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Such an iconic video of his, for sure. Alien was best bro. I'll be rewatching this myself later

Worse than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre of 1986 I'd presume. I feel so sorry for the many phones lost to the stupidity of low IQ fools whomst put their victims in Microwaves.


A reminder of why Planking was a mistake and peak cringgay

And the goal has been achieved. Feel pride, feel joy, we've achieved THE GOAL!

The pool has aids, prithee be careful

Now, I uploaded this because he's actually unlisted this video. I suspect sooner or later, he may even delete it, hence why it's here.
This, actually is one of the risker uploads. Because it may put me in conflict with the original video maker. There are very special circumstances where people who MADE the content try to go after people who reupload it, because they didn't want it seen anymore. Filthy Frank actually has done this to people over deleted, unlisted or privated videos.
I however, take a strong hard stance on this issue. If I feel the content SHOULD BE UP, then I will keep it up. Because like history, I would be failing my job at being The Librarian of the Internet if I were to take down this video just because the original creator wanted it down. Even if it's a video I respect. In this case, I haven't actually seen the full video, though I intend to now.

HAHA OH SHIT, the writing on this song is just fucking outrageous. Some of the shit they came up with is pure comedic gold, and each character has a well set personality. Sam is the best one I reckon, hitting that dark comedy nail right no the head.
Scott, you deserve a medal. And most of all, you deserve a place on the Classics Playlist my man.

Weird having it hard to find on Youtube. Anyway here it is.

What a scene of perfect fan rage. The story behind this guy is pretty crazy too, as I found out. And yeah, this is a guy, I literally found out while looking for the original maker of the video. All this time, surprising. But to think he did all of this and decided to upload it to the internet, man what a breakdown. None the less, it's a classic.

This gives me unironically alot of Nostalgia. Kinda like old PS1 games. Maybe because when I was really young, my dad owned a pc that ran Windows 95.

He got laid, but not by a maiden. As you can tell by the liquid spewing forth from his mouth

Wow, this video, the highlights are actually the other people who join in on it and really add to the autistic atmosphere of it all. Reminds me of certain discords where everyone just goes full meme tard. Favorite Guy would have to be the OOOOOOOOOOOO guy who showed Franku how to draw. And that moment where he goes "YOU'RE A FAGGOT" Perfect.

A dark, slightly homosexual presence crawls out of the Dark Realm, to rise once more and steal the Chromosomes of mankind.


This is one of those moments where you can potentially understand the sacrifices Filthy Frank did for comedy. Something like this, to an outsider, you look fucking mental. We never really think about that usually, when we're watching him. But I bet Joji did. But it's something I respect. It takes some balls to go this far.
What scares me the most, is the idea that I still, even now, consider doing what he would in my own vein.


Oh boy, what a classic, the writing in this is just such fun. And I feel bad for Pinkguy, he didn't deserve the fate of the Almond "Titties"

I wonder if this is pushing it to keep it in normal content range. Hahaha. Probably not, but hey if it does well you'll know it

The battle between men trying to resist causality, and the very being that defines the fate of all mankind. Pinkguy is sent far into the Shadow Realm itself FIGHT CHIN CHIN THE DARK LORD

The end, of HWNDU. A fitting end, to this tale. With no one left to see, or hear this doomed campaign


Sorry to those who came for YTPMVs, this is actually a serious video for once.
For those who don't know, Ray William Johnson was a big YouTube back in the early days of YouTube, around 2010, who hosted the web series "Equals Three", where he reacts to and reviews viral videos from that week. The show was heavily based on using clips from other creators, which he didn't originally own in the first place. This later got him sued by Jukin Media for copyright infringement in a fair use case, which Ray said will make fair use "live on", however this doesn't appear to be the case.



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Man, them getting the flag down over causing such a big scene is sure something. Never underestimate the power of autism.


Tumblr was mowed down by the supreme might of the most autistic army on the internet. They didn't stand a chance.


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