Wild Card Pool

Yellow Dragons in the Tower

Wild Card Pool
Hobb Cave Rescue

Zeza's Fleet

Wild Card Pool

Another World Another Dragon

Skyrim Sunday
The Ebony Blade

Saturday Skyrim
Smithing and Alchemy

Wild Card Pool

A Golem and some Dragon Grass

Wild Card Pool

Valley of the Dragons

Wild Card Pool

King Galuf and Kelga the Wearwolf

Wild Card Pool


Wild Card Pool
Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July

Exploring the wilderness

Skyrim Sunday

Skyrim Saturday
Shimmermist Falmer

Fist Fighters gang and Blue Mushrooms

Escape over the big bridge
Some of the best FF5 music in the game
Returning to the old headset it sounds better to me.

Wild Card Pool
Facing Dark Fact

Interplanetary teleporter?

Wild Card Pool


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Some kind of Social media site that i just happen to have a page on
My Discord channel.

I share videos of games i play

Primary game
Monday to Friday 12:00 Noon PST
Final Fantasy 5

Secondary Game
Saturday & Sunday 12:00 Noon PST
Skyrim Special Edition [Modded]

Wild Card Pool
Monday to Friday 10:00 PM PST

Sword of the Stars

Fable The lost Chapters

Diablo2 Lord of Destruction [Modded]
Quew-Necromancer (Normal)
Jeiro-Barbarian (Nightmare)

Ys1&2 Collection

Civilization 4 plus mods
Final Frontier

Online Games
Aura Kingdom

More will be listed as i upload them so stay tuned
Enjoy the videos