The bee is pollinating the sunflower on the wall garden,there are 20,000 different species of the bee,they live in colonies and have a queen as a leader,the sunflower is also a famous van Gogh painting,the green planet team help with advice on saving the planet,ash,big Lee,sahara knite and thoughts Olivia nova and Jason Gooden,environmental advice from dj ice j and easy films 93,partly people of Ibiza, Alfie street artist and many more people helping to save the earth,in the green planet team.

A small wall garden with sun flowers like van Gogh and other wild flowers grown from seeds,help and knowledge of growning plants , ash, big Lee, Sahara knite,the green planet team,thoughts Olivia nova and Jason Gooden,easy films 93, and help from dj ice j and street artist Alfie,and happy party people Ibiza.

This is a mark 1,land rover from 1949 iimported from Australia.
This landrover is in mint condition,and for sale.the mark1 were made from 1949 till 1951 and had a aluminium body, First public show was in Amsterdam in 1949,they went on to be world wide work vehicles, thanks to ash,big Lee, sahara knite, thoughts Olivia nova and Jason Gooden and easy films 93 and special thanks dj ice j and party people Ibiza and landrover.

Female stag beetle walking looking for love..
Walking but can fly, mainly, Southern England lives in woodland,(Harmless.).direct threat by humans and over development of there
Habitat..protected species 1981..extinct in Denmark and Latvia..please don't kill them...
Filmed by ash, Jason gooden, big Lee,sahara knite and thoughts Olivia nova, Surport world wild life trust...remember in this world we all need each the stag beetle before to late.......

Traveled from st helier in a hire car around the coast,been in a few German bunkers and had great Jersey ice cream very nice, ash driving and big Lee singing with the group Sahara knite,some guitar playing,lots of summer fun,good island Jersey.

Adventure in Jersey a short break and try to film beaches and the beautiful Jersey Rocky coast, german world war 2 bunkers,great fish dinners and very
friendly people, ash, big Lee,sahara knite and thoughts Olivia nova,a fun warm time.very nice Jersey.

Join the Knot Man for a Summer BBQ.

Nice to be on the island better with shoes on,
Some lunch with john,ash big Lee, sahara knite Surport, remembering Australia east coast travel up the islands, backpacking
Great times....hope you have enjoyed watching these videos, happy Times with friends.

The two man canoe is landed and the new adventure starts,the knotman and John,with Surport ash, big Lee and Sahara knite, views of Poole harbour and moniconium quay, very special boat service go to have lunch and enjoy the island

Canoe to an island for lunch,lots of cows sunbathing on the beach.good fun,with john,special boat service, ash, big Lee,sahara knite and olive nova in thought,sun seeker boat near,good times.SBS training.

The canoe is paddled across to an island and films cows on the beach,planning lunch on the beach,with a friend,Surport by ash, big Lee,sahara knite ,like a special boat service day out,SBS style.a very good day.

Out and about on the sea canoe with a friend, nice two man canoe very special boat service, SBS ,training,nice day good lunch from my mother,Surport from ash, big Lee,sahara knite,and Poole yacht club.

This is a two-man canoe and getting ready to use in Poole harbour Dorset, a beautiful place, lots of islands, with friends john, back up ash, big Lee, Olivia nova in thought, picnic lunch Sahara nite and cold drinks.

A seagull comes to my garden most days looking for dinner ,I feed the birds and other wild animals,with help and advice from ash, big Lee, Sahara knite all in to the environment. Green planet team.

The knotman playing ball with the friendly alsation,training and fun, ash and big Lee,a very nice sunny day and BBQ.

Special mix by ash, yui, the knotman and dj ice j extras oliva nova thoughts easy films 93,security big Lee,party people of Ibiza and special dedication sahara knite lets keep the party going,Ibiza love.

Guinness from st James gate Dublin dry stout,the best black stuff,from 1759.
A great place with friends ash, big Lee,oliva nova in thought,and the pint to my great grandmothers from Ireland....good times.

Raisin playing with his toy in the sun, with the knotman and knotgirl, sunny day lunch and a few beers,ash yui back up crew olive nova dj ice j,good times and happy people

Relax red dance mix by the knotman,ash,yui ,ian,
Surport and ideas olive nova and sahara knite,mixed easy films 93 ,Ibiza dance scene
Happy times dj ice j.

BBQ special grill on a gas outside cooker
Mix meat,chicken and burgers.For the crew ash, yui, oliva nova in thought,Sahara knite spice happy days in the sun.

Scottish troop march in kilts and full colours
A great show, bagpipes and flags ,cry freedom. A great show the knotman ash,yui,oliva nova sahara knite fun day.

Great thai Dragon guitar played for the knotman in a restaurant by thai lady.

The knotman and d j camel toe,and easy films 93 ash,oliva nova mix from L.A. USA
Ibiza dance mix,party people summer love.

Filmed this mint red motor bike in xchurch dorset, a total rebuild and looking beautiful.
The knotman and crew ash, yui, oliva nova.

Full English breakfast in a nice cafe,the works,beans egg sausage bacon toast chips and a cup of tea very nice.


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