IGN Employees some of the biggest weirdo's out there and they are making a run at the next best polygon or kotaku

Youtube is at it again. I realize they can never please everyone but at least be honest about what you're doing to us creators

People who have no concept of entertainment are offended that Rambo is being Rambo in a Rambo Movie.


Youtube recently updated their real time subscriber counts to protect us creators and instead they made things far worse.


IGN got VERY upset when I pointed out they were really demanding changes to call of duty for "reasons"


You've got to be kidding me, I suppose you could argue that the borderlands 3 launch hasn't been ideal but certainly you've got to be kidding me with this level of stretching.


Can't have anything nice any more. Men being men is something to be challenged and changed. Ad Astra just lost a ticket sale.


Rockstar Forces Launcher On PC Users...Great... On top of that the steam stuff is bad.
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Death Stranding is another HUGE video game release this year and already Journo's are trying to inject their own opinions as to what the game is about


Imagine being IGN and continuing to put out clearly transparent articles about Call of Duty Modern Warfare, pretending to be offended.


Twitch sadly is best known for the 7-10 streamers that rarely bring much viewership outside of thirsty bois. Are they finally cracking down on things?


Well Randy Pitchford hit the twitterverse to declare victory over steam based on a scenario that literally nobody could disprove. Borderlands 3 sold well but how well it could of sold we'll never know.


Bethesda might be the most insane AAA video game company of all time and Fallout 76 might be the worst launch of all time but this takes the cake.


The complaints about the new Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix are getting to levels of absurdity I never imagined existed.


Borderlands 3 continues to have technical problems and the reviews are sinking even more. Pretty unacceptable for a AAA game in 2019 but most people still don't care.


Gamestop just closed another 200 stores, almost 400 this year and their leadership apparently has no idea what employee morale is worth.


Call of Duty doesn't really need any more bad press but this is a case worth covering because I hope it stops this thing from happening any more


Hopefully this will be the last of this story but wow, it's been one heck of a week for the video game community.

I admit I am not a fan of Randy Pitchford or 2K games but I know many of my viewers are frustrated over issues with Borderlands 3 at launch. Unacceptable issues for 2K to have in this game.


Pewdiepie did some thinking and chose to keep his money away from a company well known for going after other youtubers so the world is lying about him now. Try World Of Myths! It's Free! Link Below!


I still will never understand how these comic industries work! Either way gotta stay clean! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code QUART20 at!

I am still a supporter Of Ethan Klein, I love his original content, don't care much for the podcast but for the past few years the man has completely forgotten his roots and continues to be an unending hypocrite.


Pewdiepie just made everything right by realizing he made an oopsie! He updated everyone and he is cancelling his donation.


the movie that nobody asked for is looking worse and worse as new projections have come out and the movie is set to have a really sad opening weekend. Get Woke Go Broke.


We can't know what was going through pewdiepie mind when he decided to make this donation to the ADL but it's there is more to this story.


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