After pissing off the Raven rock locals we wander off to finish up a quest started long ago

In this video we go after the 2nd crystal maiden trapped in the water dungeon

We finally find Asmodeus in the demon world and cure Roak

after finishing the raid on an Enclave base we get sent after a tesla coil in Old Olney

As Jeiro waits for his slave status fall away he engages in some Toughness training

So maybe the strange breakage i encountered on this video was on my end as i had someone test the video for me and it works but it is glitching for me again so i am not sure what is going on

We do some shopping in this undersea trade hub and then go on to rescue some of Ox's friends

In this video we do some more of the side quest stuff before the end game run

It got a bit dark in this video i tried to compensate for that so i hope you all are able to see more then i did while playing

We begin Chapter 10 with Gordon hard at work for his new master

After soul ripping some bandits we return a pale blade and find our next destination is a return to Solstheim

Master swords and Magic hammers without much magic

I muddle my way though the rest of the sealab

We advance the story a bit do a little bit of Arena (actually a lot just most of it cut out) and do some more story

The life and times of Liberty Prime

After spending a few days in The Hub jail Jeiro manages to stir up just enough chaos to escape and heads further south to Squin

Some deep sea exploration for this video
regular tradesmen must spend a small fortune on marbles just to get around if this is any example

After this bit of story i cut out a bunch of random encounters so i could get to the next side quest in a reasonable time frame

Had some issues of low game sound hopefully it is a bit better in this video
After some political shenanigans in the dark assembly we finally face Captain Gordon

we finish up collecting the plans for all the crossbow upgrades and ammo types

In this video we break into a sealab

From a new pair of flippers to the Pendent of Wisdom we continue our adventure in Hyrule

Ahh Raven Rock so much loot that must be left behind

maybe the encounter rate in this place is really high or the avoid enemies setting in scouting does not work here

We collect the Light Key and have to do a bit of back tracking because of how rare charms are to buy

Jeiro heads south only to be greeted less then warmly


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