XBOX Announces a New Console That Will Have No Disc Drive, Does This Mean The Scarlett Will Also Be Discless? Also Playstation Is Censoring To Heck!


You have all been asking for my take on Fallout 76 and this is about a fair a take as I could come up with.


Looks like the activision takeover of Blizzard continues and now there have been leaks of huge paycuts to the employees


I can't even believe this is happening! EA Actually did it! They are giving us 4K remasters of original Command & Conquer And NOT adding micro-transactions!


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This outta give em something to talk about. She-Ra ended up exactly how we all thought it would. Woke Garbage


Yes that right! With over 6,000 negative reviews the Chinese players are not so happy with Valve


At least our sexy ladies are safe in one area! The SJW hivemind attacked vitoria's secret over no trans models of plumpers and got nowhere


I have only heard of Moviebob's legendary bad takes before and now here we get one in the wild. Let's examine why you hate mobile games


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Look if you're going to hire insane people that's on you but at least do NOT lie to the customers about being hacked. We're not dumb


The final years of stan lee's life were about as garbage as they could of been but let's take a moment to remember all the good that was done in the first 92


I've tuned into Pat The NES Punk for years as I myself am a fan of retro gaming but he too is drinking the kool-aid of gamer hate


Blizzard told us they care about desktop users while telling investors that they moved all premium developers to mobile


The team over at playstation announced on very short notice that their users in the Chicago Area would be seeing an extra 9% tax on their purchases starting on 11/14

Really bad day for final fantasy fans as they annouced under cover of night here in the united states that FF15 DLC Is Cancelled and the company is losing Millions.


Pretty interesting if this is true. Gotta love how the marketing of these games work, getting awards and the game isn't even out.


Yes the outrage has reached peak moron as quietly CD Project Red & have fired their community manager over fake outrage

This joke police continue their ways, this time banning a channel with 500,000 subscribers for a joke video from red dead redemption 2.


The MSM has changed their approach when it comes to censorhip and it's now about picking off single channels at a time. Best of luck to you Ethan Ralph.

Blizzard uses their shill media to leak Diablo 4 and then pretend it never happened.


Calling gamers entitled is absurd, it's absurd because it's not an insult. We absolutely are entitled to a good product.



The witcher netflix series had so much potential but since the writers care too much about ego and being better than everyone it's dooming the show to fail


It's hard to tell for sure if the rainbow 6 community has defeated the censorship imposed by the Chinese governement on their game but it's starting to look like it


Blizzcon is normally an exciting time for fans of Blizzard video games but not this year, their announcement of Diablo Immortal was hilariously bad



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