More information about how the Feds and State Governments failed to prevent this shootings.


This is YOUR GOV STANDARDS IN WORK- In the name of being PC you lower or have no standards in GOV and then GOV will Tell you, GIVE UP YOUR GUNS YOU DON'T NEED THEM.. SMH

Illinois State Police Division of Criminal Investigation Zone 7 has released a video of the officer-involved shooting incident that occurred at the Jefferson County Court in Mt. Vernon on Tuesday.

Preliminary information indicates a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office correctional officer was transporting 55-year-old Fredrick Goss to the courtroom for a jury trial. While in the sally port, Goss was unhandcuffed by the correctional officer as Goss was not to appear before the jury in restraints.

After the handcuffs were removed, Goss was transferred from the transport vehicle into a wheelchair. While in the wheelchair, Goss grabbed the correctional officer’s sidearm and after a struggle, disarmed the correctional officer. During the continued struggle for the firearm, a round was discharged.

A Jefferson County Sherriff’s Deputy assigned to courthouse security observed the incident on the sally port surveillance camera and went to the sally port to aid the Correctional Officer. The Deputy discharged his firearm striking Goss. Goss was transported to an area hospital and eventually transferred to a St. Louis area hospital for treatment of his injuries.

In accordance with the ISP Division of Criminal Investigation’s commitment to integrity and transparency, video of the event is being made available to the public.

This video can be accessed through the following link:

Members of Goss’ family have been afforded the opportunity to view the video prior to this release. This remains an ongoing investigation conducted by ISP DCI Zone 7 and is under review by the Jefferson County State’s Attorney Office (JCSA).

Talk about driving with heavy loads, 1/2 cord of wood and how it affected the trucks ability to move and steer. Also pass a car fire on the hwy and got it on video at end.

Happy 4th of July 2022 - links...
Complete History Of The Second Amendment


I was handcuffed, detained, and put in the back of a cop for 10 minutes until they decided I was free to go. Tried to use a lot of scare tactics. I WILL BE MAKING MORE VIDEOS
To redress your grievances:

Arresting Officer - S. Holland

Supervisor - Sgt. Stuart or Stewart

Mendota Police Department

Thomas L. Smith, Police Chief
607 Eighth Avenue
Mendota, IL 61342
(815) 539-9331
[email protected]

If you're riding a Hayabusa, and you still can't get away from the police, something is wrong. The Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa is a monster of a sport bike. Manufactured by Suzuki since 1999, the Hayabusa immediately won acclaim as the world's fastest production motorcycle, with a top speed ranging from 188 to 194 mph.

Speaking personally for a moment, I have had the awesome - and mildly scary - experience of piloting a 1999 Hayabusa a handful of times.* While there is a lot more to the bike than speed, Hayabusa is synonymous with fast.

Very fast.

On June 18, 2019, Arkansas State Police Trooper Mitchell Grant was traveling southbound on U.S. Hwy 65, south of Pickens, working moving radar, when he observed what appeared to be a white motorcycle traveling northbound, toward him, at a high rate of speed. Grant's radar indicated 122 mph. It was a 65 mph zone.

Trooper Grant entered a median turn-around just before the motorcycle passed him. He observed the rider to be a white male, riding a white sport bike. The rest was a blur. The driver was later identified as [someone whose name I don't intend to publish, for the reason described below].

As the rider passed, Grant turned around and accelerated rapidly, in an attempt to catch the rider and initiate a traffic stop. As Grant accelerated, it was clear that the rider was not slowing down. Instead, he continued northbound, passing vehicles and pulling away from the State Police Dodge Charger. Grant initiated his lights and siren, and advised Sergeant Jeff Preston that he was attempting to stop a motorcycle.

It was on.

"We were northbound traveling toward Dumas. After driving several miles, at a speed of 150 mph, I was slowly catching up with [the rider]. At one point, just south of Dumas, [the rider] was blocked by two 18-wheeler trucks. I was able to get close to [the rider] before he drove onto the left shoulder, and accelerated past the semis. I maintained [the rider] in sight, as we entered Dumas. [The rider] wa..

Trusting Gov always works out so well...

Cops still need to read Miranda if a person is in Custody & Being Questioned about things against their penal interest.

Some of the headlines I am have been meaning to cover.

Good education video about the meaning of the Second.

#HistoryOfSecondAmendment #ConstitutionalGunRights #goodluckamerica

Dad goes after guy that took his kid.
Read the full story:

On Thursday, Desean Brown, accused of murdering 29-year-old Nyteisha Lattimore and putting her son, Nylo, into the Ohio River still alive, was punched by the boy's father during a procedural hearing.

supreme court, ny ruling, wade ruling crying Liberal tears

Not only did the COWARDS NOT go in & Save Children, They UNLAWFULLY DISARMED another officer what tried to go in and in doing so they COMMITTED A FELONY AND SHOULD BE CHARGED.


#GoodJobOfficerRuiz #goodluckamerica #uvaldeshooting

Part 3 of 3 - this should explain why it is importing to protect our Constitution.

Link to video:

Part 2 of 3 - this should explain why it is importing to protect our Constitution.

Link to video:

Part 1 of 3 - this should explain why it is importing to protect our Constitution.

Link to video:


You don't need Gas to start a fire.
#OnlyYouCanPreventForestFires #BigRedTruckPeople #goodluckamerica

Good job for the worker in this one.

This is a FREE training video For Gov & Police so Politicians Don't have to pass more laws on training. A reported that actually saw the school video describes what he saw.
Still Lots of UnAnswered questions:
Still Unanswered Questions of Uvalde School Shooting Event

Where and how did he get a Pistol?
What did he shoot Grandmother with?
Where is body cam footage?
Where is 911 call audio?
Where is School Video footage?
How did he buy the SECOND AR15?
Why no master key and why didn't cops have keys?
Why did the survivor Kid hear loud "Death" Music but cops or teachers did not hear?
Why no pictures of Classroom so we can see WINDOWS?
According to the Kid Shooter shot through the Door window, Why didn't the cops?
At first they said the room door was barricaded and they need tools, later A Key let them in?
Why NO cops attacked hinges, door locks or windows?
Why does a guy planning to shoot up school buy $2000 AR when he could get one for $600
Why did he buy TWO AR's and a Pistol?
Where did he get his shooting experience from having just bought new guns?
Where is the FBI report from the shooter being arrested earlier for wanting to shoot up school?
What did the 19 cops do for over an hour while they were in the hallway?
Were the only kids shot and killed in rooms 111 and 112?
Were there dead bodies in the hallway?
What is toxicology report results
Why are no crime scene photos even blurred?
The school was locked down over 50 times in a few months because of open border issues
How many kids would have survived treatable wounds if the Gov did not wait?
How did an 18 year old kid with no training and one Rifle Hold back 19 Cops with training, had over 25 guns, bullet proof vest and shields for OVER AN HOUR?

#goodluckamerica #CowardsCops #LockedDoorTrainingForPolice

Out elected officials are all idiots, this was hard to watch.

Out elected officials are all idiots, this was hard to watch.

Out elected officials are all idiots, this was hard to watch.


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