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Fuck Soyny and naughty dog!

original creator of this video: Da wei

Reuploaded by Ayy Tone on YouTube.
"Since Naughty Dog are on a copyright take down spree with their shitty new game, this gem deserves to be available for all to see. And no, I didn't make this, as soon as I find the original creator I'll credit them here."

Fuck censorship!

A short stream for Astral Chain on The Nintendo Switch. I'm testing the stream quality with the El Gato HD 60 capture card.

A re-upload from my YouTube Channel, I don't have the original video so I had to download it from YouTube so the quality is lower because of this.

I became a fan of this series after trying out this game. I might do more videos on Blade Arcus from Shining EX in the future, I'm getting to know the game a little more as you can see in the video I was just getting the hang of it.


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