A stunning interview with author Ray McGinnis about his book, UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: WHAT THE 9/11 FAMILIES ASKED AND THE 9/11 COMMISSION IGNORED, in which he documents questions the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission gave to the 9/11 Commission, the Steering Committee’s futile efforts to get answers, and the results of his own search for those answers, which show that many of the so-called 9/11 failures resulted from high-level malfeasance within the U.S. government.

EXPOSING FLORIDA’S 9/11 CRIME SCENE AND HIJACKER MOHAMED ATTA’S US GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS Investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker talks about his long-ignored book, WELCOME TO TERRORLAND: MOHAMED ATTA AND THE 9/11 COVER-UP IN FLORIDA, in which a plethora of first-hand sources connect flight schools in Florida with the 9/11 terrorists and CIA drug-dealing, talk about the FBI intimidating sources to keep quiet, including Atta’s American girlfriend, and describe how, shortly after 9/11, the FBI grabbed local law enforcement files on pre-9/11 activities and put them on military plane flown out of Florida accompanied by Florida governor Jeb Bush. Link to Hopsicker's book:

In the wake of the Pentagon ordering more than 800,000 members of the military to take the covid vaccine, former Air Force attorney Frank Spinner, who represented the first military doctor to refuse a similar order to take the anthrax vaccine 20 years ago and is now representing military members refusing to take the covid vaccine, talks about legal limitations, politics, and other corrosive pressures that make these cases virtually impossible to win, but adds that wins in civil court on this issue could bring success in military courts.

Journalist and author Nick Bryant, who has been covering child sex trafficking for almost 20 years exposes how the intelligence community's suppression machine has been working throughout the Epstein scandal to protect perpetrators and procurers from prosecution and talks about mainstream media's silence on the subject. Link to Bryant's article, "The Jeffrey Epstein Cover-Up: Pedophilia, Lies and Videotape:

A critically important show for physicians as well as potential and actual covid patients, Dr. Richard Urso goes into great detail about the prophylactic and early treatment protocols he uses that allow the the natural immune system to handle the virus for superior, long-lasting protection, explains how prophylaxis could end the pandemic, and talks about what he’d do if he had Fauci’s job. Link to Journal of American Medicine study showing Remdesivir lengthens hospital stays:

Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Meryl Nass, who treat covid patients, explain the science and statistics showing why fear and persecution of the un-vaxxed are unwarranted and how the vaxxed can infect others, may be the source of new variants, and are contracting covid themselves in significant numbers while potentially facing dangerous and deadly side-effects from taking the vaccine. The doctors also talk about the suppressed prophylactic, early, and late-phase treatments protocols for covid that could "crush" the country's covid curve if they were national policy. Link to article mentioned by Meryl Dr. Nass about UK scientists on a government committee encouraging the use of fear to control people’s behavior during the covid pandemic:

Ex-special agent Turner, who was retaliated against when she embarrassed the FBI for exposing her colleague's failure to investigate serious child sex abuse crimes on North Dakota Indian reservations, explains that crimes like those committed by former USA Gymnastics physician Dr. Larry Nasser take so long to be addressed or aren't addressed at all because many agents are uncomfortable dealing with them, they aren't trained to properly investigate them and they do not lead to major promotions.

INDIA'S HUMAN RIGHTS SECURITY COUNCIL FILES COMPLAINT AGAINST BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION AND OTHERS FOR GENOCIDE RELATED TO COVID PANDEMIC: Lawyer Dipali Ojha details the complaint's long list of charges detailing “offences against entire humanity which are genocide (Mass Murders) of the citizens” related to the covid pandemic and committed by the "Vaccine Syndicate Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" as well as “bio terrorists,” “Pharma Syndicates,” “Tech Syndicates,” “Tech Bullies” and others.

Dr. Wodarg, who launched an investigation into how the H1N1 pandemic was declared and handled when he was member of Germany’s parliament in 2009, talks about how fraudulent tactics used to declare H1N1 a pandemic were used again and enhanced with massive bribery and in other ways to pave the way for declaring and handling the covid pandemic.

JOURNALIST IVORY HECKER EXPOSES FOX NEWS MANAGERS CENSORING AND FIRING HER FOR REPORTING ON USE OF HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE FOR TREATING COVID: After being assigned to cover treatments being used at a Houston hospital, Hecker’s bosses at Fox censored a physician’s comment in her report about hydroxychloroquine being part of his successful treatment of covid patients. Shocked, Hecker pushed back and began recording conversations with her bosses, capturing video of them telling her to cease and desist reporting on hydroxychloroquine, explaining why she was being censored, and discussing false claims they made in a warning letter they sent to her before she was fired.

DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH BLAMES HIGH COVID DEATH TOLL ON MASSIVE CENSORSHIP OF EFFECTIVE TREATMENT PROTOCOL AND SAYS THAT 85% OF PATIENTS GIVEN MULTI-DRUG TREATMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER TESTING POSITIVE RECOVER WITH “COMPLETE AND DURABLE” IMMUNITY: An Internist, cardiologist and professor of medicine, Dr McCollough treats covid patients and was involved in two major studies indicating that treatment is the key to getting covid under control. The pandemic could have been over by now, he says, if those who tested positive for covid had been immediately treated before they fell ill enough to be hospitalized. He also says that thousands could have been, and still could be saved if the treatment protocol he and other physicians use were not suppressed.

OHIO LAWYER TOM RENZ: GOING AFTER COVID CULPRITS AND SOUNDING THE ALARM ON POTENTIALLY DEADLY ANTIBODY DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT: Renz talks about the complaint he has filed on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors against various government agencies and their heads--including Dr. Fauci—that lays out what happened, who did what, the damage done, and dangers to come. He sounds the alarm on antibody dependent enhancement, that doctors have told him make those already vaccinated vulnerable to more severe, possibly lethal symptoms when exposed to new or "wild" variants of SARS Cov 2.

SENATOR RON JOHNSON: CENSORED AND SUPPRESSED ON CRITICAL COVID ISSUES: Called a conspiracy theorist and vilified in the mainstream press for questioning the safety of covid vaccines while promoting the use of cheap, safe drugs that frontline doctors say work well for early treatment of their covid patients, Senator Johnson describes a mind-boggling gauntlet of roadblocks and malfeasance preventing him from conducting a proper investigation of the origins of the virus, the management of the pandemic, and the suppression of lifesaving treatment information.

Kobus details how his long, award-winning FBI career took a hellish turn after he told a new agent that allowing his subordinates to take birthday leaves was illegal. When Kobus reported what he saw as a small infraction easily fixed, he had no idea that he would trigger a prolonged response from the FBI’s brutal, self-protective attack machine and expose a bureaucracy with zero tolerance for exposure of its own wrongdoing, no matter how minor.

Israeli lawyers and human rights activists Arie Suchovolsky and Ruth Machnes have filed a petition against Israel claiming that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Minister of Health Yuli Edelstein have violated Nuremberg codes against experimenting on humans with deals made with Pfizer/Biontech to deliver Israel’s citizens as subjects for experimental genetic treatment by using draconian measures to force them to take Pfizer’s vaccine.

KILL KUCINICH, TAKE LIGHT AND POWER: Ex-Cleveland mayor Dennis Kucinich talks about his bombshell book, DIVISION OF LIGHT AND POWER, in which he describes being repeatedly thwarted by corrupt members of his city’s government while fighting against a relentless campaign to privatize Cleveland’s public electric power systems that included multiple attempts to assassinate him.

TOXICOLOGIST DR. JANCI CHUNN LINDSAY TO THE CDC: STOP VACCINATIONS: A veteran toxicologist and mechanistic biologist, Dr. Lindsay explains the science and troubling evidence behind her recent public plea before the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to stop all covid gene therapy vaccine campaigns. Dr. Lindsay is joined by dozens of other leading scientists and doctors calling for a halt to the use of these vaccines.

As the victim-count of covid emergency measures continues to grow, Renz talks about his intensifying legal fight for evidence that the measures were warranted. In videotaped testimony before the Ohio legislature that has been censored on major social media platforms, Renz presents the evidence he’s uncovered so far showing that Covid doesn’t come close to measuring up to past declared pandemics or even flu outbreaks for which there were no emergency responses.

Dipali Ojha, head of the Indian Bar Association’s team that crafted the Legal Notice, details the alleged criminal acts in which the World Health Organization’s chief scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan engaged, some of which carry penalties up to life imprisonment or death.

Italian physician Dr. Andrea Stramezzi defied his government by continuing to use hydroxychloroquine on his patients even after it was banned based on the World Health Organization’s recommendation which was based on a fraudulent study published in the Lancet medical journal. Stramezzi gives a detailed explanation of covid as a disease, it’s progression, and how to treat it while naming the culprits responsible, he says, for killing millions by ignoring and suppressing proper treatment of covid (which he says could have been brought under complete control by now), while promoting dangerous, unnecessary vaccines instead.

Children’s Health Defense Science Advisory Board member and signee of the petition, Dr. Nass provides a plethora of shocking details showing massive malfeasance by the CDC and FDA that cost lives, prolonged the pandemic and protected the continued use of unprecedentedly dangerous covid vaccines.

Lawyer Thomas Renz discusses why he and a group of lawyers have filed a temporary restraining order against various government agencies in an Alabama court to halt vaccinations of children. Among their reasons for filing the order: FDA Emergency Use Authorization in this case is illegal; children have virtually zero chance of getting or transmitting covid; the vaccines are experimental and children should not be experimented upon, the vaccines already have an inordinately high rate of serious adverse reactions and deaths.

As the head of Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine at France’s Mediterranean University Hospital and Medical Director of the hospital’s Infection Institute, Dr. Brouqui is a member of a French team that has successfully treated thousands of covid patients and been attacked for using hydroxychloroquine as part of their early treatment protocol. Dr. Brouqui also says that young people with no risk of dying from covid should not be vaccinated.

In an interview with Klartext podcast host, Uwe Alschner, frontline doctors Stephen Karanga and Dr. Wahome Ngare of the Catholic Doctors Association say early covid treatment is highly effective and question whether vaccines—which they say are misnamed and should be called gene therapy--are necessary or safe. They also say that the World Health Organization has a history of coming to Africa with questionable vaccines and explain why the WHO’s advisory telling patients testing positive for covid to go home and take analgesics until they have problems breathing instead of immediately treating them with effective, re-purposed drugs, including hydroxychloroquine with zinc and Ivermectin, is wrong.

Dr. Urso, an opthamology surgeon treating covid patients, says Washington ordered contagion control until vaccines were available and thwarted front line doctors’ efforts to get the word out about their success with multi-drug, early treatment protocols, costing thousands of lives.


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