Captain Marvel is the film that keeps on giving. Today it was announced as winning the number one spot for film with the most errors and it wasn't even close!


I know this will be a tough topic for alot of my viewers as we want to support new tech but what Gab is up to is just as bad as what twitter is.


Kotaku has seen a major decline in new traffic and now they just had their best writer quit. Everything is fine though?


Henry Cavill is the man, he might be single handily turning me into a fan of the Witcher before it even airs on Netflix later this month.


Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker Is just 15 days away at this point and the media circus is ramping up to full speed. I for one welcome the impending star wars mania

Look, I don't think anyone thought things could get worse for YouTube Rewind 2019 and I guess they didn't but overall I'd say this managed to be worse in a totally different way than 2018.


This is peak games journalism in 2019. I am not kidding, this article is real if only I could figure out why video game Journalism is such a joke.


That's right! Now SJW's are complaining that men are getting all the good fat acting roles apparently? You can't make jokes though, that is forbidden. Black Widow still looks like a decent marvel movie


A new leak seems to confirm everything via confirming the wayfinder is real and Rey will head to find palpatine. Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker trips into theatres December 20th.


Look Unbox Therapy, we get it, you reverse engineered your phone case to make a quick buck, that's fine but what's not fine is abusing DMCA to hid it.


Blizzard seems to be spending ALOT of trim developing things for Charity this time of year and it's raising alot of concerns for players.


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Look, I get it Youtube is a giant mega huge company but can creators get a shred of protection against Marvel Scammers?


Seriously, THIS is how you make a strong female character. You take the time to build a backstory, you have them earn their keep and then BAM people love em.


Harley Quinn has been co-opted for feminism as with any strong female characters the writers can't seem to make them strong without dumping on men. DC Comics still doesn't get what Marvel does, well..sometimes.


Enough is enough with this dude. He came back yesterday to play the victim and he is totally full of it. The world came together to get this dude the last time and now it's time for Youtube.


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Well I would say it's a nice day to be a female employee of RIOT games as if you have every worked for them since 2014 you are getting a chunk of cash for "reasons"


Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate fans around, in fact some may say they are the MOST rabid but for years their criticisms have been ignored by calling them toxic..until today


I don't think there are many people out there under the impression that twitter is even handed when it comes to enforcing their own rules but it's hard to imagine these folks doing it either.


it all comes down to control. 60 Minutes is an irrelevant show on a dead network but where they still have a little control they seek to use it, they use it to control their competition.


Social media is not the best influence for many people. For all the good it's done. Pewdiepie was robbed and many of Marziapie's items were taken and people are happy about it.


It's easy to pile on men, we're used to it. It's even a marketing tactic these days. It's important however to remind people, men are men. :)

Hollywood is a joke. Nothing like rewarding absolute trash with more opportunity, it's just so hard being a woman in Hollywood. Please pray for them.


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