Mod in use Nezeramontias

I finally find what i am looking for...Quests unrealated

Chapter 2 Begins

Class: Monk
I do two levels and get to a bit of rambling

After progressing the Fighters guild quest a bit a return to the arena

Story missions are always the longest

Labyrinthian part the first.
Tanking is not an option.

Exploring the old capital Museums

Boosters Wedding

Mod in use Nezeramontias

Still exploring in search of the target subway edition.

Class: Monk

Map: Earth
Nation: France
Difficulty: Emperor

More Fighter's Guild

Delita XCOMs Argoth... twice.

End of Chapter 1

Mod in use Nezeramontias

Number 4 i know you have heard this one before.
Never get high on your own supply.

A bit more back tracking before returning to new lands.

Money money money...Moooney!

Hmmmm no way marker?
Time to do some exploring

The girl is cute it is just to bad her voice is so annoying.

Class: Monk

Going back for a little treasure hunting.
And finding out how much of a map this game does not have.

Alarm Clocks they work... but only if you turn them on.

Happy new year everyone decided to start a new game for 2020


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