A short talk on the necessity of the defense of the second amendment, more so now then ever. The assault upon all the foundational precepts and principals that make America, America, are under attack and NEED TO BE DEFENDED.

A short talk on some current issues We who will not be ruled should be concerned about.

A true healer in the state of Minnesota is being attack for taking a strong stand on his patients right to be fully informed regarding Vaccines, drugs and medical procedures. The Ben Swain Video can be found in it's entirety at

A short and heated talk on the geopolitical implications of the UNANSWERED American soft coup.

A short talk on the plethora of endless theories, secret plans, hearing from someone on the INSIDE. In other words BULL SHIT!

You can't win a war without fighting any battles, and this war is for all of Humanity.

Only an Idiot or a Democratic Communist party USA member would deny that this country is in the midst of a Globalist Communist Overthrow!

A talk on particle reality, and if your prepared to deal with it?

A short talk on keeping a clear analytical critical thinking mind in dangerous times.

We were warned numerous times about this, and haven't done a damn thing about it. Now we are going to suffer the consequence of our inaction. Happy Tyranny America!

Now is the time for all "GOOD MEN", To come to the aid of their country.

What Gullible naïve fools we Murkies have become.

Just a short talk about stuff that happened today over in Washington District of corruption. Also a great idea by An0maly for the restoration of a prosperous society, how's that for a novel concept?

World wide We The People are being besieged by a tiny gaggle of intergenerational ultra uber wealthy soulless psychopaths. Are you ready to reclaim your HUMAN rights and FREEDOM?

A short discussion on Freedom and keeping it, as well as the March on Washington District of corruption.

A short talk on the importance of the Jan 5/6 Washington March on the district of Corruption. And why it's important to make it if you can.

You can find me over on (@The_Reckoning_Rising),also on Dlive and Parlor. Good luck all stay well and safe. God bless.

If you don't think the threat to our freedom hasn't been turned inward from some of those we wrongly believe to be in our corner,YOUR NOT PAYING ATTENTION!

Whats happening in America at this time isn't only about America,but includes all people world wide who wish to remain Free.

Our country and Freedom is being stolen Blatantly up close and personal right in our faces. Will you stand and fight? or will you go down whimpering? That's the all and only important question now!

Just a short talk after being away for a while,on my thoughts of where we stand at this very ominous place in time.

Here is the link to the USS Liberty Docu Series Sacrificing Liberty,

Just a personal observation on the insanity of Blind loyalty,to those who don't deserve it!

Harley Schlanger from the LaRouche Pac regarding the military coup To remove President Trump by force, being planned by the very people who the president appointed to his administration.


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