There is little more I hate than virtue signaling and hypocrites and this story has both!

The language "media" uses to refer to those who disagree with their narrative is evolving. We're all "toxic nerds" now

That's it everyone! Donald Trump has resigned today, the super mega huge blimp floated by the UK "Resist" movement was the last straw

I don't know where these elite assholes get off when it comes to looking down on people but this one just might take the cake.

Superman & Mission Impossible actor Henry Cavill admits in an interview that he is legitmately afraid to date women in the me too era. Imagine my shock?

The stan lee saga gets more weird and more sad every single day and at this point I have no idea who to believe

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Yes indeed we have a very serious conversation to have in about how Antman and The Wasp should have been called Antman 2

Unreal situation here. I can't believe Youtube is giving 25,000,000 to the main stream media. Are you kidding me?

This spin is hilarious and we've got some great wins to enjoy here for the community!

Star Wars Director Rian Johnson Is Still Looking for someone to blame for his failure as his type usually does

It's always a little satisfying when the far left eat their own. Enjoy this hilarious journey and buy a t-shirt to commemorate it at the link below!

Supporting a channel isn't easy these days, at least not in this space. I found someone who isn't an idiot! Pick yours up today

The organization "Women In eSports" just delivered an insane list of demands to Intel.

I was informed that later in the day Friday the Judge after sorting everything out issued a new order of protection that will run through July 26th. Let's get something in place by then.

A California Judge has removed Stan Lee's order of protection and he is now open to more abuse. The man has given up and is quoted saying some frightening things.

The Court Documents

I can't say I am surprised as they will try and control the narrative in anything social justice related but that doesn't mean we can't all point and laugh at them.

It's not an easy job but apparently it's one I've signed up for.
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It's such a rare thing to see these jerks that work in the hobby and gaming industry and spend their days looking down their noses at us players get their just desserts. Such a great day!

The issues in South Africa are many and complex. Corruptions from the top down, insane farm attacks and so much more is what makes this whole thing so interesting.

The Documentary (he is a local musician) (a crime reporting feed) (a user that is tracking the farm attacks)

I am heading out to see ant man and the wasp but how will I survive women acting like women?

Rolling Stone "Journalist" looking to write a hitpiece on comics gets a taste of her own medicine and it's amazing.

As a man of girth I can say with great pride I don't ever want to watch a fat super hero wheezing their way to doing nothing.

I was actually interested in seeing this rendition of spiderman, but man alive, I just can't give my hard earned money to somone who attacks the fans.

I came across a really interesting article the other day on how people are profiting from me too and now they use Anthony Bourdain


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