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Rule 1 - Know the road and be mindfull of other road users
Rule 2 - Drive within your own limits
Rule 3 - Keep it between the mustard and the mayonaise

Respect the rain..... Recon run is key....

Fire breathing monster

Just as I was about to go home, I spotted a troop of diesels and had to go see what they can do in the twisties

Minding our own business and in a distance a little Audi was noticed...

The driver seriously needs to learn the road before trying to fly low…

One needs to be careful on the snotty stuff....

With rain coming over the weekend, we decided for a quick Friday afternoon sprint
- Had enough rain sessions so far this year....

Cool running

One is always very vigilant for bikers when running the Touge later in the day and after a near miss due to a U-turn on a blind corner, we were pleasantly surprised to have him chomping at our rear bumpers a few moments later.... (Biker in view at 3:25)
Ended up having a nice conversation at the coffee shop.

Direction Rooi Els - Fun starts at 1:15
175kW & 325Nm chasing 405kW & 540Nm

Having some fun on the mountain

VW Scirocco vs the rest...

What could have been if there was no traffic....

Nissan 350Z on board footage

Not bad for the Honda's first time on the mountain.

Got held up a bit, but still a lot of fun on the valley floor hitting top end.

Aaaaand all the way up the mountain I also had a Aprilia Tuono (Dark Rider) chomping on my rear bumper.... Thanx for the fun gents... Unfortunately the GoPro didn't record, but the cellphone as back up, captured the fun, sorry for the very sub par audio...

Aprilia Tuono (Dark Rider) on board footage: https://youtu.be/vsMjl_OSZgk
Dark rider Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJeg6wZodbEjUceuc9BvPaQ
Cover pic: https://www.facebook.com/CTMotoSnaps

Early morning fun

We were debating whether or not a stock VW Scirocco 2L Dsg can keep up with the BMW 1000RR & Suzuki GSXR 1000

For all the crybabies regarding cutting corners: If you know the route, you will know there are huge sections where you can look ahead and see if there are any oncoming traffic and if you go rally early in the morning, you lessen the chances of other traffic being on the road immensely.

Chasing a 350z up the Touge and 1/4 way up the pass the biker we passed at the bottom came and sat on my rear bumper.
Eventually passed me and ended up having a nice run with the 350Z.
You can hear the bike hitting the rev limiter at 3:10 - Bumped into rider at the local coffee shop ;-)

All you feel is chomping on your rear bumper
Pity we got caught up behind traffic from 2:15 to 5:15
Godzilla was running on a +/- 800kw set-up (capable of 1500KW) and semi slicks

Chasing down the pack is always a lot of fun through the twisties....

Initially they were following me and I let them pass at 3:00

- Lotta fun had by all, super respect for a super car being driven and not being a garage queen or cruiser!

The youngsters in the Audi....... Laities, julle mag mar!

Fun starts at 01:25

After driving FWD all my life and only having the Z two months and obviously still getting used to the RWD, I has pleasantly surprised I could keep up, as I've been waiting for years to find a Porsche driver that actually drives his car they way it was designed for.

Most times if you find a Porsche driver on the Touge they just look at the scenery, but today was different. Pleasantly different. Faith in the South African Porsche drivers is now restored.

What helps is if you know the route a little better, you know where to look ahead so that you can cut some of the right handers going up the hill, as that Porsche has twice the amount of rubber on the road and lets not talk about the power advantage. At least I had the upperhand on the downhill. Hopefully we will meet again after I get used to the Z.



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