I love video game websites, they are the best thing to happen to gamers literally ever. Just good honest straight forward game coverage.


Today was a hard day for all fans of Anime. For all fandoms but what we take a way from this is positive.



We Must Protect Our Queen Scarlett Johansson!
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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have launched a new horrifying character in the comic book series, a new female turtle that will fuel your nightmares for years.


PC Gamer faces critisism over looking desperate with almost their entire homepage being ads and their editor in chief replies and makes things much worse


Yogscast looks to have it's 3rd member at the center of fan issues in the past 3 weeks, but today it's CEO Mark Turpin

Some new information comes from the Disney Heiress herself and on top of a an existing report that many of the Disney employees are in big trouble.


Just a little insight into the reasoning why I won't do video game reviews or review movies either for that matter.

This film has had ZERO coverage in the united states and now we know why, it made the entirety of India mad.


I am no stranger to being told I cannot respond to people who have smaller channels than me, this is of course a form of soft censorship.


The Lion King is hitting theatres and of course the media is asking the tough questions about fictional animals in a movie.


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Youtube is always changing and I believe this new policy is about protecting brands.


The New James Bond is a black female who of course rejects Daniel Craig 007. Men are out dated.


Gears 5 pretends to care about you but it's really about this new fancy sponsorship! The Exclusively Games Crowdfunder is below

Back EG

Well of obviously anytime a customer decides they want to give feedback to a game they are an entitled video gamer.


It wouldn't be modern era video game journalism if people having fun wasn't drumpfs fault


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Openly excluding people from applying based on the color of their skin. This is exactly what Wizards Of The Coast Employee Lee Sharp is doing online.


The Shenmue III has taken over as one of the worst run kickstarters I have ever seen. They have completely burned through any good will.


The new Terminator Dark Fate movie is already blaming fans for it's impending failure, making excuses of why people could possible not like the film

Stranger Things season 3 just came out and the super woke cast is already turning on the show for "toxic masculinity" apparently.


I for one can't wait for Brie Larson to usher in BOTH the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe & The End of Star Wars! Lets's Make All This Happen! You'll Find The Petition Below!




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