The Way Back

Mark David Chapman had 6 shells in that Gun and you mean to tell me he couldn't have saved
one round for YOKO ?

Strange Days indeed

Like those old Drivers Education movies they made us watch in High School , this Crash not pretty.
Agressive Driving at it's worst.

I think the shooter was supposed to miss .You can hear someone say something to that affect...
A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment a man got killed while testing a bulletproof charm with his friends.
They had bragged about the potency of the fetish item and decided to test the efficacy using a local hunter’s rifle.
The guy who owned the charm had reportedly said that it was so powerful that if someone holds him while he is with the bullet proof juju and they are shot, both of them would walk away unscathed.
In the video the young man who held the juju asked his friend to shoot him while he held another person. But it unfortunately ended in the killing of his friend, causing panic and frenzy.

The ladies were not seriously injured but we're imprisoned for vandalism🈴🇨🇳🈴

I don't feel safe in this world no more
I don't want to die in a nuclear war
I want to sail away to a distant shore
And make like an apeman
I'm an apeman
I'm an ape, apeman
Oh, I'm an apeman
I'm a 🦍king-kong man
I'm a🖖 voodoo man
Oh, I'm an apeman
'Cause compared to the sun that sits in the sky
Compared to the clouds as they roll by
Compared to the bugs and the spiders and flies
I am an apeman
Laa la la la la la la
In man's evolution
He's created the city
And the motor traffic rumble
But give me half a chance
And I'd be taking off my clothes
And living in the jungle🦍😆

The average horse has a visual acuity of about 20/30 to 20/40, which is much better than the average dog (20/75) or cat (20/100), but slightly worse than the average human (20/20). In humans, 20/20 means that a person can identify the details of an object from 20 feet away. That standard is applied in animals too, so in horses 20/30 vision means that the horse needs to be 20 feet away from the object to see the same details that the normal person can discern from 30 feet.

Eyes Wide Open.
We ALL know What happened there.

Not wearing a seat belt.
Car roll over .He was ejected and thrown almost 47 Meters.

The Traveler is a 2010 American–Canadian direct-to-video horror film directed by Michael Oblowitz written by Joseph C. Muscat, and starring Val Kilmer and Dylan Neal.
Kilmer plays a stranger who walks into a small town's police station, confesses to murder, and is interrogated by detective Alexander Black.
Filmed in Canada.
Michael Oblowitz
Produced by:
Nadine DeBarros, Harvey Kahn
Joseph C. Muscat
Val Kilmer, Dylan Neal
Ross Vannelli
Neil Cervin
Edited by:
Gordon Rempel
Production, company:
Hollywood Media Bridge, Front Street Pictures, Voltage Pictures
Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures
June Aruba IFF, 2010 (2010)
Running time:
96 minutes
Canada, United States

Dock worker(white shirt) got into it with a couple of Recreational Boaters who were enjoying weekend. Turned into a Free for All

Lighter Side of Life. Sometimes it is better to stay home 😊
Always something to laugh about.

This is one of the lessons for the 33rd degree Mason. "As Above So Below"
The land of Agatha is the Flip Side of our Surface
Up is Down , Left is Right. The Sun on that Side is known as the Black Sun⚫
Control Knowledge & Control People.Free your mind and the rest of yourself will Follow.

"Don't you know ? Don't you Wonder?
What's Going on Down Under?
....The Ground"(Deja Vu Crosby steels Nash & young)

She worked 10 hours Squid and all she wants is wing stop 😆

A longtime Cleveland attorney’s Maserati was stolen and then crashed by the carjackers, and all of it was caught on video.
Video shows Carjackers demolished the car minutes later and then fled on foot.
“I’m still stunned, shocked. I can’t believe this happened to me,” said the 59-year-old lawyer, who did not want to be identified.
He said he was getting gas on the evening of June 19 and decided to grab a couple of items from the station’s carry-out.
He didn’t notice a sedan that pulled into the station and then backed up, parking unusually close to his 2019 Maserati SUV.
“I came back out and instantly sensed something was wrong, but I didn’t follow my instincts,” he said.
After he got into his SUV, it became clear why the four teens in the sedan parked so close.
“One of them slammed the door into my car, and I was stunned. I got back out and he stuck a handgun to my stomach and said, “Your car or your life,'” he said.
Surveillance video shows the longtime lawyer struggling with the gunman, who quickly grabbed his keys from his pocket.

Nothing compares,,,,,to you.

These 2 would be robbers got into the wrong taxi. You can hear them screaming bloody murder "I want to get out" as the Taxi Driver takes them on a Joy ride they are not likely to forget👍
In the end they all abandoned the taxi 😆

A little kindness goes along way. 🦼🏍️🛵
It's been incredibly HOT 🔥 outside here like everywhere in world today.
I am stuck inside too !!
So be sure and check up on that friend and neighbor and bring the pets inside out of heat as well 👍

I see 2 winners 😂😂
OnlyFans boxer Daniella Hemsley flashes her breasts after victory at 3Arena in Dublin
Daniella Hemsley defeated her Aleksandra Danielka via unanimous decision in the women's losers bracket at the Kingpyn High Stakes 🚛
OnlyFans boxer Daniella Hemsley left those in attendance at the 3Arena shocked as she flashed her breasts following her win over Aleksandra Danielka.
The 22-year-old defeated her Polish rival via unanimous decision in the women's losers bracket at the Kingpyn High Stakes semi-finals in Dublin on Saturday.
Hemsley previously suffered defeat against Jully Poca in the opening round of the tournament, with Danielka also losing to Elle Brooke on the same card.
The three judges at ringside scored the bout 48-47, 48-47 and 49-46 in Hemsley's favour and the English internet personality clearly couldn't contain her excitement afterwards as she pulled up her sports bra to flash the crowd.
Hemsley apologised for the X-rated moment in her post-fight interview, but stated that she was only trying to express herself.

The Dog Days of Summer are Here !
Mans Best Friend🐕‍🦺Best Fishing Buddy ever👍

She wasn't afraid of the 9mm pistol 🔫 or maybe she recognized it as a Toy pistol

You've prolly seen this clip by now.
Watching it many times analyzing her demeanor. She has normal appearance and dresses normal .
I've got to say she is very convincing. Something has frightened her enough to throw away her bought and paid for ticket.
There is something odd going on here.

What an incredible story as well as Military History 🎖️ Happy Forth of July we have our Independence because Men like Audie Murphy heard the call ! 🇺🇸

Looks like a Manx ! sneaking off with a lamb chop or something? Maybe a fish , I can't ID it for sure.🤓


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