This is a battle of very real consequences. Linux runs almost everything we use online and a revolt against SJW's has a VERY real consequence


The heat is turned up and outright lies are being published by the times about Sargon Of Akkad in order to hurt UKIP

TellTale Games shut down and it's left us asking the question was it about getting woke or just going broke


The MSM hates us because they aint us. They can never be us. The latest hitpiece is another desperate showing

Yes, it's the answer to the question NOBODY was asking. What is Batman packing! The latest issue of Batman Damned features a nice shot of the batwang.



I've heard of being a sore loser but in this case maybe the 45 year old man should find a different game! Like Red Dead Redemption 2!


15 Nations Including The United States Are Now Investigating Lootboxes. Once they get in..they never leave


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Seems like every few years we have to have the same old argument about a tv show for toddlers


You asked for a look and my reaction to the brand new trailer to captian marvel and I shall provide as you request. I am not sure I'll ever do another one of these but here goes


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This has to be some of the most insane garbage I have ever read from video games "Journalists"


A filthy male has gone and done it, he won an award at the women in games event and this is a MAJOR issue.

This is hilarious. I suspected I might say some things to get me into hot water but the insanely vague terms of service just get weaponized anyway.


There is one sure way to know a company has gotten woke and is about to go broke. When they hire a "diversity & inclusion" manager. Rest In Pepperoni's Twitch.


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Warner Brothers & DC Continue to disgrace two of the most popular super heros in history with bad writing, lazy business decisions & outright disdain


I am not saying this type of content shouldn't exist, it should. But there are websites that are dedicated to this type of thing and it's predatory.


I wish I could say I was surprised that this law passed but I guess I am not. We're going to need a NEW internet sooner than later


This situation is pretty crazy from some crazy moron firing at Dr. Distrespects Home Twice, Serena Williams Lies, Crunchyroll Fraud & More

Yes indeed, I may have read the absolute worst video game review in the history of video game reviews and this time it's on Spiderman for PS4


Long time fan of h3h3 but whatever the heck is going on in Ethan Kleins mind right now is killing off h3h3 productions.


The Witcher Series is one of the most beloved video game series/books in our lifetime and Netflix just totally blew it


Just like Jessica Price we see another developer get peacefully sunset for attacking customers, Mac Miller RIP & Elon Musk Goes Up In Smoke


Just making a change, preparing myself and committing to my principles. I understand this likely changes nothing but at least, at night I know I will be trying to do my part



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