie theater feeling . . . (Meh)

Kathleen Kennedy (The head of Disney's division of STAR WARS and an outspoken feminist) along with Rian Johnson the director of The Last Jedi, the powers that be did not seem to have cared about what the fans wanted, and to have tossed aside everything J.J. Abrams established in Episode 7 The Force Awakens.

With the problems of the latest flick of the multi-billion dollar franchise, controlled and dictated by a multi-billion dollar corporation, run by that of a cartoon mouse, this flop has fans leaving true reviews, that The Last Jedi is at best 50 percent of thumbs down on Rotten Tomatoes. And that Episode I The Phantom Menace has better feedback than this.

With the magic and enjoyment that going to the movies was a way to escape, now that feminists have encroached and infiltrated every corner of things, sadly, it would only have been a matter of time before this once amazing and fantastic space-adventure would be infected by the very people sworn to protect and uphold the saga.

The prequels were pretty poor, but at least John Williams created a new score, the characters had arcs, and the various elements of STAR WARS were still in nuggets here and there. With the newest saga of 7,8, and soon to be 9, The Last Jedi sounded the final death throes of the bell, hammering in the nails to the coffin for fans of this once prestigious franchise.

If Disney is capable with Social Justice Warriors to take down STAR WARS, the next domino to fall, might very well be the batch of Marvel movies. From the grapevine, I hear Marvel Comics is in death-spiral of its own, and the alternate forms of entertainment people are turning to, are back to books.

The only part of The Last Jedi, for me that I enjoyed, was the trailer to an entirely different movie.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on January 2, 2018)

Do not be fooled by their charming personalities, their quirky mannerisms and outfits, the hobbies they try to blend in with men, the jokes they pass on, or their attractive good looks. The efforts of so many young women of this current generation, such as Lauren Southern, she (and many young women with her) try to bridge a form of communication to you.

Women want your resources, where with more men every day turning to MGTOW, is it any wonder that these "traditionalist" women, are turning here for advice, and wanting to bring you into their fold?

It would be like the farmer, allowing his flock of his sheep, to be guarded by the hungry wolf! And trust me boys, these ladies are hungry.

The word Tradcon is an acronym for Traditional Conservatives, where most women are finally beginning to wake up and realize, that Feminists have pushed things a bit too far over the edge.

Many women were ignorant of what plights that they have allowed to consume our world, and with the rot of the problem too deep and irreversible, many young women are in full blown panic mode.

Now, many young women are desperate, trying to bring an olive branch to you, where MRA's (Men's Rights Activists) for decades have been fighting just to be heard, and countless victims were openly mocked, and ridiculed by these very women trying to offer new terms of equality.

The truth is, once you embrace the MGTOW lifestyle, you walk away from the negotiating table, there is nothing left they have to offer you. Traditionalism is dead, and all it ever was meant to do, was to keep a man pinned in place, and to erase his identity, to steal his income and his retirement, to mold him into a slave.

The countless cultures that Feminists have been allowed to destroy, everything is starting to turn against them, and people are getting sick of the Social Justice Warrior Nonsense.

Things can not go back to the 1950's ladies, things only progress forwards in time, not backwards.

The damage of the century that is Feminism is simply vast, and it is everywhere. It is a cancer of waste and destruction, the disease has spread much too far, much too quickly.

As you look at the situation for what develops, the Tradcon ladies are trying to grab anything they can reach now, where these very conservative and traditionalist men in their sights, are aware of the reality, for the tricks and gimmicks that no longer work and a number of women are desperate.

For many, the realization that things are where they have landed us is a very distrusting and crumbling dystopia, and the wisest solution as a man, is to walk away and to focus on yourself.

Why would you willingly go back to the plantation, and put on those shackles that so many have fought, bled, and died to help set you free from? Why would you willingly embrace the lie, when you have already taken the red pill, and you understand the truth for what it is?

To know the truth, is to come to terms that there is no turning back.

Source of video: Lauren Southern: "Why I'm Not Married" episode was published on her channel on November 23rd, 2017.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Jan 2, 2018)

Happy New Year Everybody! December has come and gone, January is already upon us, and we hope that everybody had a safe and relaxing holiday time away from work, to partake in the festivities with their friends and families.

Goliath and myself Leviathan, we are still here, (alive and keeping well) we both have been very busy with a plethora of things, as life away from the online platforms required much critical attention. The show is back though, and we hope it can remain.

It was an extremely busy month, and the year of 2017 was quite an eventful time, simply put, life continues on, and the world hurtles faster and closer, to yet another decade soon to have ended.

Set goals for yourselves, strive for the improvement in your lives, carry the individualistic mindset and do not blindly follow things with the rest of the herd. Reach out with the best intentions, and focus on the key aspects in what you want in your life. Time ticks away, but the journey and the events shall keep us all occupied and busy.

Thank you to everybody, for checking out our platform, and for giving us a chance. Things are still getting off of the ground, but the enjoyment and the adventures in life are what anybody sets out to make of them.

Here is to the close of 2017, and a magnificent toast, to each of the good fortunes that hopefully we can all find. Cheers!

(Originally Published On Other Sites First, On January 1, 2018)

Things seem to be heating up, where the leaders of two nations and the rest of the world, stand on the brink of going to war. Multiple avenues for negotiations should be met, yet there are lots of people that are pushing the narrative, (The Military Industrial Complex surrounds both commanders) for a first strike to be brought by the other side, or for elements within the government of ones own people, to allow a “false flag.” and blame it on the opposing side.

It has been done before, The Reichstag Fire in Berlin Germany, The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident to lead to the war in Vietnam, and so on.

President Donald J. Trump and Kim Jung Un, must seek out any possible avenues for talks, of any kind to avoid going to war. Consider the Cuban Missile Crisis, between then President John F. Kennedy, The Kremlin, and Castro of Cuba back in the 1960’s. This time around in our timeline of 2017, the players on the field are China, The United States, and North Korea.

A demarcation line was announced by then President Kennedy at the time, in an emergency broadcast to the whole world. If any ship were to enter a Cuban port and sneak past the blockade, it would be seen as an act of aggression, and it would trigger a domino effect, thus leading into World War III.

So many lives were in the balance, just as we are all once again. History has a very strange way of rhyming with things of the past, where hopefully negotiations of some sort can be agreed upon by all parties.

Now consider this, if a first strike does occur, a nuclear missile being launched into a city would wipe out millions in an instant, (Think Hiroshima or Nagasaki of Japan to conclude World War II) as the main form of attack. Hackers can very easily worm into the networks and platforms, that run the very communication lines, between the armed forces and the command staff itself.

The Global Stock Market could be hit, thus causing an immediate halt in everything. Where if a strike of something else happens, the Stock Market will go down rather fast. Then there is an Electro Magnetic Pulse from satellites, which would wipe out the power-grid, bringing in a new Dark Age, where those that don’t die in the first waves of attacks, would be wiped out by the lack of food and agricultural growth, and even the basic means of transportation across the nation. It would be met by countless problems in and of itself. Saboteurs and sympathizers, enemies and spies themselves could attack the very heartland, the spreading of diseases and pathogens among the general population is also on the table.

There are so many things to be aware of in this day and age, where the methods and technology does advance and change through the decades, yet things can always be talked over. If war does break out, (We hope that it never does) where we understand that the only thing for certain, would be the loss of untold billions of lives.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Dec 5, 2017)

The 2nd Amendment has always been intended, to protect the individual, from threats of criminals seeking to do harm. More importantly however, of the far bigger threat in itself, Government. Be aware, you are the first and final line of defense.

In most cases when there is a crime, things move so rapidly and in split-second decisions, that by the time the police do arrive, the most they can do after the incident, is to write a report, and to bring body bags.

For any government agency, or any person acting on behalf of the bureaucracy, to take away your freedoms and liberties as a means to “secure the safety of the community”, you are lambs being led to the slaughter, and should never willingly relinquish any liberties or freedoms granted to you, through the Constitution, and The Bill Of Rights!

The lengths to which the left will go, it is boundless. The Democrats, also known as the S.S.S.S Party. They were and still are pro-slavery, (The politicians need mindless zombies to do their bidding) they were and still are pro-session (look no further than Cal-Exit) from the Union when they could not get their way. Then when that fell through, they became pro-segregation to keep so many people within society, on a continued mindset that they would love being indoctrinated. When the laws passed (Jim Crow) and amendments to the constitution, to strip people their ability from purchasing alcohol, to create the Centralized Bank that devalues the currency, and the adding of licensing and fees to restrict your moments as an individual. Monitoring of the left became pro-socialism, to further blind people into a deeper form of control, of your enslavement.

Look no further than Australia, England, and most of the world where sweeping gun-confiscation has already been enacted. Crime only skyrockets, and the people most effected are the law abiding citizens who have no means to defend themselves, or to protect their loved ones. The ones who benefit, are the lobbyists and politicians who already have an army of bodyguards, and soldiers armed to the teeth.

"For who will dare rise up, to stop a criminal enterprise, if the only ones with any firearms, are the criminals themselves?"

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Dec 5, 2017)

In this Episode, we read what some people think, about the ever expanding and far reaching strategy that is: Men Going Their Own Way.

Most women still do not have any basic grasp, or concept on the true nature of the greatest strength and power, that you as a man have. To simply ignore them, to walk away from the screeching and crying, to be an adult and to no longer give in to the demands of the children. As a MGTOW man, one rises above the laziness of self destruction, for the betterment of himself, and reaching the highest goals that one has always dreamed of accomplishing.

Gynocentrism and Feminism have led the world into chaos, single motherhood is through the roof, which leads to a far higher wave of crimes in every single corner across the world. In direct effect of single mothers, this also causes a drain on the welfare system, where the real victims in all of this, are the children themselves, left to live in poverty.

As MGTOW, you see the truth for what the Matrix is. That the world needs men, to perpetually enslave, discard, and destroy a male for the betterment of the female. So, many men now are willingly opting out of marriage contracts. To break their shackles and chains of social conditioning, to let society tear itself to pieces, because everything you understand will never correct the problem, and the final solution is to go your own way.

You see, feminists and most women of today, they care not about the plights that have plagued men since the dawn of time. Without any clear understanding, that the very problems are caused by the weakest within society, to piggyback onto the hard labor of the world of men. By going MGTOW, you decide to think and act for nobody but yourself. As you work on your own fulfillment, and you do your own thing.

To find your own rewarding enrichment in life, to stand strong and go on your own path, to follow your passions and enhance your skills, to sharpen your mind and to explore all sorts of avenues and pathways, that so many in The Matrix still refuse to grasp for themselves.

To be a man who is MGTOW, the future is always brighter, you age like a fine wine, and the possibilities through the bounty of avenues, that you can experience, the friends you can make, and the impressions you leave behind, all create major ripples in life.

The movement is of an individualistic nature, a philosophy, of an awareness that society, laws, government, schools, work, and women will never change, as they cannot. So, the only true avenue left that you can take, is to walk away and self-segregate. It is the safest approach to keep your money, to secure your resources, to build upon your wealth and the future.

What so many women fail to realize, is that they think any male who is M.G.T.O.W will come back to the negotiating table. A deal the women of today wants to offer, as fair and balanced, when it is so lopsided against any balance at all. The truth is, we have already left the Plantation, and we are never coming back!

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Dec 5, 2017)

General Flynn is under criminal investigation, and the democrats are so set and certain that the smoking gun, to tie President Trump to a new Russian Conspiracy, is through this man.

What evidence is known, and what is being presented by various elements that the mainstream media, wants to push onto the general public? Where at the same time, what is not being talked about at all?

The bigger story and facts to be made aware of, are any true crimes that were committed by the Clinton's, and why is this being forgotten so quickly? What happened to "Lock Them Up!" and "Drain The Swamp!"

Whenever government becomes too big and vast, and it touches all corners within what is supposed to be, a free and open society, eventually, basic fundamental liberties are given up for the false sense of security. Where those that enact the laws to keep the masses in check, are more than eager to trample upon the very foundation of laws, they the gatekeepers demand we need, where the checks and the balance of power are dissolved.

The Courts, The Congress, and The Executive Branches of Government are each meant to balance things out, but when all three are working in lockstep with one narrative only, (The Obama Presidency with The Clinton's) then the real tyranny is no longer masked, rather it is blatant and in the open, for all the world to see.

Somehow, any real investigations were stalled and thrown under the bus during the presidential campaign of last year. The facts were twisted, and the truth was buried, the dissenters and defectors within the democratic party were silenced, not praised. The agitators and whistle blowers were targeted, and assassinated, and the traitorous acts committed by the upper echelons were hidden, and soon to be swept under the rug.

For any act of treason high or low, be it military, or a member of any political party, the media, all forms within society should be looked at with a much closer eye, for those that run the Matrix, do not want their livestock to think or be aware of the truth.

Multiple members within the bureaucracy of countless government agencies, and the media, were so set to sabotage the freedom and integrity, of bringing out truth and real justice, in order to gain political favors and "back-room deals", off the books, and away from the prying eyes of the general public.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Dec 5, 2017)

MGTOW in itself is the very willpower to succeed against incredible odds. We will not cower or break, a man who takes the Red Pill is aware of the truth, and he can not be bought, bullied, cornered, dictated, or defeated. To stand up as an individual, for the purposes of Going Your Own Way, the greatest element of MGTOW, is that your life is yours to lead.

Within the MGTOW community, there are many voices, where the key aspect is that there is no hierarchy, no leadership of others and it cannot be pinpointed as one source, where there are endless sources across the internet, all standing for their own ambitions. It is a vast movement of men, finding their own stride to build something for themselves.

To find ways of unifying against the horrible destructive nature from both feminists and cucks, where the greatest strength that they realize and are so terrified against, is that you are a man that is drawing the final line, and that to go up against a real man, will lead to their very destruction.

While the challenges are many, and the opposition to being a man who speaks out against the tyranny, of our current destructive system, you may find yourself standing alone, facing an onslaught of perpetual darkness. By standing up as one man, you have a mighty power that the vastness of the worst enemies can never overcome.

MGTOW is the last true bastion of freedom in the west. For men to stand and fight, to not go gently into the cold bitter night, to face the mighty and fearful odds, what could be better as a man, than to prove everything else thrown against you, is like rainwater upon your very armor.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 20, 2017)

Most women use a variety of tools, to blend in to society, to lie to people, to turn their weaknesses into weapons against the ill informed, and the weak minded.

With the recent application that people can download onto their smartphones, tablets, and computers, through the application Make-App, anybody can run a person's picture through this program, and it reveals what they look like, by digitally removing the paint over their face.

Makeup in itself, is more than enhancing the features around a person's body that they want you to observe and notice. In a deeper sense, it is intended for covering up areas, that many do not want the world to actually question or see.

It is a way for most women, to convince themselves that they are beautiful beyond any question. To tell people a lie, that she is more attractive and has way more to offer you, than what she truly looks like.

If all that she has is her determined nature, to not focus on anything else about what she can contribute, where to see what a woman truly looks like, behind their facade, and the way they act in public compared to anybody behind closed doors, then you are aware of the chameleon nature of the female.

To trick people into believing something, that is not true, it is in and of itself, a deceptive tactic to manipulate and to blind the masses into one narrative only. As MGTOW, you realized this truth long ago, now it is being Incorporated with technology.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Dec 4, 2017)

With the VIDME platform now being disbanded, as censorship continues to creep in, all over the social media networks across the internet, with the continued attack on any segments of freedom of speech, now is when it is most vital, for the individual to stand up and be heard!

Learn your rights, and while the challenges may be of incredible heights that seem impossible, know that every journey begins with one small step. That as an individual who has broken free of the Matrix, you are already aware of the truth; as to how the shady things that dictate the dark ways in which the world truly operates, where your eyes are finally wide open.

You are finally awake, to the the puppeteers and deceivers, that manipulate the general populous.

Podcasts, and countless areas for people to have their own forums for discussing things, of places where people are being De-monitized, content creators are being threatened and Doxed, plainly many voices of freedom and self preservation, are being vilified and stamped into oblivion.

Our platform on Youtube was recently attacked, and it is important to be aware, that it does not matter how big of a channel that you have, or how many subscribers or followers that you can gain to support you, if you do not play by "their rules", then you are a target to be terminated.

Think for yourselves, act in a way to branch out and to spread your message. Ask questions that are being ignored, and be willing to stand up against oppression. Fee your mind.

"It is far, far better to live on my own two feet, fighting for something I believe in, rather than to live on my knees, as a slave."

Subscribe on our other platforms in case this one goes dark. Like, comment, and spread the word!

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Dec 4, 2017)

Do you feel that you are ready to now face the truth? What our ancestors have allowed, with what we in the current generations are left to face? Think carefully before you divulge your brain to pick this matter over, for what I am about to explain to you, the one who is looking at the choices before them, it will not be easy. Simply put, it will be the truth.

When so many things are designed to keep you blinded to the honest and deep facts, where the Matrix is not just a construct of a fictional Hollywood movie, it is the very system of control, built by society that allows women to keep men down, for the betterment of one sex over the other.

The Red Pill is more about being observant, to what goes on around us. As men, you have to strive for goals, to work hard, to prove yourself time and again while constantly being set against the odds that are stacked like mountains all around us. Most women take advantage of the doors that have been opened to them, but they do not care to submit 100 percent of their efforts, yet are granted 100 percent of the rewards.

You as a man, are constantly striving to put forth the best elements that you have, in order to achieve the best results. For the average feminist woman, she refuses to offer any contribution of herself, yet she is more than willing to strip others (primarily men) in order to get hand-outs, and free perks.

Society is rigged against men, from birth, to benefit the females around us. As a male, who is growing from adolescence into adulthood, the opportunities that come forwards are obtained through hard work, dedication, and the aspect of striving for the enrichment of ones own future.

The "Blue Pill" is to stay the course, to keep asleep and to allow society to forever enslave men. The "Red-Pill" is to awaken the mind, to be aware of the truth for how the world really operates, and to break yourself free of the Gynocentric system that's only purpose is to use men, to strip men of all of our resources, to take our future goals and ambitions away, to ultimately cripple us, and to obliterate the masculine nature of being a man.

Like Morpheus said in the hit movie: "I didn't say it would be easy Neo. I just said it would be the truth."

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 20, 2017)

Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday, where it is an opportunity to look back, to see the strides that we have taken this year, and the greater bounty of the core elements, with what truly matters around us.

There is a lot to be proud and thankful for, with what we have, and those we choose to build deeper bonds of comradeship, brotherhood, and an amazing fellowship towards. This channel is very new, it's just getting off of the ground, (We started this back in September of 2017) and there is more potential of things yet to arrive. The main element in all of this, is that we would not be where we are, without your support. Goliath and me, (Leviathan), are very honored and grateful, for all of you guys, for even giving us a chance.

"There really is no complete grasp that one can embrace, on just how far the ripples in the waters will spread, by the stones he skips out to sea."

We wanted to wish everybody a happy Turkey Time, to be safe out there, and to reflect on your core principles and goals. To look upon the vastness of the greater bounties around each of us, the potential of what is within our spirits, where there is always so much that can be observed and achieved.

Life is a constant uphill battle, but it is through the moments during our darkest hours, when the sunlight can slowly trickle in. MGTOW is the awakening of a brighter future within oneself, it is what we as men have decided to do, in order to make a stand for our very existence.

Be thankful for the lives we live, with the opportunities we can create, and the future as being a more positive and uplifting notion. As someone who is MGTOW, the community is one of a greater purpose in things, and it welcomes all those that seek out "The Red Pill" with open arms.

Thank you to everybody for checking out the channel, and for all of your support. This is a fun ride, and life is what one is willing to make of it. Thank you!!!

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 20, 2017)

With the understanding of MGTOW, you as a man open up so many doors for yourself. The aspects and avenues of things that you would like to do, the places you have thought about traveling to, the experiences that can be learned and gained, the friends which you can make. So much of the philosophical tone, is of a self fulfillment within ones very soul. The many goals that you, as an independent man, strive to achieve for yourself.

To look at the world from a fresh perspective, to gain a whole new take on life, to grow and expand upon the greater qualities that make you, who you are is truly a rewarding and engaging experience. To be a man who goes his own way, you are not held back in any relationship, you do not have to keep yourself on the constant leash, of what is and is not possible or acceptable to your significant other.

What so many are afraid to acknowledge the truth, it is that we do not see how far we can succeed in life. Many only tend to be observant of the pitfalls around us, and the failures that plenty have tumbled within.

To rise above our mistakes, to push away from feminism & society, to really challenge the mind, to go boldly where many dare to only ponder as a realm of fantasy and the impossible; to take charge of your own life, that is MGTOW.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 13, 2017)

There is an awareness about the differences between men and women, and it is important to know the truth for what it is, and what the narrative that is being pushed by those that do not understand the real world. Simply put, men and women have many attributes to contribute to rest of civilization, where both men and women have their own strengths, in their respective fields of careers.

Men do mostly all of the manual physical jobs, within society that keep things operating, men repair what is not working, and continue onward with the next line of tasks that requires being done. Without any men, society will inevitably be led into ruin and darkness.

Robots, machines, and things of automation do make all of our lives much, much easier, but men still are required to do most of the tasks across the globe, that keep things safe, functioning and operating.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 13, 2017)

The Hollywood Assault and Rape Accusations across the United States continues to spiral and expand out of anybody's control. From Louis C.K., to Kevin Spacey, and even George Takei, so many people are coming forwards, to make accusations, where there are real victims in many circumstances, and their claims should be heard. But, there are always more facts that need to be brought to light, before a mob rules that a person is guilty regardless of their actual innocence, or what someone posted online.

Once you go MGTOW, you do everything that you can to protect yourself, and to give yourself as much distance as you desire from the rest of society. To look at things with a critical eye, and to come to your own conclusions, with things not judged solely by the appearance of one thing, but by the actions of a person, or a group of people.

When so many make claims and accusations about others, the key aspect to hone in upon, as MGTOW, is, 1.) What are the facts that we know, and what is not being talked about. 2.) What is the rest of the public saying, and what if any logic can be understood. 3.)Where is the police report?

If there is no actual proof, evidence, or truth of what did or did not occur, if there is only speculation, if all anybody is doing is refusing to listen to the counter arguments, then how can anybody come to any conclusion other than there is a lot of stuff going on, and people continue to mask and confuse the actual truth, with fallacies.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 13, 2017)

A number of women are absolutely horrified about Men Going Their Own Way. Many channels have come under attack, the platforms that so many turn to for guidance and information, many tech companies plot to sensor and silence those speaking the truth, where the greatest tool and weapon one has in this day and age, is to speak the truth, and to stand up against the oppressors.

The hard cold reality to the matter is this, if you are MGTOW, you are essentially painting a massive target on your back, but you also cause the world to see what the root causes of most of the problems are.

As a man who is MGTOW, you can diverge away from the masses, you can splinter away from the mind-set only of the 25% dictating your 75% of the remaining goals, qualities, and attributes that you want in your life. Of the willpower as a true free spirit, about more than the one goal of wanting to reproduce only, and you open the broader aspects of where you want to go in life.

What path do you want to seek out, for you and nobody else? What elements of your own life do you as a man, want to see achieved, dealing with the goals and dreams that have kept turning inside and out? What are the footprints in the sands of your life, that you can leave within the passing of time? These are but some of the key questions that only you as a man, can answer, as an individual, and someone on a higher plain than what the rest of your peers are doing.

The 2 things that a woman has to offer you, of anything of value: 1.) Sex. 2.) Children. In this day and age, (now almost the turn of another decade to become 2018, soon to be 2020) Both of these avenues that you as a man can seek out, they are being replaced to give you an option many could only dream. From the realm of science fiction hundreds of years ago, now it is an actual stepping stone. Think of the age of aviation from the turn of the 1900's, and the decades of advances upon advances, through two world wars, thus ushering in the missile age, to land mankind on the face of the moon in the 1960s!

Consider the development of computers, of your very cellphone. Within the past decades at how quickly technology advances, and how things that are thought to be impossible and unrealistic, are the very things that become main-stream soon enough.

The first point is this, sex dolls, androids, and companion bots are already rising in demand. While in early stages and expensive, they are already here, and in the coming decades, mankind shall see even grander leaps in the entire avenue of alternate forms, of finding and bonding to another, where the whole "is it a human or a machine?" question will become more common than people of today dare to ponder.

The biggest and most obvious perk is that a majority of young girls and women, will no longer be forced into sex slaver servitude of this degrading business, and yet feminists are outraged that women are not being objectified? Talk about the irony. Feminists demand that they don't want men, and then when men decide to go their own way, Feminists demand that men pay attention to them.

Second point. The Artificial Womb is in early and soon to be rapid development, where most men who want to continue their line and contribute to society, will essentially "cut-out" the middle person being women. Children will be grown in "Baby Banks", like the sperm bank of today.

Now take this red pill I hold out to you. What else does a woman have to offer you, as a man, if these two aspects of life, are not what you as an individual truly want?

Rise above the mindset of the sheep, think for yourself. Ask what it is that you strive to seek out to achieve for your own future, and work in all avenues to enrich your life. By going MGTOW, to go your own way, nobody has control over you. You. Are. Free!

MGTOW is the last true refuge, to break yourself away from the chains and shackles that society and the modern feminist women demands you need in life. Your path in life, is yours to build upon and to follow your own avenues, to see the most that you can get in life, when everybody else wants to take from you, all that you have.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 13, 2017)

A New Can Of Worms has been opened on this episode! The ongoing collapse within the far left, it is simply very amusing, (and bizarre) to observe, as everybody has a right to openly discuss their opinions, to share their individual talking points, to have the public forums in order to debate various issues. The main thing about a free and open society, is to convey your own form of public discourse, and the right to peacefully assemble, to gather truth, facts, evidence and to present your findings through the proper channels.

To protest is to speak, where only shrieking at the sky, demanding everybody listen to you, it does not offer anything deeper in a philosophical notion, other than giving the world hilarious memes.

To then go on the attack of anybody and everybody who disagrees with you, using violence and hostilities, threats, (both verbal and physical) while blatantly ignoring the non-aggression principle, it only brings the views of those that seek to use violence as a tool and weapon, to bring about their own ends.

Civilizations have been built and are maintained, throughout the globe due to the general awareness of right and wrong, and if a people within said society can no longer function using words, to spread their ideas and rather focus on intimidation, murder, imprisonment, and the use of brute force, a vast amount within will perish, ushering in a new dark age.

Learn from the ashes and the countless graveyards that have been filled with the masses, of past civilizations. The Egyptians, the Greeks, The Romans, age old empires that have risen and fallen, where so many things are the cause, of the complete collapse within a mighty people, and yet it tends to be the crushing weight of decadence, neglect, and the outright violence that causes the pillars that support everything to rot, and crumble to dust.

The downfalls themselves comes not from the enemies outside of the gates or walls of the cities, where the true threat itself is the immoral and inhuman nature, that occurs unopposed and goes unchallenged, within the boarders of the nation itself!

Never give up the debate! Always seek to counter facts, with more facts, never violence.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 13, 2017)

It is a milestone in itself, our 20th episode, and President Trump's first official year since being elected into office! There are many things that have happened in the year of 2017, and a lot of policies and agenda's that America's 45th President has passed. Still, plenty of work needs to be done, but things are off to a good start.

Jobs are coming back, the economy is on the up-tick, the confidence in growing pride within America is starting to roar an awakening for the forgotten people, while the groundswell of support for the 2nd Amendment has gained a much stronger footing and understanding, that most in the country have not felt in a very long time. "It is far, far better comfort to have a firearm and not need it, than to need one, and not have it."

The perfect example, the average American Citizen realized the threat that was happening across the street, while the Texas Church Mass Shooting was taking place, where the man had the means to defend himself and others, and to fight back, leapt to the call of action, to do something because he had the resources and tools to do so. The sad truth is, that in most cases of crisis, the police, and the Emergency Medical First Respondents were minutes away, when this situation took seconds, (like every other crisis) and every second was a human life!

Trump helped to sever our ties to the T.P.P (Trans Pacific Partnership) while The Supreme Court nominee that Trump picked, he has secured a more sound notion, on the fundamental liberties dealing with the constitution as a document, and The American's Citizen's lives that are not to be tampered with.

More into the crux of everything going on, people are aware of things, and the vast majority of the population demand more truth that is being concealed by the "gate-keepers" also known as; The Main Stream Media.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 13, 2017)

The future is in constant motion, yet there are things happening in our current time, that we can look at to give us a good indication, of what is coming down the pike.

The rapid decline of birthrates across the western world, the destruction of the nuclear family, the disillusion and frustration that so many of the Feminazi movement has caused for young girls and women everywhere, men are simply "Opting Out" of relationships, and giving "the bird" to society as a whole. While so many jobs and fields across the world are being replaced with machines, and automation.

What once was thought as insane, Sex Dolls are now outpacing certain members of the brothel industry, where men have zero dealings with women at all. What's wrong women in this field? You don't want men to objectify you, in this profession that you chose, and now that you are going to be free of men, you want men to come back???

A second point, due to the alarming decline in the national population of so many in the western world, Japan (being the lead nation of innovation and technology) is in the development of the artificial womb, thus cutting out the middle man (being women) and allowing men to continue with their genetic legacy, without going through the hassle of getting married to have kids.

The future is rapidly approaching, and the technology is already here. The possibilities that you have, as a man are near limitless, where with the coming age and soon to be turn of the decade, there are even fewer "perks" to being in a relationship, and that women have so little to offer you now, than ever before.

(Originally Published To Other Sites: on Nov 7, 2017)


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