Jack Mullen & Stephanie Sledge from The Government Rag Joins Dr. Alan Ned Sabroski on a discussion about Israeli Agenda in the USA
December 2018

Stephanie Sledge joins Detective George Freund on the worldly broadcast-ed radio show, The Power Hour Nation, to discuss the discoveries Israeli militant training going on with our Law Enforcement and the infiltration of an Israel model for America. She discusses legislation changes involving the "Thin Blue Line Act & the trump judicial reform changes going on and the change of U.S Title 18, Death Penalty. Trumps says, "due process, fairness, and common sense are on trial" What this means for America...

Stephanie Sledge evaluates Thousand Oaks Shooting Witness Brendan Kelly. Just Another Heroic Hoax... see for yourself. Fails to convince the public of his alleged role in the Thousand Oaks Shooting. Brendan also just happened to survive the Las Vegas Shooting as well...

James Fetzer joins Stephanie Sledge & Jack Mullen on The Government Rag to discuss America's current events, an infiltrated America, false-flags & more


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