Shelton Trail
Highland, Ca


Backpacking Gear Haul 2019!

My Second, and not so awesome channel:

Due to natural selection a money tree spontaneously sprang from the ground and provided me billions of dollars just so I could make another boring video for you.

This new Beverly Hills style mansion is my home away from home. It needs a little TLC before we go "chasing waterfalls."

Speaking of waterfalls, try out your new waterproofing by peeing on your tent. If it ricochets and splashes back onto you congratulations you did it right. If not, well enjoy sleeping in your urine soaked tent and sleeping bag and you better hope it isn't moose mating season.

Why Can't I Do Anything Right?

Or left....

Don't Watch This...Just Don't

I tried to warn u

We were part of a murder investigation...
Indio, CA

Bloody Flowers Bring Guard Towers.

What's In My Daypack?

Normally I would put a joke here but I wanted to take the time to clarify something that I didnt mention in the video.

This is the typical contents of my daypack in the summertime "on trail" in Southern California. What I carry may change depending on the season, weather, if I am exploring off trail and other factors. This also does not include camera stuff or what I generally carry (edc) in my pockets.

If you want an edc video I can probably make one but won't be that exciting either lol

These Smiles Are So Fake....
Ventura, Ca

Every word is a name.

Brown Starfish says helloooooo!

Scottsdale, The City of Immense Heat...
Scottsdale, AZ

In the history of man, was there any point when someone said, "You know building this city in the desert where no water is a bad idea?"

Mike Likes To Hike



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Julian 2 From Boring To Comatown
Julian, Ca

Tidal waves are caused by hundreds of scuba divers synchronized dancing underwater.

btw here is the website where I found the Dyer House Ruins I mentioned in the video. Lots of cool places on this site.


Colson Canyon Campground Is A S**thole!
Santa Maria, Ca

Rubbing camel dung on your face and in your eyes, nose, and throat is the secret to healthy looking skin.

Julian is Boring
Julian, CA

I chopped down a forest once with just my bare hands.

Oak Glen 2 The Hike of the Century
Oak Glen, Ca

Look once more at the awesome thumbnail. LOOK AT IT!!!!!!

Discovering the Discovery Center doesn't take Discover Card
Big Bear, Ca

You can use a chisel as a makeshift tooth brush in an emergency.

Mosquito bite welts can be easily removed with a cheese grater.

Hikers This Needs To Stop!
Oak Glen Preserve in Oak Glen, Ca

Playing Pattycake can get you killed. It's a sign of weakness that will send even the nicest rabbit into a murderous rage.

Scariest thing ever! (Almost had a heart attack)


Metate Trail Revisited
Lake Arrowhead, Ca

Wilderness Fact: A great way to exfoliate the skin is to hold a giant metal pole on top of a mountain during a thunderstorm.

Have you ever been to Pioneertown?
Pioneertown, CA

There is no description for this video. If you would like to see a description for this video, please start a petition and once you reach 10,000 names I will consider it.

Hollywood, Ca

When the time comes you just have to be a man and sucker punch children.

Had lunch with Randy Santel...sorta

Life advice:
Old faithful should not be used as a bidet.

The Big "R"

When's the last time you watched something in black and white?

It wasnt the most exciting day...
Redlands, Ca

Locusts had taken over. They were crawling all over me pooping on my face, eating my clothes, and dancing in Congo lines. Somehow I slept through it. When I saw the security camera footage I was sad I missed out on such a good time.


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