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"Castle and Crooks" is the follow up to "Fuck the Fraud" which went viral thanks to Max Igan, David Icke and a bunch of re-uploaders, especially at BitChute and Odysee. Enjoy the preview, you can get the song at our website:
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Basics of the PCR technique as it applies to covid, featuring insights from the late Kary Mullis.

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From the horse's mouth; WHO, NIH, CDC and Surgeon General weigh in on viral transmission, masks, diagnosis, death counts and vaccines.

Because only conspiracy theorists distrust the experts.

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Written and performed by FireHead
Produced and mixed by Pete Swann at Attitude Productions
This is the first release from FireHead, and the album is in progress. Each track will be released individually on completion.
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Canadian lawyer of COMER fame ( Rocco Galati, sues the Canadian government for unconstitutional and unscientific Covid measures, and sues the CBC for censorship and bias, as well as provincial suits. Original video was uploaded to YouTube July 9, 2020 by Le Stu-Dio.
More info about the law suits here:

The worst of the Covid disinformation peddlers revealed! You don't need to watch part 1, all the info is here.

Written and performed by Russ Robson
Recorded and produced by Pete Swann @ Attitude Prodcutions

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Russ Robson
Electric Guitars, Bass, Drums: Pete Swann
Backing Vocals: Jennifer Harvey, Pete Swann

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A look at the corporations who own the most stock in mainstream media outlets, as well as social media platforms.

Also watch Part 1
SCRIPT - Top Ten Staged Media Events
Uploaded in 2014, 1.9 million views and heavily censored:

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Who's right, the CDC or the CDC?

The Math

CDC says:
- Death rate for confirmed cases is 0.04%.
- 35% of all cases are unconfirmed AND asymptomatic (no deaths).

Given these 2 data points:
- Confirmed cases comprise 65% of all cases, with the other 35% being unconfirmed.
- Deaths occur in 0.04% of confirmed cases, not all cases, meaning deaths occur in 0.04% of 65%, which is 0.26%.

Or if you like, "Gates' Keepers Failing".
Come for the comments, stay for the progressive funk porn track.
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Track: "50 DB"
Drums: Mike Thorne
Bass: TJ Armstrong
Keys: Pete Swann

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Something different. Seemed like a good time to make a video for this old track.
Song & video produced by Pete Swann @ Attitude Productions
Vocals by D

An analysis of the CDC's diagnostic guides for doctors and coroners in the US and Europe.

A look at hospitals, clinics and testing centers all over the world during this pandemic - empty.

Just the Facts.

Biden 2020?

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Compilation: Drone shots of the recent fires in California, particularly Paradise County. To serve as a record of the anomaly wherein trees immediately adjacent to flattened houses, have remained upright, un-burned and replete with intact, green foliage.

A primer on the global fiat currency scam.

What can you do about it?

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to support the production of more "red pill"videos like this.

2. Contact your rep to explain why interest-free money makes a lot more sense than interest-bearing currency.

3. Protect yourself by investing in assets that are not tied to fiat dollars, IE gold, silver and cryptocurrencies.

0:00 Intro - The world is $233 trillion in debt.
0:52 #1 The world uses FIAT (unbacked) currency.
1:31 #2 The world went FIAT in 1971 and debt has risen since.
2:43 #3 The global debt is IMPOSSIBLE to pay off.
3:16 #4 All FIAT currencies in history have FAILED.
3:49 #5 Inflation is an INVISIBLE TAX we pay to private central banks.
4:32 #6 FIAT currency = low Interest = low savings.
5:02 #7 Private central BANKS CONTROL GOVERNMENTS.
6:56 Summary

Thanks for watching!

YouTube link, 2 million views:

10 - 0:53 - The Parking Lot Report
9 - 1:26 - The FEMA Script
8 - 2:19 - Gulf War Script Part 1 - Charles Jaco
7 - 5:06 - Gulf War Script Part 2 - Incubator Babies
6 - 7:34 - Iraq War Script Exposed
5 - 9:57 - Iraq Script Goes Global
4 - 11:15 - Ignore Ron Paul Script
3 - 16:06 - Building 7 Script
2 - 17:36 - The Bin Laden Script
1 - 23:25 - The Bahrain Script

Recommended: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook
The above link was CENSORED, please see this link: PROOF! Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack These two events above were not covered in this video due to time restrictions - each would require its own video to do it justice. The scope of this video is a "primer" on the controlled mass media.


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