Disney got a call from Lucas Film and got them to release the claim on the fan film vader! Amazing News!


EA Continues to pursue easy money and continue to abuse the Star Wars license and it's fans, abandoning the open world game that could of been amazing.


That's right! Soulja Boy is legit a living meme at this point! I went through a video where he was showing sales and something looks a little weird to me. :)


I feel so horrible for this guy, pouring tens of thousands of dollars into a passion project only to see it stolen by Disney and Monetized! This Cannot Stand!


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This is a long tale but it's one that is important. Men can be victims too yet nobody ever seems to report on it.


We've got another company virtue signaling hoping people who will likely never be able to shave will all of a sudden buy products from them.

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What the heck is going on with Bethesda. Seriously, you're going to ban in game players for exploring the maps you provided?


The stock of activision took a steep dive after parting ways with bungee the other day and talks of an investigation began. Let's take a look.


I can't even believe this dude is back at it again just weeks after getting totally destroyed by nintendo


Randy Pitchford confessed to leaving the USB drive behind with his "special" videos on it. His explanation is hilarious


Lawsuits often reveal alot. In this case CEO Randy Pitchford is accused of taking secret 12 million dollar bonus and being in possession of very bad videos

This is important. The user review is the only tool we have as consumers to fight back against greedy developers and to inform our fellow gamers


Bungie Leaving Activision might juts give this destiny franchise a fair shot at survival. I am happy for fans of destiny

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Mike Morhaime was to stick around Blizzard in an advisory role after stepping down as president but only did so for a few months.


More tales of horrible treatment for Blizzard Employees except this one went to the federal governement for help.


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PC Gamer tries to downgrade Rimworld for not being woke enough and makes a hilarious oopsie.


One Of The Most Anticipated Games Of 2017 The Last Night Gets Blacklisted By Angry Busy Bodies


When will folks figure it out that companies don't really care about this stuff and they only use it for free press?


I don't know what RiceCum is thinking here. Picking a fight with one of the nicest most kind hearted caretakers on the internet.


I can't even believe this is happening these morons continue to double down over fake overwatch gamer gurl.


Everyone knows that the gaming community LOVES mobile games am I right? Especially our most beloved games being turned into cash grabs

The biggest problem with FarCry 5 was it didn't dump on white people enough apparently?



This story seems too good to be true, a female joins an eSports team for Overwatch and every game journo worshiped was a man!


It's no secret that blizzard & activision had brutal years in 2018 and it appears that 2019 is starting off even worse as top executives flee the sinking ship!


Poor Ricegum Everyone! He took more than 100K to advertise gambling websites to kids and he's the victim.



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