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these missions have gotten so long and it does not help when the teams i use don't have any of the skills needed to really make things fly.
And no you asshole tank dragging me to the end of the level sadly will not make things go any faster.
yup part 2 of the asshole tank battle.
After this is done i hope we never see his useless ass again. Discord

from level 10 to level 20 in Shattered realm before advancing further in the story. Discord

We finish up one fight only to be dumped into the next where the idea of hard is defined by how many knives 1 NPC driven tank can drive into your back.

if you thought escort missions in other games where bad this one sets it's own standard for NPCs you want to kill but must be kept alive. Discord

For this video we do a little SR read a few notes and do some more quests.

Unless their is objections i will do the Shatter realm levels like this to save time Discord

In this video we continue the fight to sneak into Caracas. Discord

We finish up FF7 by doing something a little silly.

First half of this video we spent in The Shattered Realm. Discord

After dealing with villain stereotype number 1 on the EC side we go back to the south american team to deal with Diaz and the problems on that end. Discord

For this video we take on the 2 remaining weapon beasts Emerald and Ruby with Ruby being a tough nut to crack and me choosing not to use the most efficient method his battle lasts a bit longer. Discord

We advance a little further in the map and story while also exploring some side areas that will have useful items for later. Discord

In this video we begin the fight to capture the zaftran resource base. Discord

for this video you get to see me start to torment myself with minigames before i try and see if the gp exchange guy is real in this version. Discord

what is that sarlac pit doing here this isn't star wars? Discord

For this video we complete the climb up the snowy mountain. Discord

For this video we take the time to fill out our 4 enemy skill materia. Discord

Going deeper into this desert that is totally not the desert of Lut Gholein we continue on questing. Discord

With The Admiral's carrier defended we now seek physical evidence to broker a peace. Discord

Into the northern crater we go to collect the treasures held within. Discord

We are now in the forgotten gods expansion content.
For this video i wander into the shattered realm (a series of random maps with monsters to clear for rewards) i did not know what it was but thought it was another quest to do i looked into after the video.

I will still read notes when they show up but otherwise keep commentary limited maybe some of you will enjoy that anyway have a good day everyone. Discord

For this video we finish up with the Zaftran base and the UCS fleet falls under attack. Discord

For now my upload pattern will be a different then before i want to try and finish these 3 games i got going what happens after that we will have to see.

Due to my ignorance of how the Ruby weapon fight works i make some false statements. Discord

Deep into the heart of the flesh factories of malmouth we go. Discord

Down the elevator shaft we go into one of the longest battles yet.
These long battles are not so bad (being able to save mid fight helps) makes me wonder about another mech game i think is called ring of red? not sure if that is the right name but if what i hear is right it has long battles so who knows if real life permits it might be one i play.
Pardon my rambling enjoy the video. Discord

For this video we hunt down Ultima weapon (that flying lizard mech) and unlock the ancient forest. Discord

We finally find that last wagon and get some more side quests done and open the gate to crown hill. Discord


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