I have set this game on easy mode just to learn to get used to the game itself.

Mistake #1: Did not get the High-Jump Boots before defeating the second boss(Don't know it's name).

I realized in my recording and during my past streams no game audio is recording, just my voice. I thought to myself that's weird cause I always include the game audio, until I realized Streamlabs has an issue with the audio until I used Audio Input/Output to make it work. I cut the stream short to make some fixes and of course you will hear me speak spanish on stream with Mugen_Live_Experience cause that's the language he prefers.

I have played zone 1 just to get some practice, and after some tries and finally beating it, I am starting to play zone 2 and let me tell you, it has some surprises you don't see it coming. P.S. if the game pad viewer gets in the way I'll lower the size next time.

Reason this text is there the whole video is because of me testing. Lately Casterlabs has been unresponsive during the last couple of streams and as a result I missed the messages from my viewer.

Blurred vision and Broken hands and I survived. Also I am still trying to figure out where the loot button is and discovered that it's the F button.

Seriously, these players just don't know how to take an L. If you see these players in the Parsec Arcade, feel free to block 'em cause they are not worth it.

Second time playing this and this time, playing it online with players. One mistake that I made is the following: When trying to grab the pliers, I accidentally shot and it gave away my opponent. Tried to fight for my life, but perished at the end.


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