The media is all after Quentin Tarantino for giving an honest answer to a horrible question the other day.


Vice has a HUGE problem with a new skin in overwatch. I would like to tell them to shut up.


I am just an outsider looking in at this situation but it really seems to me that there is enough blame to go around here between Tfue & Faze Clan.


We all know Rotten Tomatoes is a joke but in a hilarious move today they deleted all historical user reviews and now the only way you will get a "verified" review is by purchasing through their app so they make money.


Game of Thrones is all the hotness right now which means it's ripe for social justice to leech off of it. It didn't end well.

Yup, high quality employee's over at Eurogamer. Here we have him slyly telling people to come after my channel.


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It doesn't look like we are getting a game of thrones game specifically but george rr martin met with the team at "From Software"

Video game activist Kirk McKeand and editor for games website VG247 has flagged my video critiquing some questionable things he said online.


I know we've got a long way to go but we've already got a bustling community over at Exclusively Games. Here is how to get the cool stuff-

This is exactly what I am talking about when I say I am worried about who covers our video games. This dude from VG247 is an issue

This whole situation even gets more insane as it appears basically everyone is lying and more details leak out

Phil Spencer jumps on the "Gamers Are Toxic" Bandwagon. I really wish these morons would just make their video games and shut up.


Rumors of financial problems brewing for CD Projekt Red were shut down by the company but there also seems to be an impending expose coming from Kotaku on the Crunch at CDPR and huge problems with Cyberpunk 2077 development


Minecraft Youtuber Mumbo Jumbo was hit with almost 400 copyright claims meanwhile Onision continues to abuse the copyright system.


Call of duty, the yearly franchise has a bit of a mess on their hands. Two studios could not get along and it looks like that call of duty 2020 got cancelled and rolled into black ops 5


ProJared continues to look worse and worse. Meanwhile everyone else around him seemed to know exactly what was happening.


Borderlands 3, Bloodlines 2 and more left the epic game store during what can only be described as a huge mess.

This will be the end of it with Pat. I thought he was more capable of arguments instead he relied on lies and insults.


Yes, I did it, I watched the batwomen trailer. Let's see if this new superhero show on the CW will be any good at all.

You think you want it but you don't. A classic statement made by blizzard, well...I think we can safely say that you were wrong and that we DID want it.


China continues to dictate what our developers can and cannot put in their video games and their greed is on full display


I have to admit, as much junk that goes on in gaming we still have an enormous amount of stuff to look forward to!


Last night I had a pretty spicy argument with an IGN employee. He seemed baffled as to why I wouldn't like him. Let's remove all doubt.


News of Salon being sold at a huge discount follows vice's waypoint shutting down, Variety gaming being closed and endless more in trouble. Let's look at why they are failing.



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