This Lonely Life

Read your food labels. Don't buy poison.

P.s. this took like an hour to ipload and I'm STILL itchy!

Good thing I had firewood ready!

The videos online don't add up. Think before jumping to conclusions and burning your city down.

The newborn didn't survive and I gave Mickey to a family with kids.


Just 2 minutes of cats being calm

I didn't make it past breakfast

Didn't think they could get preggo like 1 week after giving birth, but here we are.

Mass production should have created durable products that have easily replaced parts. Instead we have cheap shit that falls apart after just a few uses.

I've been helping with the local food supply, but the need has passed.

Mickey "hunted" this glove out in the garden and brought it inside.

I am running low on chicken feed so it is time to cull the flock. I forgot to mention you have to hold the bird upside-down for a few minutes so the head rush makes it calm before the chopping.

p.s. Happy May Day!

The large and lonely landscape.

They like me because my jokes are so corny.


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Hi! My name is Evie. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I have been living alone with no neighbors for a few years now. Life is pretty good, joyous even, but it's a shame that there is nobody to share it with me. So I am posting those things that I enjoy, find interesting, and generally just want to share with someone.