A close friend died recently and inspired this cover.

Turning this song upside down.

Rainy day? Play a tune...

having fun on a saturday night.

Having some fun in New Orleans.

Phil knows his politics.

A short review of a very short album.

...when one lives at the beach...

the benefits of living near the beach.

Title says it all.

Flying V style!

Take some time out for yourself here and there...

Having fun with this number.

Love living on the edge of America. How can one move from the ocean?

Having fun with a fav song. Lip sync it! hehehe...

At the time, I gave this an 8 or 9 - but having lived with it a bit longer - I now believe it is a solid 10... This is a modern monument to metal. A masterpiece.

Wow - what a trip!

It's raining outside - so I made a shot vid...

Just having some fun on a week night.


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