Overall The Elder Scrolls Blades looks pretty good, it has a good bit of hype around it and as long as loot boxes are NOT requred then I'll be good

I try to keep things civil but the recent reaction to the indie game awards and the industry's attacks on me have to be responded to.


The CDPR Team has addressed (sort of) Whether Cyperpunk 2077 will be an epic exclusive, the release date is pretty surely June & the witcher 4?


Captain Marvel hype is drying up a bit, not sure we'll see it hit 1 billion dollars I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Epic Games announces nearly 20 more exclusives including highly anticipated outer worlds and steam had better get in gear.


Vic Mignongna continues to be followed around by insane idealogs trying to ruin his life.


Sometimes the old beard gets the scoop. Here we know the price of Google Stadia, what the store looks like, if they have spots for reviews and much more.


A disgusting low for games media here. They are coming for gamers rights to free speech and we better be ready



Google Stadia is so much more than just another streaming service, it really is a revolution.

Now that's just mean. I certainly don't think Brie Larson is Ugly on the outside...on the inside maybe...


Jim Sterling & Others remain very angry over games not wanting to make a political statement. To me, that seems really odd


Steam, feeling pressure from developers now will decide if your review is worthy or not.


JK Rowling gets exposed & laughed at for her fake wokeness and pandering in the fantastic beasts crimes of grindlewald movie!


The whole situation is disgusting. Never forget these hacks who are writing these articles.


Disney has reversed the decision to fire James Gunn. To be honest I am totally shocked.,


I'll never understand how people get so angry and why they prefer deplatforming to discourse, oh yea, they are dumb.


We're back at it! The Console Wars Part 2 are in full swing. Who will win? Steam, Google, Microsoft? Hopefully the customer


Captain Marvel is making plenty of cash at the box office but is it all coming from customers? How hard will the film drop off in the second weekend.


Avengers End Game Is Expected To Hold Up Captain Marvel. Will It? How Did The Trailer Hold Up?


This One Is The Worst! Epic games poaches a crowd funded game and makes it an exclusive! This is a huge mistake.


Amber Herd accused Johnny Depp of hitting her when in fact she was the one abusing him all along


We thought Bully Hunters was peak cringe but Aldi has now tried their own insane campaign.


Captain Marvel Saved Me! As a former toxic male I now see all the light and that is queen brie!


I am not sure I've seen a worse movie trailer in my entire life. Doom Is cursed to never get a good movie apparently.


The Loot in Anthem has reached an all time worse! EA & Bioware have a full blown Strike going on!



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