These break when you first push in the probes!

Here is model 2 with LEDs.

Cut multiple cloned parts that are easily edited, and some can be rotated. If you modify one, the gcode is updated for all!
ERROR IN THE VIDEO: In the video, at 14:29, I showed, "Use Start Point" to start a plunge in a particular spot. Don't do this. The real purpose of "Use Start Point" is to approach the cut from the side so a cutting tool that only cuts along its edge ( isn't able to plunge) can penetrate the workpiece. Maybe the button should be labeled differently ("Approach from side")?

I made a ~50V 4.5 amp power supply. The circuit allows 16v or 32v or 48v depending on how many dc adapters are plugged in!

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How I crimp dupont pins.
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My aquaponics greenhouse powered by Arduino.


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