A massive interview with Trump administration covid advisor Dr. Paul Alexander who explains in shocking detail how the public's health and good science were ignored and he ran into a buzzsaw while trying to provide Fauci and other higher ups in the agencies managing the pandemic early data from states around the country showing that lockdowns were devastating to all, particularly children, after which Fauci expanded and hardened the lockdowns and candid members of the "alphabet" (FDA, CDC, NIH) health agencies told Dr. Alexander that their "job, daily, was to destroy President make his pandemic response make his response unmanageable."

After author and women’s health journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf was de-platformed and attacked on Twitter, discovery granted in two freedom of speech lawsuits revealed that the CDC had colluded with social media to censor her. In this episode, Senator Josh Hawley exposes how the Big Tech/Government censorship machine works via grilling Facebook executive Christopher Cox, Dr. Wolf explains what happened to her, and Dr. Paul Alexander explains why Dr. Wolf is such a threat to the machine that shut her down.

Heart-wrenching interview with chemist and 9/11 researcher Kevin Ryan who says additional research needed to pinpoint what's killing tens of thousands of 9/11 emergency responders isn't being funded because no one wants to "go there" and look further at evidence indicating that high-energy thermitic explosions are most likely causing the high death toll among first responders.

Manafort talks about his new book, POLITICAL PRISONER: PERSECUTED, PROSECUTED, BUT NOT SILENCED, in which he discusses how he got caught up in the Russian collusion probe and wound up in jail, while exposing how Washington’s political titans mount international operations like the Russian collusion probe, using taxpayer-funded operatives in government agencies, the State Department and the White House--along with outsiders to neutralize their opponent—in this case, President Trump.

In this first edition of K&K Commentary with Kelly O'Meara of "Don't Ask That Question" and The Whistleblower Newsroom's Kristina Borjesson, the two investigative reporters discuss how the American Psychiatric Association's view of transgenderism has changed over the years as seen in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is revised every five to seven years.

Cohen explains why the alphabet and number soup--TQAS2+ (Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and Two-Spirit and more (+)-- following "LGB" are actually not part of the lesbian, gay and bi-sexual community and how transgenders were "astroturfed" into the LGB community through generous contributions and heavy propagandizing of LGB organizations by transgender-promoting foundations. Cohen also details why the transgender movement poses particularly dangerous threats to children.

Investigative reporter Jennifer Bilek has followed the money behind the emergence of the transgender movement and has uncovered a deeply unsettling, massively profitable agenda targeting minors, along with a powerful attack machine protecting it.

Investigative reporter Kelly O’Meara, who, arguably, who has done more in-depth coverage of school shootings in America than any other journalist in the world, analyzes the anomalies in three reports on the Uvalde massacre, including contradictory information provided about how the door into the classroom where the shooting began was opened. O’Meara also talks about how the school camera video released to the public picked up the conversations of law enforcement in the building and the killer’s gunshots, but no sounds from the victims during the shooting.

A fired-up Dr. Mikovits explains the virological science behind how years of people around the world being inoculated with “dirty” vaccines containing animal cell lines and dangerous substances like formaldehyde have weakened their immune systems, and that by declaring artificial “plandemics,” the WHO and CDC give themselves the authority to criminally force people to take more deadly, experimental, immuno-destructive vaccines and to wear masks that further weaken their immune systems.

Naturopathic doctor and former Tulsa Police Department SWAT team member Dr. Mark Sherwood talks about the divides, disaffection and distrust unfolding in America right now through two issues he addressed during his recent run for governor of Oklahoma: the loss of personal freedom and choice imposed by government and other agencies regarding covid and vaccines, and the epidemic of school shootings. Dr. Sherwood urges citizens, the medical community, the church and states to stand up against federal and globalist tyranny.

In this Whistleblower Newsroom editorial, host Kristina Borjesson discusses the illegal actions to which Assange has, and continues to be, subjected to by three nations—the US, UK and Sweden, working to fulfill the American government’s aim to get him to the US to face espionage charges. The illegal pursuit of Assange was triggered by, most prominently, the Wikileaks release of “Collateral Murder,” a video depicting a war crime in progress: US military gunfire from an Apache helicopter mowing down eleven civilians, including two Reuters journalists. Borjesson points out that this war crime was a crime within the larger crime of the illegal Iraq war, both of which paved the way for the criminal persecution of Assange.

A fascinating discussion with exorcist Father Vincent Lampert who discusses the existence of the devil and demons, how people become possessed, how he does his job, why evil is so pervasive and what each and every one of us can do to reduce evil in the world.

Dr. Meryl Nass describes the various ways that the US government has been, and continues to, recklessly spend taxpayer money and engage in fraud, waste and abuse while pushing dangerous and unnecessary vaccines on the public.

Investigative reporter and author Kelly O’Meara, who was the first national journalist to expose the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence, and who has covered school shootings for more than twenty years, talks about the ongoing efforts to ignore this fact, including after the recent mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. O’Meara also discusses other odd, unsettling details she has uncovered about various school shootings over the years and why she thinks they are ongoing.

Investigative reporters Nick Bryant, who was the journalist who got Epstein's black book and Kristina Borjesson, who hosts THE WHISTLEBLOWER NEWSROOM, responds to Elon Musk's claims that no one in media cares about investigating Epstein's clients.

In the third of a series of Whistleblower Newsroom interviews, high-level government financial crimes whistleblower and money expert Catherine Austin Fitts talks about how American taxpayers are financing, and by extension, participating in, a criminal enterprise--the US government, while paving the way for their own enslavement via centrally controlled digital banking. Fitts offers solutions and actions citizens can take to turn the tide. She also discusses monkeypox, calling its "simultaneous spread" "manmade" or "engineered."
Links for more information and Solari address if you want to Fitts to send "Taxation With or Without Representation" out for you:
Taxation With or Without Representation Mailing: Solari PO BOX 157 Hickory Valley, TN 38042

As the numbers of vaccine injured and long covid sufferers rise after taking injections of pharmaceutical products that long ago met the FDA’s death and injury threshold for declaring a drug too dangerous for public consumption, all too few physicians are effectively addressing their devastating health issues. Dr. Syed Haider, who treats these patients, explains what he’s used that works, which in some cases includes Ivermectin, that has shown to be very effective.

A fascinating discussion with Dr. Peter McCullough and crime writer John Leake about their new book, THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID 19: PREVENTING HOSPITALIZATION AND DEATH WHILE BATTLING THE BIOPHARMACEUTICAL COMPLEX. The book traces the travails of cardiologist/epidemiologist McCullough, who became an early leader in devising successful treatment protocols for covid patients and, after making it his mission to get the word out about the protocols, has been persistently attacked by what he describes as the biopharmaceutical complex while becoming a global leader among physicians and others seeking to save people around the world from the complex's deadly agenda. To purchase THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID 19: PREVENTING HOSPITALIZATION AND DEATH WHILE BATTLING THE BIOPHARMACEUTICAL COMPLEX, go here:

Texas lawyer Ty Clevenger, who has been waging Freedom of Information Act battles in various courts against the FBI and other federal agencies in a search for the truth about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, talks about the massive corruption in the government’s FOIA system that he’s discovered along the way, the progress he's made, and how the information from his investigation along with that of John Durham and potential discovery from a recent lawsuit filed by Trump against DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign leaders are blowing the lid off of Russiagate.

Investment advisor, follow-the-money expert and whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts details a series of shocking revelations about "how the world really works," including how the Justice Department admitted that the US financial system launders launders $500 billion to $1 trillion dollars a year and is the global leader in money laundering, how the US government and citizens need that money, and how growing poverty is big business.

A bombshell interview in which former Trump Covid advisor and whistleblower Dr. Paul Alexander talks about how when he tried to provide Fauci et al solid science for not locking down schools and not masking children, he was viciously attacked, told his “balls” would be “cut off” and then smeared in the media. He also says W.H.O. lied about no “human to human” transmission of the corona virus early on and that Operation Warp Speed “snookered” Americans into paying billions upfront for useless and harmful vaccines. Dr. Alexander's website:
Dr. Alexander's Substack:
Support Dr. Alexander's research here:

Public banking expert Ellen Brown talks about her article, “The Coming Global Financial Revolution, Russia is Following America’s Playbook” in which she details the hidden history of decisions and actions taken by America’s leaders that resulted in the current global economic system; how Russia is emulating the US’s past actions; and how ultimately the coming multipolar global economic reset/revolution could yield positive outcomes for the U.S., including ending America’s oil wars and sparking a revival of the nation’s manufacturing sector.

The Whistleblower Newsroom presents excerpts from a riveting panel discussion among independent investigative journalists Iain Davis and Whitney Webb, Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review Matthew Ehret, political commentator and analyst Tom Luongo, and Moscow-based journalist Riley Waggaman, who talk about The Great Reset’s hallmarks, how it was kicked into high gear by a fraudulent covid pandemic, and how those fighting for the ultimate prize—total governance over all people and things--think the world and all humans in it, should be. Titled “Russia and the Great Reset: Resistance or Complicity,” the panel discussion was hosted by Off Guardian and Unlimited Hangout.

Fuellmich talks about what a six-day grand jury investigation he and a group of attorneys presented to the public revealed, including that fraudulent PCR testing was used to kick off the “plandemic,” that vaccines are “the worst experiment ever performed on mankind,” and that drastic population reduction is among the nefarious goals of those responsible for these and other crimes against humanity. Fuellmich says his team is now planning to investigate and publicly charge the identified culprits.

Fitts, a financial advisor and former investment banker and federal housing commissioner for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, details the long, sordid—and deadly--history of how corrupt US presidents and other political leaders created and repealed laws, policies and financial administration regulations to allow government contractors and banks to steal trillions from the US taxpayer through a series of “financial coups” linked to nationally traumatic events including the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, the crash of 2008 and the covid pandemic.


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The Whistleblower Newsroom, a platform by whistleblowers, for whistleblowers and about whistleblowers with journalist Kristina Borjesson

The Whistleblower Newsroom show, winner of Progressive Radio Network's 2020 Award of Excellence for Outstanding Programming in the Investigative Reporting category, is a platform for whistleblowers, hosted by a whistleblower. The show features in-depth coverage of "third rail" aspects of issues including 9/11, Russiagate, Julian Assange, sex crimes against children, high crimes and malfeasance on the parts of government agencies and corporations, the covid pandemic and other sensitive subjects. The show is hosted by former mainstream network producer/reporter Kristina Borjesson, who is internationally known for blowing the whistle on the American news industry and for her incisive interviewing style, her in-depth knowledge of the subjects she examines and her access to high-level whistleblowers and other insiders who provide unprecedented information and insight to her audience.

Borjesson's whistleblowing journey began with her landmark book, INTO THE BUZZSAW: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press that was inspired by her own experience of losing two network television jobs (CBS and ABC) while assigned to investigate the controversial 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800. Into the Buzzsaw won the National Press Club’s prestigious Arthur Rowse Award and the Independent Publishers Gold Medal Award.

Borjesson second book, “Feet To The Fire,” The Media After 9/11, Top Journalists Speak Out, in which mainstream reporters and news executives exposed the coercion, corruption and self-censorship that resulted in their failure to accurately report on the Bush administration’s false rationales for going to war with Iraq, again won the Independent Publishers Gold Medal Award. In television, Borjesson’s documentary, TWA Flight 800, featured an unprecedented number of whistleblowing insiders exposing an official cover-up of evidence and facts pertaining to the crash that involved several federal agencies—including the NTSB, CIA and FBI. The film broke viewership records at the Epix premium cable channel and continues to garner high ratings on a number of sites, including Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon and IMDb. Borjesson has produced for a number of other American and European television outlets, including CBS, CNN, Arte and Canal Plus. She won an Emmy for her investigative reporting on Legacy of Shame, CBS Network’s update of Edward R. Murrow’s signature documentary, Harvest of Shame. In Legacy of Shame, Borjesson uncovered and exposed a three-state smuggling ring of undocumented workers. Her reporting resulted in a 17-year jail term for the head of the operation. She was again nominated for an Emmy for a CBS Reports profile of Fidel Castro and was field producer/fixer and Creole translator for the Emmy-nominated Frontline program, Showdown in Haiti. In radio, Borjesson produced and co-hosted WBAI-radio’s popular “Expert Witness Show” in New York City for five years. She and host/veteran DEA agent Mike Levine examined law enforcement issues and current events from a law enforcement perspective. Borjesson has regularly lectured and appeared on panels and programs to discuss media issues.