This is my first time growing black beans! I planted two small seeds a few months ago and now I have 1/3 cup of dried beans. #garden #beans #organic

Hopefully this video will show you how to interpret and understand your VA Disability Letter. In this video, I discuss how long it takes to get the VA Disability Letter and the different stages of the process. #disability #veteran

Hello everyone. Its time to take a break from the Economics and make some hot sauce. This was my first time making hot sauce. It turned out really well. I can taste the vinegar really strong, so I might have to add a little bit of sugar next time.

In this video, I discuss some basic terms of probability. I start with the definition of a random experiment. I then show how the sample space is the set of all possible outcomes. I give an example of calculating the probability of a single event and discuss how the sample space grows with a compound event.

Further, I discuss the three types of probabilities. Empirical probabilities are based on past evidence, classical probabilities are known a priori, and subjective probabilities rely on our best judgement. #probability #math

In this video I show you how to make a histogram using the free software Gnumeric. I discuss how to create bin sizes for a histogram, how to create histogram cut offs, and I also discuss how to add labels for the histogram.

In this video we continue to learn about basic descriptive statistics. I discuss how to use open calc to find average of a data set, the mid-range, and I also discuss how to find the geometric mean of a sequence of data as well as the trimmed mean.

This video discusses some of the basic fundamental concepts of Statistics. I show how to count the items in a dataset, find the average / mean, median, and mode using excel/open calc. #statistics #math

This video shows how to make a quick and easy line chart in Open Office Calc. I show how to create the chart, add a title to the line chart, change the color of the line, and change the type of line chart. #statistics #opensource

This video shows a quick way to visualize data by creating a pie chart in Open Office Calc. I show how to create a basic pie chart, change it to a 3d pie chart, change the individual colors of the slices, add a transparency to the pie chart and add labels. #statistics #opensource

In this video, I discuss the importance of having a random sample. Random sampling helps to ensure that we can draw accurate conclusions from our analysis. (00:26) I discuss the difference between a random and non-random sample. (00:46) I discuss two main types of random samples: simple random samples and systematic samples. (02:40) I also discuss several types of non-random samples. Things such as focus groups, judgement samples, and convenience samples can still be useful.

In this video I discuss the difference between a population and sample (00:10). I discuss the benefits of taking a sample instead of a census (02:36). Some examples are when the population is to large or the process is cost prohibitive.

This lesson discusses the basics of collecting data for statistic analysis. I explain the definition of a variable, and I discuss the difference between univariate, multivariate, and bivariate analysis.

I also discuss the difference between categorical data and quantitative data (02:57) as well as the difference between continuous and discrete measurement. #statistics #datascience #analytics

This video discusses some common mistakes people make when conducting statistics and data analysis.

At (00:37) I discuss why drawing conclusions from small samples, making conclusions from non-random samples, drawing inferences from random events, and the hazards of poor survey methods can give misleading results.

At (02:49) I argue that correlation does not imply causation, we can not generalize statistical findings to individuals, we must be aware of unconscious bias, and difference between significance and importance.

This is a brief review of silicone muffin liners that I bought from Amazon. Silicone muffin liners make baking muffins much easier, they are reusable, easy to clean, and they do not leave any weird taste.

This video begins a new series discussing the ways that businesses can use statistics to improve efficiency and effectiveness. At (00:50) I discuss the definition of statistics and data science. I also discuss the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics (01:42). #math #statistics #business

Pay off your student loans by taking advantage of the Army Student Loan Repayment Program. The army can pay off your debt when you agree to serve in a designated job specialty. Watch for the details.#loan #studentloans #education #army

The Green to Gold program allows you to earn either a Bachelors or Masters degree while simultaneously earning a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. If you are considering joining the Army, this is a great option. The Army will pay for your school, and you will enter service as an officer instead of an enlisted service member. This program allows you to become an officer in the Army and earn your degree. #education #army #freemoney #payforcollege

Joining the Army can be a big decision. The good news is that the Army will provide housing and food for all of its soldiers. Depending on your rank and marital status, you could live in the barracks, or the Army could give you money, called BAS, to pay for an off post apartment. If you live in the barracks, you also get to eat for free in the Chow Halls (also called Dining Facilities DFAC).

I hope this video helps you in making your decision to join the military. #bas #bah #army

Stefan Molyneux's book: Universally Preferable Behaviour argues that universal morality can be developed based on the Scientific Method. This book discusses the requirements for virtue and some of the preconditions for morality. I like how the book approaches morality and ethics from a secular perspective. In an increasingly interconnected world, we need valid guidelines for ethical behavior that can be independent of different religious beliefs and cultural norms. I think this book makes a good attempt at solving this problem. #ethics #morals #stefanmolyneux #upb

Aaron Clarey's book : Bachelor Pad Economics offers a common sense philosophy of living: we should live for ourselves and make ourselves happy.
While this seems simple, we also have to reconsider a lot of preconceived notions. Should we attend college? Do you really need to save for retirement? Will social security be there for us? What are the values of living a minimalist lifestyle?

I discuss some of the more relevant concepts from the book. This book discusses everything a man needs to know about cars, housing, investing, retirement, girls, dating, and much more. #personalfinance #investing #money #women #success #life #mgtow #bookreview

David McKnight's book: The Power of Zero is a must read for anyone who wants to invest, retire, and learn how to manage their money. Learn how to plan your investments for a tax free retirement.

The book talks about the advantages of a Roth IRA over a traditional IRA. Other topics dissected are the impact of provisional income on social security benefits, life insurance retirement plans, and estate planning.

I am not a financial advisor in any way. This is not financial advice; it is merely a summary of concepts found in the book.
#investing #money #taxes #retirement

This is a book review of J.L. Collin's book: The Simple Path to Wealth. I discuss what I consider the two central tenets of the book: Saving 50% of your income in a total stock market index fund, and how to determine when you are officially "financial independent."

I recommend this book for anyone that wants to understand how they can retire and invest without the chaos of stock picking, commissions, market timing, and dealing with overzealous brokers. #wealth #money #bookreview #financialsecurity

Who are the rich? The Millionaire Next Door gives a snapshot of the wealthy. Learn how the rich get rich, what kind of cars they drive, what kind of food they eat, and where they live. #millionaire #rich #bookreview #money #wealth

"The Richest Man in Babylon" shows how to manage money intelligently. The author gives sound investment advice in the form of a parable. I discuss the six laws of wealth that can help you save money, invest smarter, and achieve financial security. #money #investing #finance #wealth

This video shows how to change the bearings on your inline skates. Changing the bearings on your rollerblades allows you to save money by purchasing wheels without bearings pre-installed. Removing roller blade bearings also allows you to clean your bearings and extend their useful life. #skating #rollerblades #inlineskates


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