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I'm sure this is no surprise to many people, but it does shed some additional light on why Trump blurts things out the way he does.

And as the analyst says, 'It's only going to get worse with time'. You may have even noticed this yourself. I know I have.

That's right folks. The official narrative about what occurred on September 11th 2001, is riddled with blatant lies and fabrications.
And 'Architects and Engineers For 9-11 Truth' is the most visible organized group of concerned individuals asking for a new investigation.
In this video clip, they graphically expose some of the key flaws in the Government's phony story.

It's always best to get it from the horse's ass, 'er mouth. And here it is in all it's glory.
Thanks Jimmy, for a great delivery here.

Oh, the hypocrisy! Trump's most blatant collusion has been and still is with Israel, and the results from this collusion have been, and will be, far more serious than his trying to shake down the president of Ukraine for political purposes.
We know, without a doubt, that the Republicrats aren't going to investigate this collusion, but how come the Demubplicans haven't. Oh, that's right, the Rothschild's and their Zionist lackeys, own the Congress and the Oval Office.
So this whole impeachment charade is just one more in a long string of distractions, perpetrated, so that the citizens of 'The Land Of The Free' continue to avoid the Israeli elephant in the room.

In this video clip Dr. Robert Morse explains proper food combining.

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Yes sir......Those California fires were almost as strange as those 3 New York skyscrapers that were turned to dust, allegedly due to jet fuel. Which is to say that neither of these events were as they were described by the authorities.
Careful observation of both of these events strongly suggests that a powerful destructive technology was utilized to create the unique results that occurred.
That technology was Directed Energy Weapons.
If you're not familiar with this technology, then I recommend that you do some research and you'll begin to understand the answer to what you see and the questions asked in this video, as well as what happened in New York.

This video clip shows the spraying equipment inside of jet airliner and military jets, along with a cameo by the Commander-In-Chief.

Some call it the 'Beast System' or 'The Mark Of The Beast'.
Whatever it's called, this is the plan of the psychopathic monsters that are rapidly taking total control of the Earth.
Every human will be given a unique digital identity, monitored 24x7, by artificial intelligence.

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In this video clip Dr. Robert Morse discusses the role of viruses in the body, with an emphasis on HIV and Aids.

In this video clip Dr. Robert Morse discusses a popular food that is unfit for human consumption.....milk and dairy products.

Nothing beats the sumptuous flavor of the annual celebratory ingestion of ass bread.
It's what's for dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!
Bottoms Up!

In this video clip Dr. Robert Morse discusses vaccines and their health destroying effects on children.

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'Vaccines & Q&A 324 (See Details)'

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That's right.....It's Flat. And this pilot states it without hesitation.
We've all been taken in by this insidious globe lie, so don't feel like you're alone.
Just take the advice of the pilot and accept it, and then uncover the rest of the lies that depend on this greater lie.
Start by taking a look at some other videos:
The Earth Is Not Spinning - https://www.bitchute.com/video/uHlP7Nd3X9GK/
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An Overview Of Evidence For A Flat Earth - https://www.bitchute.com/video/WeNVwsJNVIIK/

Comments are turned off due the relentless defecation by trolls and shills.

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s researched Flat Earth proofs, that there are legions of trolls and shills who scour the internet to defecate on comment sections with all manner of twisted tactics, in order to prevent gullible individuals from sifting the truth from the lies about what the Earth actually is.

For this reason, those who aren’t gullible, will normally avoid comments and continue researching.

It’s also important to be aware that there are many supposed Flat Earth sites and channels that exist to flood the internet with some actual proofs mixed with lies, as well as sites dedicated to re-enforcing the globe myth. Again, only the gullible will fall for these shills. The most notorious of these sites is The Flat Earth Society.

Almost everyone who knows the Earth is flat and not a globe, tried to prove that the Earth wasn’t flat and realized that there actually isn’t any proof the the Earth is a globe.

So….avoid the sewage in comment sections and keep researching……..

That a nuclear EMP (electromagnetic pulse) is possible, is just one more lie, based on fake science, and used to generate fear and control in the gullible citizens of 'The Land of the Free'.
Since nuclear bombs do not exist, the idea that a nuclear bomb could generate an EMP, is pure crap.
For more info on the fake nuclear bomb hoax, take a look at these videos:
Atomic Bomb Footage Is Fake - https://www.bitchute.com/video/Zv9xl5Ho98PX/
Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist - https://www.bitchute.com/video/EsoaLjXm6zxD/
Critical Mass Nuclear Explosions Don't Exist - https://www.bitchute.com/video/GEnYBxj5DqDx/

The Earth is not over-populated.
And the current world population is nowhere near 7 billion.
The over-population hoax was created by the oligarchic psychopaths who are disturbed that their fox hunting grounds are infringed upon by the unwashed.

That's right.....all those pills and potions don't create health and may even create more disease.
And that's primarily because they don't address the cause of illness.

Common sense and a few death statistics will quickly lead to the conclusion that giving yourself chemotherapy is the wrong choice if your plan is to get well.
Nobody says it better than Dr. Robert Morse.
If your goal is to get well and/or stay well, also take a look at the video below. It's the most important 50 minutes you'll ever spend:

Just in case you're not sure yet.....here's another proof that the Earth is not a Globe.
And no, ships don't go over 'the curve' either.
Because the Earth is Flat.

Yes...you read that right.
This is just one more example of theoretical fake science at its worst.
This hoax was concocted as a key piece of the evolution hoax, which is also based on theoretical fake science.
Heh.....It's been good entertainment for the kids though...right?

In this video clip Dr. Robert Morse discusses a serious acidosis condition of cells in the breast, referred to by the medical establishment as breast cancer.

In this video clip Dr. Robert Morse discusses balding and the clear signal that it gives of a high level of acidosis in the body.

In this video Dr. Robert Morse discusses the lymphatic system, which is fundamental to attaining and maintaining health.
Knowledge about this system is critical to have if you want to get well, stay well, and achieve optimal health.
Take the time to watch this and you will be capable of achieving any health goals you desire, and you will be able to help others to regain and maintain their health.
This knowledge will free you from the medical industry and its fake disease based symptom relief.
Here's to your health!!!

Nobody went to the moon. Period.
This is a basic conclusion for anyone that's investigated the lies that NASA has generated and continues to generate.
There are so many red flags surrounding the fake Apollo moon missions that anyone who takes time to investigate this will know without a doubt that it's pure 'science' fiction.
The NASA shills have gotten much more proficient at creating CGI simulations since 1969.
Your tax dollars at work.....to fool the gullible, and at work, surrounding the entire population with a 'state of the art' surveillance grid.
When they investigated the alleged moon landings, many of the folks interested in uncovering the truth, were shockingly introduced to the rampant use of fake science by government agencies and their legions of operatives.
For many, this realization opened their minds to the extent that the matrix had been woven around the citizens of the Land of the 'Free'.
Up to this point, for most Americans, science and scientists had been held in high esteem as participants in the search for truth.
The fake moon mission led to the question, "If they're lying about the science here, where else are they lying about it?"
So there was a lot less surprise when the investigation of the 9-11 attacks revealed more fake science.
And the beat goes on........

In this video clip Dr. Robert Morse discusses allopathic medicine.
If you're interested in health, then stay as far away from medical doctors as you can.
They are not trained to assist people in regaining or maintaining health, they are trained to suppress symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

This video clip exposes the health destroying effects of 5G cell technology.

The perpetrators of this scheme have done everything they can to hide the extensive research showing the damage that the activation of 5G will have on the human body. They've also pushed through federal laws that are crafted to prevent U.S. cities from stopping the roll-out of this insidious technology.

There is growing resistance to this by a number of cities, but the only way this will be stopped is if there is a massive outcry from citizens.

Swiss citizens have demanded that the roll-out in their country be stopped until the safety of this technology is verified scientifically. Only fake research will show it as safe. There is even a country wide push to have a vote by the citizens of Switzerland on whether 5G should be used at all.

It's critical that the U.S. population stops the installation here or the consequences will be devastating to the health and freedom of the citizens of this country.


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