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I wanted to post this soon.
For the record, I received Christ in Greg Laurie's church. So that was painful... :( I detected no deception leakage from her, but I'll watch again and post an update if I catch her lying.

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Flat earth videos:
Knowing the earth is flat is about to be crucial ->
The Biblical flat earth ->

My religious channel:

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The Carol Burnett Show

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Source Videos:
Don Lemon Clarifies Leaving CNN Remark He Made On-Air | E! News -->
Ricky Gervais' Monologue - 2020 Golden Globes -->
Mitt Romney booed while speaking at Utah GOP convention -->
Biden FALLS on stairs of Air Force One THREE TIMES -->

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How to Deal with a Nosy Neighbor -->
'Exasperated': GOP Arizona election official reacts to Trump's election lie -->

In 2008, US Olympic athletes humiliated Beijing by wearing masks . Fast forward to 2020, when suddenly all American's were wearing masks. One can only wonder, if there is a connection.

Source Videos
Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning: The Feud | History -->
US cycling team arrives wearing anti-pollution masks, Aus team comment -->
Humiliated Beijing Olympic Pollution, Mask Wear Controversy --> Locals React After Newsom Recommends Wearing Mask Between Bites -->

This excerpt covers these stories:
Evergiven had 6 Stories of weapons
The DUMB under Denver Airport
CIA Team Executed in Germany
CIA is Broke
DUMB CERN Connection
Massad and MI6 betrayed us
3 Big Bangs at Langley
Food Supply attacks
RCEBO Observatory is broken now
Dorian had tactical nukes near the plants
Drug Trafficking and Laundering
Destroyed Bases
Chinese rockets

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5 States are auditing the election now
Maricopa County Audit
Maricopa County Suspiciousness
Israel destroys Hamas building which was shared with the Associated Press (AP)
MI Council Subpoena DHHS for info. related to Whitmer nursing home scandal

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Hulk vs Loki - "Puny God"- Hulk Smashing Loki - The Avengers | Movie CLIP HD -->

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Link to the video I watched is here -->
Link to the website of the producers of the video is here -->
Joe Biden stumbles and almost falls over AGAIN while boarding Air Force One two weeks after slip-up -->
Joe Biden and family temporarily shut out of White House in protocol lapse -->
Biden FALLS on stairs of Air Force One THREE TIMES -->
Psaki Drowned Out by F-22 Raptors Flyover During White House Press Briefing -->

You will note I incorporated commentary from parts of the Bible beyond Genesis, nearly all of which came from within the Bible: the pillars, the footstool, the windows, etc... However, I also incorporated a couple pieces of information from some extra-Biblical sources. Josephus who is respected among Chrisitans, and either the book of Jasher, Jubilees, or Enoch (Ethiopic). But only a couple (ie Male waters vs. female waters).

Sun Tzu warned us to know our enemy. Though the white hats intervened to disrupt this plot, it's enlightening to consider what they were up to.
Remember, the DUMBs were destroyed, the children set free, the villains were replaced with actors, and now we watch the movie and wait for the world to wake up from the nightmare.

Source Clips
Movie: Serenity
Back to the Future
2020 Golden Globes
Stargate Atlantis
Burn Notice

I'm not sure how the rest of his show on April 24th 2021 went, but from my perspective, this was new.

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I'm concerned the confrontational click-bait mask videos, though entertaining, are sending the wrong message. So I'm countering the confrontation with some comedy. And want to reassure you, that I have seen improvements in this regard. Fewer people are wearing masks and I see fewer confrontations.

Movies, plans, or prophecies? You tell me!

Source videos:
Back to the Future 1
Back to the Future 2
Back to the Future 3

Since Frank just went live and has had over 20,000,000 viewers so far, I'm sacrificing speed for quality today.

I wanted to get this out quickly. Over 20,000,000 people have already tuned into Frank Live
This was the General's first segment. Unfortunately, he hasn't spoken much, yet. So more to come!

Hillary is a creature of subtlety who insulated herself, and compartmentalized, and created the conditions for plausible deniability while avoiding paper trails.

Rather than telling her subordinates what to do (in e-mail) she sent them third party communications and drew their attention to certain comments, expecting them to read between the lines and take initiative. This would be a miserable working relationship, not only because it could potentially create gigantic misunderstandings, but also because the boss could blame you whenever anything went sideways, or when you failed to read between the lines and act.

So far, the review of her e-mails reveal she was always printing and deleting messages, never writing her own content, but always quoting the content of others, writing one or two sentences. Using aliases with her friends. Steering her team by deciding what reports to ignore and which ones to mention, forward and reference.

Consider this an encouraging lead. Please do due diligence!

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