Our govt and police are out of control and we see it everyday. However, there are still good people in the profession.

I go over the arrest warrant and we learn a few more facts about the case. With each new fact the Murder case gets better or worse.?
It Depends

I am on the fence on this one.

Different angles of prisoners attacking two Guards.

Body cam footage Ft Worth Police shooting

Here we go another cop charged.

This is a Bad, unlawful and unjustified shooting. I think charges will be filed on Officer.

These two cops are Idiots. Horrible example of Peace Officers and their conduct was inexcusable.

This is long but you will really have a better understanding of Govt/police searches if you watch it. I really get to the nuts and bolts of what and how cops search and get warrants. HERE IS LINK TO VIDEO I KEEP TALKING ABOUT:

Cops want to search car that MAY have involved in a crime, Owner said not get a warrant. Then Owner wants to leave with car, Cops say NO, we are going to get a warrant. Is This Legal?

More Gun Laws are never the answer.

This is the biggest scam and extortion I have seen in a long time.

Guy brings in a M1 and says it won't work, but cleans it and oils it, now it works.

This was an accidental shooting and a guy died, No black man involved, no charges, no media outcry. This is Why I was outraged by the Amber Guyger Trial, this happens everyday and always ruled justified. I call BS.

Brown was killed in a drug deal gone bad, police announced, and they emphasized his death was not related to his testimony in the Guyger case. **SHOCKING**

This guy would be a lot worse off and possible dead.

Training accidents happen. Learn from them.

Diversity Is Our Strength - Outrageous animal behavior and NOTHING in the Left wing news.

For the most part I am OK with this use of police dog.

Since I made this video, they are saying this Witness was shot and was the target of another shooting a few years ago. THAT TRIAL FOR SHOOTER IS ABOUT TO GO TO TRIAL, a Black Man is charged with that shooting. MY GUESS, if he was targeted it was because of that shooting and NOT THE GUYGER TRAIL, BUT THAT DOES FIT LIBERAL LYING LEFT AGENDA.

How can I buy the right to "censorship" so I can stop CommieTube from doing it.

just passing on info, I am not on page very much but lots of good like minded folks in there.

An education for those that don't know.


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