Texas as lots of good weather conditions and being in Tornado Alley I get some good cloud activity. For my Storm Chasers that follow, they may see more than me.

This is another case of a person committing a VIOLENT crime, running from cops and failing to follow commands of the cops, resulting in them getting killed and then the community cries foul.

The walking dead TEAM are all about surviving. If you did not see the series this scene may not make sense. If you saw it, you know the implications. This mindset is a good reminder for those that get comfortable and weak.

This is a crazy story. The cops arrested her and she claiming she was scared. Even thou she did not live with him and they in the process of getting divorced?

This is a little over the top for me. This was a LivePD show and I can't find INFO on if this guy died and what he was charged for.

Community says this was too much force, I say it was not. You be the judge.

It think this is clearly justified.

Buck was doing a trigger job on a AR Pistol and it looked pretty nice so I thought I would do a video.

Explaining and giving my take on the District Attorney press release about the Grand Jury Findings. HERE IS LINK TO FULL DA RELEASE OF VIDEO:

Chief said they have Video from costco so it will be out soon.

Just trying to show some facts about the case since there is so much fake news about this case.

People are calling for the Fish Police to help the Gator.
** No Gator Was hurt in this video **

These cops lived but not because they were good, ONE guy did pretty good.

Hot water on passengers when it hit air truculence

This is part one since this was only video I had. I later found a better version and my opinion change in part two. HERE IS LINK TO PART TWO:

This is part two since I did part one with less information and not detailed video.


This does not seem like a dehydration issue to me?

The facts in this case are rare. Lots of people and media putting out lots of opinions but no real witness or video footage yet.

If you are so scared to be identified maybe you should not be a cop.

This is such One Sided lie from the media, so much more that we don't know than we know and the left wing media is just pushing this lie agenda. Male was driving on suspended license, both adults threw stolen items out of car after police showed up.

Not sure why Border Patrol is detaining cars but NOT the drivers?

This is a little long but I really go into the officers mindset, the suspect's mindset and why the DA did NOT file charges and ruled this shooting JUSTIFIED.

Stephon Clark was shot by Sacramento Police.

Here is link to complete review and evaluation:


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