We return once more to traverse the dungeon levels 4 to 8 and clear what quests we find along the way. Discord

As we begin again to chase the elusive MIDAS but this time on the side of the DHZ...sorta. Discord

After installing the first personality we explore the crater in search of the others. Discord

Adell and his team lend a hand to the newest member Etna in punishing her former minions. Discord

We finish up the Dancer boss fight and make our way into the castle. Discord

Direnni Tower to my knowledge this place has no quests that point to it before the quest chain found inside absolutely silly design. Discord

We reach Vellweb and have a bit of a look around. Discord

Now in act 6 we begin by doing quests in the first 4 levels. Discord

We begin the Alisa story with this video and for this run i'll be reading the text. Discord

We make a quick stop back in the Mojave for some upgrades and drop off a few things before we begin Old World Blues. Discord

Looks like chapter 9 was easier then expected. Discord

For this video we take on Aldritch Devourer of Gods. Discord

For this video we take our time searching a blades castle for a cursed icon. Discord

Dart and friends face off against Lloyd after the fight we find out Emperor Diaz is making trouble so we continue going west into the snow and find an old fort with a side boss to fight. Discord

For this video we fight Baal and after a bit of skill point shifting we finally win and learn what the mysterious act 6 is all about. Discord

For a game so heavily centered around a multinational conspiracy to build super soldiers this is a very silly ending. Discord

I will start Alisa's story next time.

With this video i finish up the Honest Hearts DLC of Fallout New vegas.
At a certain point you have to turn and face thous who pursue you. Discord

We begin chapter 9 and it is made clear i will need to grind a bit to guarantee some progress forward. Discord

Before continuing on we step back and clear up a few mini bosses and then head on up to Anor Londo. Discord

While waiting for the next story mission to show up we craft a new translation spell and get it a test run in a random dungeon while grabbing a little loot on the side. Discord

After Dart and friends find out the queen is kidnapped they head off to Kashua Glacier. Discord

We start out heading to the halls of pain and finish up by besting the ancients and collecting the world stone 2 way point.
things seem to have sped up a little i expect next time i will finish with baal and then we might find out what that act 6 thing is about. Discord

As a part of Ocean city is sunk Kazuki and crew finally face off against Lukav properly Discord

We explore some caves and deal with some bears for this video. Discord

We escape the Colosseum and finish up chapter 8. Discord


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