Chose screenshot cuz pretty much me coming out of Solitary/Isolation/Observation, but also me coming out of my Hermit cave of a home to engage with society again..

"Pull Me Under"

Lost in the sky
Clouds roll by
And I roll with them
Arrows fly
Seas increase
And then fall again

This world is spinning around me
This world is spinning without me
Every day sends future to past
Every breath leaves me one less
To my last

Watch the sparrow falling
Gives new meaning to it all
If not today nor yet tomorrow
Then some other day

I'll take seven lives for one
And then my only father's son
As sure as I did ever love him
I am not afraid

This world is spinning around me
The whole world keeps
Spinning around me
All life is future to past
Every breath leaves me one less
To my last

Pull me under
Pull me under
Pull me under I'm not afraid
All that I feel is honor and spite
All I can do is set it right

Dust fills my eyes
Clouds roll by
And I roll with them
Centuries cry
Orders fly
And I fall again

This world is spinning inside me
The whole world is
Spinning inside of me
Every day sends future to past
Every step brings me closer
To my last

Pull me under
Pull me under
Pull me under I'm not afraid
Living my life too much in
The sun
Only until your will is done!!

I realize the error of the date, i'm actually faithfully reproducing the error of the site i got this from, was Amazed by it so trying to show you something by including it, Pobody's Nerfect (i'm sure i can't walk on water..) and we can intuit what they meant from context, but always trying to hit as many birds with one stone as i can, and learn/teach as much as i can, and that's all any of us can really do, just do our best with the limited gifts available to us, and that is somehow, with the Grace of the Grand Designer and the Angels help, sufficient. Also, i used lower-cased "i" for israel on purpose, to help remind them of humility, as i use it to remind myself of humility. And though i will chastize bad whereever i see it, and may be too harsh, may the Jews know that i LOVE them and ISRAEL so much, and i stand or fall with them, will give my life to protect them, like any good soldier/father/brother/son would. Also LOVE Bibi, the TWIN brother, of our GREAT leader/ALLfather TRUMP, because BiBi has MORE than proved himself the FITTEST to lead by showing the IMMENSE COURAGE, LOVE, TRUE DEVOTION by standing up to the U.S. President at the height of his popularity and at GREAT personal risk to himself, always the good soldier and WISE KING, so support him please, and remember the Rally Cry, and always Further Up and Further In! May this Marriage of the Divine binding Feminine Israel Judaism and Divine bold striving Masculine Christian U.S.A. stand FOREVER!!!

Oh, and almost forgot the main reason i posted this, which is to say THREE CHEERS for the IDF, the most incredibly self-sacrificing, wise and good military i've ever seen, and cheers to Sturm/Ruger as well, one of my personal favorites (Keep up the GREAT work; loving the take-down, the incredible durability, reliability, ingenuity, innovation, accuracy and precision, such excellence at an incredible price.

p.s. Lols, i know i got the dates totally screwed up; so hard to keep track of which day, month, year it is when you're so focused, and also have SERIOUS sleep problems. Lols. Still, going to leave this up, not going to edit out what is an embarrassing mistake in order to 'hide' it. I ilke to keep my mistakes in front of me as a reminder to never hide my mistakes, but to learn from them, and in wearing my mistakes out in the open it gives others a chance to learn from them.. of course, it just makes it all the easier for those who engage in the logical fallacy of the appeal to authority/'expert', but they were likely to dismiss what i say entirely anyway, so no big loss.

I/We/You can truly help. Everyone has something to offer, some unique perspective or valid insight or talent. Look around for ways to help; you will love it! You will SEE! Live long and prosper, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!

You can TELL, if you are looking with the right set of 'eyes', that the man behind this badge (aka SHIELD to protect you, all the protection you need if you live up to its ideals) is a GOOD WISE LOVING BRAVE FATHER LIONHEART; you can see it clearly on his face, in his eyes, in his bearing. Takes an IMMENSE and AMAZING amount of COURAGE, LOVE, TRUTH, WISDOM, RESTRAINT, DISCIPLINE to walk the razor's edge and be a HERO cop/soldier/father/general.. Like learning to ride a unicycle on a tightrope while juggling at times, and you have to expect that they will fall sometimes.. If we want our Fathers to listen to us, we must show them that we can listen to them first, understand the lessons they are trying to teach us, that we can follow the rules they lay down for us with the best of our ability, and when we think they might be getting something wrong and not being just and wise we must CIVILLY and RESPECTFULLY and with LOVE show the courage not to sneak around behind their back, but to stand up to them and CIVILLY RESPECTFULLY showing that you see they are trying to help, SHOW them that you are trying to see the TRUTH they are telling us, SHOW the HUMILITY to realize that maybe you are misunderstanding, show APPRECIATION and that you see the good difficult work they are trying to do to find the courage to QUESTION (NOT assert with arrogance) and help them see things from a different point of-you.

"Not all, not all, not all, but most.." Thx for teaching me that.. I LOVE you like a Son and like my own TWIN brother, Milo, and will always open my door to you and shelter you under my roof.

"We are a way for the Cosmos (aka 'Grand Designer') to know itself"- Carl Sagan (Charlemagne Sage/Philospher/Lover of Wisdom)

Melody Sheep, may you and all you love live long and prosper!

Gotta love this "global warming".. No SHIT "cllmate changes" (what a specious claim; doesn't even meet the qualifications of a scientific theory..); it's been constantly changing, for as far back as we look, and the over-riding pattern is UP and DOWN, in a sinoid cycle, and the other main pattern is alternating between 'ice ages' and 'interglacials'. And we are currently in BY FAR the LONGEST interglacial in the earth's history, so we are OVERDUE.. I believe that what we are seeing is the direct result of the magnetic poles of the earth 'flipping', and as it does, it triggers changes in the prevailing wind patterns and water currents, which is directing cold arctic air down to us, which is why the arctic is melting (my conspiracy theories were wrong..), and centered around the area where the 'polar vortex' occurred, which is also the center of the glaciers of the last ice age. Gonna start getting really cold, and summers will eventually disappear and the winter snow won't melt, starting at the heart of where the polar vortex occured. Mark my words..


I was inspired to post this, and this is dedicated to, the Hong Kong protesters. Hang in there, we are with you!

Wasn't ready to come back yet (please be patient with me), but saw this and had to post it. No one likes to admit their own faults, which is exactly why people get so corrupt. The so-called 'American' 'Big Three' car companies have become abjectly corrupt. They betrayed the U.S., gutted our cities to move their factories to Mexico, pay incompetent labor pennies on the dollar to churn out made in mexico/china crap and turn around and sell it to us for top dollar, spending immense sums on slick 'advertizing' (more like legalized lying..), smiling through their teeth telling us to "Buy Merican" and "This aint your daddy's chevrolet". No SHIT it ain't your daddy's chevrolet/ford/gm, etc. The U.S. once had the top quality stuff in the world. There is UTTERLY no excuse for the Japanese (who are AWESOME by the way' thx so much for building your factories here and employing U.S. workers and creating such magnificent quality stuff) to have outperformed us. White people are capable of every bit the quality of the Japanese (when we aren't corrupt..). Look at the Germans, the Italians, the Swiss, etc. 'American' car companies and SOME manufacturers are a SHAME to their race. Please spend your hard earned money to support the GOOD, HIGH QUALITY and LOYAL companies (like Klein Tools, for example), but also the Japanese who build their factories here. Reward the ones who are coming back, like Apple (Thank you Trump!).

Getting a little burned out and lots to do; taking a vacation for a while..

The Pentagon called Israel's win a 'miracle' tank battle.

The Key to understanding everything is the Noah's Ark flood. We don't need to find the Ark to accept that the tale is true now, since we've found the evidence for the flood and the impact crater right around 4000 B.C. So just as we thought the city of Troy was a myth until we found it, we now also know that the Ark story is a true one, repeated by many cultures and many religions. But the only way that Noah could have known about an impending asteroid impact at least a month before it happened is if he were warned about it by a race MORE ADVANCED THAN HUMANS are now..

Because even now, with us trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to train all our modern technology on the sky to detecting dangerous incoming asteroids, we are regularly every few years scared by a large near miss that came out of nowhere. The only possible way that Noah could have been warned is by a space-faring race of humans (they could interbreed with us, so same species) that was far older and more technologically advanced than we are now. We almost have star trek communicator and 3-D printing technology and iRobots now; think where we will be in a 100 years? How about 1000 years? There is evidence that civilization on this earth stretches back tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years. In all that time humans with our level of IQ and intelligence existed; does it seem reasonable to you that humans of OUR level of intelligence took 10,000 or 100,000 years to develop SOME kind of civilization, especially since we've progressed from the bronze age to space faring techno-agrarian civilization in less than 5,000 years?

Here's the other key thing; we KNOW that the idea of anti-gravity, and warping of space-time, are within the realm of theoretical scientific possibility. It's not a big stretch to say that we will likely have the Grand Unified Theory (G.U.T.) of Physics within a hundred years (where's another Einstein and Tesla when you need one?..). That means that we'd be able to get gravitational motion effects from our electrical devices the same way we get magnetic motion affects from electricity with our motors now. That means gravitational 'anti-gravity', 'artificial gravity'. We wouldn't need wheels anymore, and lifting 1200 ton granite or quartz blocks would be a breeze.. which nicely explains the countless megalithic stone monuments and underground cities we keep finding more and more of around the world.

The only theory that fits all the evidence and religious 'legends' is that there was a race of white (the light skin, hair and eyes comes from evolving in the northern latitudes that make advanced civilization a necessity in the first place) humans that achieved incredible technology and indefinite lifespans of tens of thousands of years (like the Elves of our legends..) that could not help but seem like lower-case gods to us. In other words, the ancient gods of the greeks/romans/norse and the 'angels' and 'nephalim' of the Bible/Torah were a real race of humans who interbred, helped, and interacted with us to create the great demi-gods of our legends and help us with our technology and civilization. Furthermore, if you read Genesis, especially the tale of Sodom and Gamorrah, you will realize that Yahveh (Jehovah is a misspelling and mispronunciation) was a REAL entity, a REAL person who had a body 'in our image', who ate, talked, got angry, was jealous, etc, just as how the greek/roman/norse gods are described. The angels whom Yahveh sent to Gamorrah were REAL PEOPLE (they only painted wings on them because they didn't have a better way to convey that these dudes could FLY; they at least had spacecraft and aircraft, but they probably had some kind of Nike sneaker that would let you fly as well..).

Someone as intelligent and visionary as Arthur C. Clarke said the most believable UFO Close Encounter witnesses were the ones who claimed the 'aliens' looked like MORE BEAUTIFUL VERSIONS OF US, 'so beautiful it was hard to look at them', just like the angels are described in the Bible/Torah..

Here's something else.. if it's looking like the legends of the greek gods/angels breeding with humans and creating incredible offspring are true, and Yahveh was a real dude, high king of a race with the technological power to lift mountainous blocks or hurl asteroids, then maybe he really did give us his LITERAL son in Jesus Christ.. and we killed him (white roman pre-christians and jews alike..).. and that means the only reason we are alive and weren't wiped out by another asteroid is because Jesus plead and begged on our behalf, even as we tortured and killed him..

Since the gods/Yahveh told us they would return, it is only reasonable to believe that it is they who are in the UFO's that the Navy has been recently disclosing and that the CIA and Government has been covering up for 50 years.

HELL no, western civilization is NOT a 'jewish invention'! It was the Ancient Greeks who invented Logic and gave birth to science and western civilization. However, western civilization began to develop exponentially around 2000 years ago when white caucasian GrecoRomans hooked up with white jews and merged their religions together to form Roman Catholic Judeo-Christianity, but it's a merger of two great peoples and civilizations. Jews deserve a large share of the credit for western civlization, but they still didn't 'invent' Logic or western civilization, and a lot of the credit goes to Yahveh and his wisdom, which jews can't take credit for either, unless it's the immense credit and gratitude they deserve for preserving and trying to live it.


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