News without the liberal left spin.

Should this cop be fired? This is not a big deal to me, others think it is.

This is one of the most outrageous and unjustified police shooting I have seen.

A nice explanation about Gun Free Zones.

Each street should have required stickers on cars so govt knows you live on that street? Yea this is that stupid.

How do stereotypes get to be stereotypes?

This sister exposed the on going catholic priest abuses and shows documents supporting the Church's cover up.

This shooting could have been prevent with better police action. IMO

A lot of people were surprised there were restriction on owning and possessing body armor, so this is why I did this video.

Some interesting inconsistencies.

This is a great training video for what can happen when you are not prepared and don't stay in the fight.

This is a great technique but a better one would have been NOT to open the door in the first place.

This is good and bad. The outcome of an incident often dictates weather the person is stupid or a hero. In This case he is a hero because he did not get shot buy suspect or cops.

This is really a great video to show how cop hiring standards are so low that little kids can scare them to pulling their gun.

Looking for a shortcut, program, easy way to make links for about a thousand PDF files that I want to share. Any help would be greatly appreciated it.


This shooting should be the rally call for Govt Lies about Gun control. Govt had ALL THE RED FLAGS THEY NEEDED and they refused to protect or prosecute. This shooter violated 50 different gun laws and still had a gun. Crooks don't care about laws, which is why GUN LAWS ON GOOD PEOPLE DO NOT STOP BAD PEOPLE.

This is a cop in his white zone and way too comfortable and at ease. IMO

This ends the same way for every sovereign citizen stop I have ever seen.

Just a little news without the liberal left spin and lies.

Remember what govt does when the public is armed and try and think what they will do when they are not.

Cop ends up killing suspect but had he been more aware he may not have had to shoot him.

This seems like a pretty good training channel, I have only watch part of two videos, but his concepts and tactics seem pretty sound to me. Just sharing my take and my opinion on what he is teaching.

Knives kill more than guns but why is it that Govt wants FREE PEOPLE not to have Guns?

It will be interesting how this is pushed and blamed on Trump and the Russians. I just heard NO VIDEO, how convenient.


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