Just watching some good lightening roll in. Discussing how I let the horses have choices. Posted on both channels.

This shooting is interesting to me since it was legal according to the law, but I still think it was a Bad Unjustified Shooting.

#officerinvolvedshooting #policebodycam #policeshooting

The News said is was not Arson while it was still burning? We Call That A Cule. Here is link to my Review:

Wanted to clear up some comments and confusion and explain some things mentioned in the comments of this video:

This cop did a great job.

The only thing this female cop did right was put "shots fired" on the radio............. Oh wait, she screwed that up too.

What kind of investigation is this?

This is a great story that was shared with this video of some armed Americans hunting across the border in Mexico when they are spotted and stalked by Armed Cartel members.

This is the Perfect example of good gun control in Mexico, Citizens can't have guns so ONLY GOVT AND CRIMINALS HAVE GUNS.

Just some info on a new item you might consider adding to your first aid kit

A present from my cat.

Yea another sanctuary city helping everyone but Working Tax Payers.

Installing maritime spring cups

Just remember if you have enough money you can buy Laws that protect you. We have lost our Republic.

Some news about govt failures and govt protecting you

Is this justified? Legally Yes - Morally ???
Is This necessary?
Is this excessive?
Will anyone be held accountable?

Local cops can and are routinely sworn in by the FBI & US Marshal's giving them power for Federal laws and States laws and classifies them as Both Federal Law Enforcement and Local/State Law Enforcement.

Second upload because bitshit fail to process last video 24 hours ago

Explaining WHY someone would care about Glocks working underwater and how the TEXAS property taxes is the New East india Tea Company tax and people need start planning for when enough is enough.

This guy makes too much sense.

We should send them more guns and then we would not have to worry about them invading our country as a poor refugee.

Cleaning up and polishing some old mounted Bull Horns.

Here is link to part one where I got these before I did anything:


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