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- Covid-1984
- Brave New Normal
- Henry Kissinger = Albert Pike
- Will Prince Charles ever be king or Prince Regent?

George Butler, Tony Gosling
06 June 2020

The War Isn't Meant To Be Won, Its Meant To Be Continuous, Tony Gosling Green Gathering (2017)

The War Isn't Meant To Be Won, Its Meant To Be Continuous, Tony Gosling Green Gathering (2017)

The War Isn't Meant To Be Won, Its Meant To Be Continuous, Tony Gosling Green Gathering (2017)

The War Isn't Meant To Be Won, Its Meant To Be Continuous, Tony Gosling Green Gathering (2017)

The War Isn't Meant To Be Won, Its Meant To Be Continuous, Tony Gosling Green Gathering (2017)

What Happens When The London Media Propaganda Stops Working? Tony Gosling at Green Gathering 2016

Peter Borenius
7.98K subscribers
1:18​ Stonehenge, Glastonbury & the Oligarchy & Secret State's Control of Culture through UK Festivals
2:45​ 2008, The Greatest Heist in History - Bankers as Suicide Bombers in the Room With Politicians, Bubble Is Their Attack on our Housing Market
4:21​ Investors' money going from Savings Accounts to the Stock Market to Housing. What Is Our Real National Debt 'Government Urged to Reveal The True Extent of National Debt' Real UK Debt Is £6.8tn 'Lowest rate of home ownership for 30 years'
6:57​ Squatting - Bristol Housing Action Movement
9:15​ Lack of analysis by London media - Pro-City of London Bias of Financial Journalists – Good Financial Journalist is Ian Fraser All UK National & International Journalism Comes From London No Proper Regional Journalism
10:15​ Tony Gosling Politics Show on BCFm in Bristol – Aim is Better National and International journalism from the regions. Father of Libor fraud Scapegoat Tom Hayes, Nick Hayes was Editor of Granada TV 'World In Action'
13:10​ 2012 London Olympics Ben Fellows G4S Whistleblower then 5000 Soldiers Brought In To Take Over From G4S
11:30​ 2016 Olympics in Rio - World Leaders Pow-Wow – International Celebration of Physical Prowess over Intellectual Prowess
14:45​ Only 40% Of The Green Gathering audience regularly watch listen To The News - Too Many Lies –
15:30​ 'Soviet style' UK propaganda George Orwell Resigned To The BBC Because 'Propaganda Doesn't Work'.
16:33​ Jeremy Corbyn vs. Owen Smith – wall to wall anti Corbyn propaganda - Strategic lies:
19:30​ Owen Smith vs Jeremy Corbyn Cardiff debates not broadcast by BBC Wales
21:55​ Broadcast media is the nervous system of humanity – Dr Beeching and the closedown of the railways in 1963 – why did it happen at that specific – why do I have to drive everywhere – death on the roads Fares Fair by Dave Wetzel and Ken Livingstone at the GLC – 800 less serious accidents in London
24:00​ Oil industry discovers North Sea oil so deal is done with US banks to pay for oil rigs but only if the market for oil in the UK is opened up so world oil price doesn't fall
26:05​ Ted Gibbins explains the government forced rail fares down so it was impossible for British Rail to make money in early 1960s
26:55​ Who was Dr Richard Beeching – British Atomic Bomb project at Fort Halstead in the North Downs – a man who could keep his mouth shut – a front man for the oil industry – followed the Nzi model – no public transport Autobahns Freeways, Motorways in UK 1960s
29:00​ Too many lies – psychological warfare on UK public –
29:45​ Turkish coup – Is this Erdogan's Reichstag Fire? Turkish army surrounds US nukes at Incirlik air base
32:30​ Friday evening – coups – spoof positive news story 'bankers arrested' reverse of Orson Welles' 'War of the Worlds'
34:30​ Big Lie of 'The Letter of Prester John' to galvanise support around The Crusades
35:50​ Big Lie of Hitler's Jewish Conspiracy
36:00​ Big Lie of today is ISIS General Michael Flynne says The Creation of ISIS was a wilful decision of the White House. Photos of Israeli medics treating ISIS soldiers
37:30​ Gulenists and Saudis teach cult version of Islam like Wahabism - seed of an Arab Israeli wars
38:50​ Elite institutions increasingly being controlled by bthe Oligarchy – the BBC - the Church - Political parties and UKIP – in Andrea Leadsom vs Theresa May? No
41:50​ All three main political parties Conservative Labour UKIP – sabotaged
41:45​ Immediacy of good radio journalism
42:30​ JFK assassinated by James Files Charles Nicoletti & Johnny Roselli Remington Fireball – three attempts on life of James Files – protecting him was FBI, CIA and Vice President Lyndon Johnson – protected by plain clothes men he's never met – Nazi faction in the US formally takes over
46:40​ QUESTIONS – is ISIS manufactured enemy? Michael Flynne – 1983 Yinon Plan – Balkanise Middle East – failed states around Israel
48:25​ get poor people fighting each other – Sharon Tate murders Charles Manson – race war
49:35​ Is a police state being brought in in the UK? Criminal elite Lord Falconer & Tony Blair in jail
51:00​ Another Big Lie: 9/11 Truth discussed on the radio – the term 'conspiracy theory' devised by the CIA after Mark Lane started uncovering the JFK conspiracy. UK 911forum – Ian Henshall's 911 The New Evidence – inaction of US Air Force – collapse of Building 7 -
54:00​ The Grand Illusion – possibly 1000 years – all information at our fingertips – 911 fundamental bottom rung of the matter – depressing to listen to the manipulation – we want a revolution – how to get the truth of 911 out to the 99% - turn the world upside down
56:10​ Young people don't believe the big lies - use of social media – the raising of consciousness will be precipitated by financial crash and war or Brexit – our evil is coming back home
57:42​ Heralding Art

News Or Theatre? Investigative Journalist & Land Rights Activist Tony Gosling, Green Gathering 2015
Bilderberg media blackout
With the exception of special guest reporters, journalists are barred from Bilderberg meetings. The secret services of the United States and several European nations coordinate with local police to enforce a strict "no-go" area around Bilderberg venues such as the Turnberry Hotel in Scotland. Since the Group's first meeting in 1954, its security network has been specifically used to prevent reporters from sneaking into the forum.

Critics have suggested that the media have been slow to investigate and report on the Bilderberg because many corporate news executives and journalists are members of the Group. Like all other Bilderberg attendees, these individuals have agreed to remain silent about the meetings, in spite of their responsibilities as high-ranking members of the national and international media.

"Guests of the Bilderberg Society are bound by the same rules as members of the Bilderberg Society -- not to write about the proceedings," conservative columnist William F. Buckley wrote six months after attending the Bilderberg's 1975 meeting.

Some of the Bilderberg's past "guests" from the corporate media include:

News Corporation director Andrew Knight;

Reuters CEO Peter Job;

Henry Anatole Grunwald, former editor-in-chief of Time and Council on Foreign Relations member;

Mortimer B. Zuckerman, chairman and editor-in-chief of U.S. News and World Report, New York Daily News, and Atlantic Monthly, also a Council on Foreign Relations member;

Robert L. Bartley, vice president of the Wall Street Journal and member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission;

Peter Robert Kann, Chairman and CEO of Dow Jones and Company, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations;

Katharine Graham, owner and chairwoman of the executive committee of the Washington Post, also a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission;

Jim Hoagland, associate editor, of the Washington Post;

New York Times editor and Council on Foreign Relations member Arthur Sulzberger;

Former Newsweek editor Osborn Eliot;

London Observer editor Will Hutton;

Canadian press baron Conrad Black;

Peter Jennings, anchor and senior editor of ABC's World News Tonight;

Lesley R. Stahl, CBS national affairs correspondent;

WETA-TV president and CEO Sharon Percy Rockefeller;

William F. Buckley, Jr., editor-in-chief of the National Review, host of PBS's Firing Line and Council on Foreign Relations member;

Prominent political columnists Joseph Kraft, James Reston, Joseph Harsch, George Will, and Flora Lewis;

Donald C. Cook, former European diplomatic correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and Council on Foreign Relations member;

Albert J. Wohlstetter, Wall Street Journal correspondent and Council on Foreign Relations member;

Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times columnist and member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission;

New York Times book critic Richard Bernstein;

Hedley Donovan, Henry Grunwald, and Ralph Davidson of Time;

Joseph C. Harsch, former NBC commentator and Council on Foreign Relations member;

Bill Moyers, executive director of Public Affairs TV and former Director of the Council on Foreign Relations;

Gerald Piel, former chairman of Scientific American and Council on Foreign Relations member;

William Kristol, editor and publisher of the British Weekly Standard magazine;

Toger Seidenfaden, editor in chief of Denmark's Politiken A/S.

Journalists and newspeople outside the Bilderberg's elite inner circle rarely pay much attention to the Group's activities, usually because they are unaware of them. In recent years, citizen media activists have had a small measure of success in getting the local media to cover Bilderberg meetings when they occur. These reports have little impact in the national and international media, but thanks to the Internet, detailed information from coverage by local and regional newspapers is now available to the public worldwide. Without this information, the report you are now reading could not have been written.

Although underground information activists have managed to pierce the local media bubbles and gather useful information about the Bilderberg's meetings, scrutiny of the Group in the establishment press is still verboten.

For example, there is the case of C. Gordon Tether, who for years wrote the prestigious and influential column "Lombard" for the London Financial Times. In his May 6, 1975 column, Tether wrote: "If the Bilderberg Group is not a conspiracy of some sort, it is conducted in such a way as to give a remarkably good imitation of one."

This would be Tether's last reference to the Bilderberg. He continued to write articles mentioning the Group, but editorial management barred every single one of them from

Tony Gosling - Green Gathering 2014 - Journalism A Revolutionary Act

How does power really work in the Western world?
Push off Karl Marx!
Never Mind The Means Of Production
Who owns the means of communication?
Who decides what is and isn’t news?
A journalist himself, Tony reveals the mechanics of censorship and who owns the media.
His talk brings to our attention the stories that get swept under the carpet in mainstream journalism.

My highlight was the speakers forum which had a huge array of speakers. Charles Dowding spoke about no-dig gardening which gave us some great advice for the allotment, Natalie Bennet from the Green Party gave us a political view of the current climate and Tony Gosling from The Land is Ours and also a previous BBC journalist, was hugely inspiring, looking at the lack of investigative journalism in today's age, where it is most needed. Being a journalist myself, Tony really woke me up, talking about the misinformation we receive every day, about how historically the land was stolen from the people by the parliamentarians and that there is actually enough land for every single one of us to have an acre! This would enable us all to grow our food, or have our own house and be able to live happy and healthy lives. Where is our land?

Tony's talk went perfectly with Hector Christie and Gerald Miles' talk on the Sunday about the state of GMO food in the UK. After hearing several conspiracy theories from Tony, and feeling a little overwhelmed, we watched Gerald and Hector's GMO and Monsanto talk be censored - literally- as the live feed on Green Gatherings site of the speakers forum had been hacked and all the passwords changed within the hour of their presentation. Hector had even mentioned at the beginning that an 'undercover policemen' may be amongst us!

FROM 2000ish

Campaigners rally for man convicted of killing four members of the same family

Helen Hignett​

Clydach killer David Morris is serving a whole life sentence but supporters believe he is innocent

Campaigners rallied in Swansea city centre calling for a man convicted of multiple murders to be freed.

David Morris was sentenced to four life sentences in 2002 following the horrific murders of Mandy Power, 34, her daughters Katie, 10, and Emily, eight, and her mother Doris Dawson, 80, who were all beaten to death in Clydach in June, 1999.

Morris' conviction was later quashed in 2005 and retrial was ordered after judges ruled that a conflict of interest involving a member of his legal team meant he had not received a fair trial.

However, in 2006, he was again convicted on four counts of murder.

Although failing in his attempts to get the verdicts overturned, Morris has always protested his innocence.

On Sunday morning, scores backing the campaign staged a protest in Swansea City Centre. Gathered in Castle Square carrying green and yellow balloons and ribbons, they handed out leaflets and chanted "Free Dai Morris".

The notorious Clydach murders

The Clydach murders were the most brutal multiple killings in Welsh history.

The brutal murder of three generations of a Swansea Valley family shocked the nation back in 1999 and led to one of the biggest murder investigations South Wales Police has ever seen.

Mandy Power, aged 34, her daughters Katie, 10, and Emily, eight, (all pictured) and their grandmother Doris Dawson, 80, were killed at their Kelvin Road home in Clydach.

First the killer entered his victims’ home, went upstairs and smashed a heavy fibreglass pole repeatedly into the face of 80-year-old invalid grandmother Doris Dawson.

When Mandy and her daughters arrived home, he killed them in identical, sadistic fashion.

The killer set fire to incinerate all trace of his actions.

Three years after the crimes, builder David Morris, now 55, was handed four life sentences for killing Mandy, 34, and her family.

The group's ultimate aim is to raise political awareness in the hope of forcing the case back open.

Geraint Evans, who helps to run the group, said at Sunday's rally: "There's massive support for him, not only in Swansea but across the UK.

"We are here to raise awareness in Swansea for the people who are not on social media.

"The members just keep growing and at the moment we are getting between 200 and 300 a day."

Donna Hayes, from Penlan, was at the rally to "raise awareness" of the campaign.

"I believe that Dai is innocent," the 49-year-old said.

"I don't know the family but I feel strongly that he should not be where he is.

"I'm here to raise more awareness and to hopefully see if anyone can come through with more evidence that can help to get him released."

A lesbian affair

In the days and weeks after the Clydach murders, the public became gripped with the revelations about Mandy Power's lesbian relationship with a married police officer.

It emerged that Mandy's lover was a former women police sergeant married to a male officer who was the identical twin brother of a local police inspector who was the first officer on the scene.

All three police officers were arrested and repeatedly interviewed however none were charged.

It was only three years later that David Morris (pictured) faced court and was jailed for life.

Also at the event in Swansea was Michael O’Brien, who spent more than 11 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

In recent weeks a social media group calling for Morris's release has gone from hundreds of members to almost 13,000.

David Jones, 65, from Penlan, said that the increase in the number of members and the turn-out on Sunday morning "shows how strong the feeling is" for Morris.

Darren Protheroe had travelled from Carmarthen to attend the rally as he has been supporting the campaign since it began.

The 41-year-old, originally from Gendros in Swansea, said that he is "hoping to see Dai Morris's case reviewed by the Criminal Cases Review Commision (CCRC)."

The group of campaigners met in Castle Square before heading to Maggie Dicks in Brynhyfryd where their previous public meeting was held.

Present at that meeting was former solicitor John Morris, who wrote the controversial 2017 book, The Clydach Murders: A Miscarriage of Justice.

"Whether you like Dai Morris or not doesn’t really matter," he had told the meeting. "Looking at the case from a totally objective point of view I can only come to the conclusion that he must be innocent.

An Oyster-style “Brunel Card” public transport system would be introduced by the Lib Dems if they win control of Bristol City Council at the local elections on May 6.
Scrapping the city’s mayor is one of the pledges in the party’s manifesto.
The group is also promising to build a tidal power generator and promote drug consumption rooms, which are currently illegal.
They would create a “living garden” along the M32 “providing a better welcome into the city” and pump an extra £19 million into children’s play parks in Bristol.
The group pledges to clean up all the city’s rivers and streams by 2030, introduce a credit rating system for reliable renters and ensure “affordable housing” is actually affordable by reviewing the cost level for developers’ social housing obligations.
It would offer greater consultation with residents on plans to revamp Cumberland Basin with a view to protect local green space and encourage more dedicated student housing to reduce pressure on family housing stock while implementing a planning cap on “unsustainable growth by the universities”.
The manifesto backs drug consumption rooms “to reduce deaths, crime and dangerous litter, and to protect the public” and the party would push for drug reform, recreational drug testing and safe rooms for users.

Bristol mayor says underground could be a decade away

Candidates from the Conservative Party, Green Party, Labour Party and Liberal Democrats took part in the televised debate

Bristol's Labour mayor Marvin Rees has said he believes an underground for the city could be open 'within a decade'.

The city's voters will go to the polls on 6 May to choose who takes on the third spell as its elected mayor.

Mr Rees said the scheme could cost £4bn with "national government support" during a special debate for BBC Politics West.

But Conservative Alastair Watson said the scheme was "pie in the sky".

Mr Watson added that there should be more immediate transport improvements, especially with rail and bus, and that the underground "wouldn't happen".

While Liberal Democrat Dr Caroline Gooch suggested cable cars could be an alternative to Bristol's hilly streets.

Sandy Hore-Ruthven of the Green Party suggested Mr Rees had not made improvements quickly enough and that he would introduce half-price fares for under 21s and introduce measures to reduce car journeys in the city.

The candidates were taking part in a televised debate, which covered housing, transport and whether the post of elected mayor should exist at all.

Five other candidates from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, Reform UK, Rights for Nature Campaign, and two independent candidates are also campaigning for the job to run Bristol City Council.

Dr Gooch suggested the role of mayor was not democratic and should be abolished.

"The mayor can overrule the majority council decisions, he overruled the Bristol Arena and Bristol Temple Meads and he's not listening to the people of Bristol over his proposed western harbour development," she said.

Mr Rees defended moving the site of the Bristol arena, which was granted planning permission in 2020, to Filton

Mr Watson said that he thought the role had "failed for the city" and that the city had "too many mayors" now.

"We've wasted £50m on a Bristol energy company because he couldn't take that decision, whereas if that had been a leader of the council, we would have saved an awful lot more money."

Mr Rees said "visibility was really important" and the "real decision" was whether the political leader of the city should be elected by the public, or by members of the council.

He also defended the decision to move the planned Bristol Arena project to Filton, saying it would have been "financially disastrous for the city" to build it at Temple Meads.

Bristol's transport issues were also discussed during the exchanges
Mr Hore-Ruthven said the public were telling him they just wanted a mayor that is "going to get things done".

"I would have a cross-party cabinet, I would abide by any full council votes on the big issues, and I think that way we can tweak the city system and make it work," he said.

Mr Rees admitted that the council had been unable to hit his target of 800 affordable homes each year, but claimed they had trebled the amount of affordable homes built during that time.

Full list of Bristol mayoral candidates 2021
Incumbent mayor Marvin Rees (Lab) will be looking to defend his seat and seeks re-election.
Caroline Gooch, (Lib Dem), is a biomedical scientist who wants to scrap the role of mayor. This is her first election.
Sandy Hore-Ruthven (Green) is CEO of a charity for young people who is standing for the first time.
Alistair Watson (Cons) is a business consultant and former Lord Mayor of Bristol.
Tom Baldwin is a candidate from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coaliti

British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Panel – Response to EMA Statement on Ivermectin for Covid-19

On 22 March, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) issued a statement [0] that, after reviewing the evidence, they recommend against the use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of covid-19, outside of ‘well-designed’ clinical trials. The EMA claims evidence from laboratory studies, clinical trials, observational studies, and meta-analysis, but provides no sources, specifics or citations. We fill these omissions below. The British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD) panel was set up in January 2021 by Dr Tess Lawrie of the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd (E-BMC), an independent medical research company based in Bath, UK. A systematic review and meta-analysis of ivermectin for covid-19 was recently conducted by Dr Lawrie, the director, with a team of expert systematic reviewers. A preliminary report was released in the public domain on 3 January [1]. A comprehensive paper including 21 RCTs has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, and meanwhile is available on two pre-print servers [2 ,3]. Moreover, on 20 February 2021, a panel of 65 clinicians, researchers and patient representatives from 16 countries attended the BIRD panel meeting, convened by Dr. Lawrie and her team, to evaluate the evidence on ivermectin for covid19. Following the standard “DECIDE” Evidence-to-Decision framework [4] for clinical recommendations, BIRD concluded that there was enough evidence to recommend the rapid implementation of ivermectin for covid-19 [5, 6]. This recommendation is by implication global and not restricted to the UK or the EU. Indeed, the low cost and widespread use make ivermectin uniquely placed to tackle covid-19 worldwide, including very low income countries. BIRD provides a detailed response to the EMA statement, with citations to the evidence. EMA advice against ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19: 1. Review of the evidence EMA has reviewed the latest evidence on the use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and concluded that the available data do not support its use for COVID-19 outside welldesigned clinical trials. … Results from clinical studies were varied, with some studies showing no benefit and others reporting a potential benefit. Most studies EMA reviewed were small and had additional limitations, including different dosing regimens and use of concomitant medications. EMA therefore concluded that the currently available evidence is not sufficient to support the use of ivermectin in COVID-19 outside clinical trials. 2 Ivermectin's potential therapeutic utility has expanded over the last decade as broad-spectrum anti-viral and even anti-neoplastic properties have been discovered [7, 8]. Since April 2020, the evidence base of observational and randomised trials of ivermectin for covid-19 has accumulated. A review [9, 10] by the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) summarised findings from 27 randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and 16 observational studies on ivermectin both for prevention and treatment of covid-19. They conclude that ivermectin “demonstrates a strong signal of therapeutic efficacy.” Moreover, ivermectin is the sole therapeutic so far to have demonstrated efficacy at all stages of the very complex clinical course of the covid-19 disease, from prophylaxis through to critical care. A systematic review and meta-analysis [2, 3] was subsequently conducted by Dr Lawrie and a team of experts. Twenty-one RCTs involving 2741 participants met review inclusion, according to strict criteria, and subsequent meta-analysis of 13 trials found that ivermectin reduced risk of death (compared to no ivermectin) with an average Risk Ratio 0.32 [ 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.14 to 0.72; n=1892; I 2 =57% ] with “low to moderate-certainty.” Low certainty evidence found ivermectin prophylaxis reduced the risk of covid-19 infection by an average of 86% [95% CI 79% to 91%]. Adverse events were rare and usually attributable to other adjunct medications. In practical terms this means that ivermectin reduces the risk of death from covid-19 to about one-third of the risk of death without using this medication. In the long run, of every nine patients who would otherwise die from covid-19, six can now be saved by using ivermectin. Similarly the risk of contracting covid-19 is reduced to one-seventh of the risk faced by other healthy people with similar exposure, when using ivermectin as prophylaxis. For every seven people who would catch covid-19 from an infected person, only one is likely to catch the illness, when using ivermectin.

Hitler's Treasurer and Nazi Party Chief Martin Bormann, Investigative Journalism, the 4th Industrial Reicholution, WWIII & Freedom's Ultimate Victory: Tony Gosling, Bristol, Eyes Wide Open Podcast, James Newbold, Stourbridge, 06Apr2021

Eyes Wide Open 2.0 - James Newbold
Martin Bormann timeline
Tony’s ebooks: Siege of Heaven; Martin Bormann Nazi Gold/Uranium timeline

During plandemic ‘Lockdown Light’, in November 2020, Tony has published three eBooks which had been previously commissioned from him by two publishers but which were never printed. They’re available either as donation only watermarked downloads or priced in his shop between £10 and £15 here
‘The Siege of Heaven’ and ‘The Siege of Heaven Reader’ are two books on the same topic of hidden history, secret networks and techniques of power. The former is articles and commentary by Tony from RT and other outlets, including articles RT declined to publish, as well as Tony’s complete historical timeline which details millennia of little known historical events, many relating to faith institutions, which have shaped the world as we know it today. A collection of articles and timeline, explaining how power really operates – how diabolical secret societies have been controlling humanity’s spiritual, economic and political institutions for millennia (Nov 2020)

The ‘Reader’ is a collection of extracts from the Middle Ages until the 21st Century which explain how diabolical secret societies have been controlling humanity’s spiritual, economic and political institutions for the last 500 years – Biblical interpretation: inner light devotional and social justice anthology – and historical timeline (Nov 2020)

The Traitors Of Arnhem is a comprehensive endgame examination of World War Two in which we find Nazis doing deals with the Allies for nine months between D-Day and VE Day. Also the extraordinary secret liaison between Adolf Hitler’s Private Secretary Martin Bormann and his opposite number, Winston Churchill’s private secretary Desmond Morton.

By 1944 Hitler’s private secretary Martin Bormann controlled almost all the $1bn+ the Nazis had looted from occupied Europe. Since 2012 Tony Gosling has been investigating evidence that at least from August 1944 ‘final solution’ architect, Reichsleiter Bormann successfully bargained, with Churchill’s private secretary Desmond Morton, to protect him after WWII.

Soldiers and journalists such as Ladisas Farago, Harry Beckhough, Paul Manning, Stewart Steven, Dave Barnby, John Ainsworth-Davis, Laurence de Mello, Carter Hydrick, Dave Emory, Jill Goulding, Mike Sparks and Joseph Farrell have all done valuable research and writing on what may be the ultimate WWII betrayal, masterminded by Winston Churchill’s private secretary Major Desmond Morton.

Tony has produced the following theoretical timeline of Bormann’s rise to power and subsequent rescue and protection by international organised crime, operating at the apex of the British state.
Desmond Morton 1944-56: ‘M’ section MI6 agent and Nazi party treasurer?

1871, 15 August – Grand Master of U.S. Scottish Rite Freemasonry and founder of the Klu-Klux-Klan, confederate army Captain Albert Pike allegedly pens a letter to founder of The Mafia and uniter of Italy Guiseppi Mazzini suggesting a plan of ‘Three World Wars’ and revolutions to bring about a world government dominated by secret societies through an enormous final ‘religious war’ in the Middle East. Pike’s First World War is projected to leave Palestine in British hands and a Second World War will allow Zionist influence in London to smooth the creation of a pseudo-Judaic crusader state to dominate Palestine and Jerusalem.

1884 – Quatuor Coronati Masonic lodge established in London which Anton Chaitkin, son of legal council and strategist to the 1930s U.S. Nazi boycott committee Jacob Chaitkin, says became the secret headquarters for Zionist lobbying of the British government.

1900, 17 June – Martin Bormann is born in Wegeleben, a small village near Halberstadt near Germany’s Hartz mountains, to a strict Lutheran family.

1917, May – Eton educated Freemason Desmond Morton is appointed to GHQ, France as one of four Aides de Camp to Sir Douglas Haig, British Commander-in-Chief who usually gave oral orders which Morton and other ADCs then transcribed. When Winston Churchill became Minister of Munitions in July, 1917 he renewed a friendship with Morton joining him on frequent visits to GHQ and the WWI front line.

1923 – Pan-European Union is formed in Munich. ‘Paneuropa manifesto’ also published by Count Coudenhove-Kalergi. All financed by Max Warburg via Lionel de Rothschild.

1923 – Desmond Morton purchases ‘Earlylands’ a detached house on Main Road in Crockham Hill, Kent.

Dangers Of The Pfizer & Moderna MRNA Ronavax Under 60's & Child Vaccines James Delingpole & Dr Mike Yeadon 02 Apr 2021

Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd, talks about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab

The James Delingpole Podcast with ⁣Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd, talks about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab. He totally obliterates the Governments narrative, and explains in great detail the lies behind masks, transmission, infection, herd immunity and covid variants

Support the Delingpod by becoming a patron:

Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd, talks about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab

Full explanation on how intelligence agencies create false flag attacks to initiate war - much like the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was orchestrated to trigger WWI

How They Did 9/11: The Key To Stopping WWIII - Webster Tarpley NYC Jan 2005

The following resolution, drafted by Webster G. Tarpley, had been electronically-submitted to and agreed upon by several 9/11 Visibility Project groups prior to the Chicago conference. When it was submitted to the Chicago conference attendees, it was overwhelmingly approved by a show of hands. We reprint the resolution for your consideration because, combined with the findings of the LA Citizens’ Grand Jury, we have all of the foundational principles necessary for good people to proceed in good faith while working toward the day when those whose murderous rampage began on 9/11 and is ongoing can be indicted, arrested, and brought to public trial before a jury.. Submitted to a candid world

by Webster G. Tarpley

Under the Cheney doctrine and the Pentagon’s Global Strike, U.S. forces are now on the verge of a surprise attack, quite possibly in nuclear form, against Iran. As Philip Giraldi wrote last July, the Cheney doctrine prescribes that this attack will come in the wake of a new 9/11 or new Gulf of Tonkin incident. With the U.S. and UK stalled at the UN by Russian and Chinese rejection of their plans for aggression, all indications are that such a new 9/11 is being actively prepared by rogue networks within the U.S. intelligence community of CIA, NSA, DIA, NSC, Pentagon, and State Department, plus allied and privatized capabilities. The neocons, many of whom face early criminal indictment, are opting for a flight forward into war.

With the visits during late May of Israel’s Ehud Olmert and Britain’s Tony Blair to Washington, the aggressor coalition seems to be ready. Cheney’s controllers now require only a pretext, a provocation to justify their attack. Will they attack under the cover of the soccer World Cup, to be held in Germany during June? An attack in Europe would help recruit coalition partners. Will they sink a U.S. warship in the Gulf? In this case, a third country could do the job, with the blame going to Iran.

As in the case of 9/11, they will manufacture the provocation they need for the next phase of the war of civilizations. Arabs and Moslems will be involved as patsies—under the label of Hezbollah, Iran, etc. An attack on Iran will kill Chinese in the oil fields and Russians in the nuclear reactor sites. It will begin the inexorable slide into World War III.

Neocon fascist madmen Lieber and Press, writing in the March-April issue of Foreign Affairs, promise that a thermonuclear first strike against Russia and/or China is eminently feasible. The same neocon networks which promised the Iraqi cakewalk are now promising a nuclear cakewalk. This time the result could be the incineration of the U.S. and large parts of the world. The neocons must be driven from public life, even as the September criminals are brought to justice.

The attack on Iran has little to do with unproven allegations that Teheran might acquire a nuclear device. Israel alone has nearly 500 nuclear weapons of all types, plus an ABM system. The insanity of the Anglo-American elites reflects the death agony of the U.S. dollar. As Iran, Russia, Venezuela and even Norway prepare to buy and sell oil in rubles, euros, and through barter deals, hundreds of billions of dollars of central bank reserves are poised to quit the greenback. The result would be a dollar panic, with dollar owners stampeding towards the exits. The U.S. currency might lose between 25% and 75% of its value. With emerging market currencies and stock markets crashing, the tropism of the U.S.-UK elites is toward war in a bid to retain world domination.

Bush retains the support of some 35% of the U.S. population. With this 35% he can resist impeachment and wage war indefinitely. These are persons who have accepted the government’s nightmare vision of 9/11. They are terrorized, literally scared out of their wits. They are relatively impervious to the many valid arguments which can be made against the Iraq war, against Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, torture, secret prisons, illegal renditions, NSA wiretaps, and totalitarian police state policies. These they regard as necessities of a war forced upon the U.S. by a foreign aggressor.
The only hope of reaching these people, and thus of attrition and erosion of Bush’s base, is to demolish and discredit the 9/11 myth itself.
The attacks came from the U.S. secret government, not from Bin Laden’s cave. The Charlie Sheen episode shows that the 9/11 issue offers by far the greatest bang for the buck—it is the ultimate weapon against Bush.

Klaus Schwab, The EU And The Holy Roman Empire

EXCLUSIVE Dr Mike Yeadon On A Year Of Fake Science Covid Dictatorship – Exposing Black Nobility ‘Man-god’ Klaus Schwab’s Nazi Family Nuke Business – Aims Of The The Historical Illuminati – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
Link to download The Politics Show as a podcast:[email protected]/2149-1-Politics_Show_26_Mar_2021.mp3

“Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich” – Forbidden Knowledge podcast with Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel:

Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich
Klaus Schwab, The EU And The Holy Roman Empire
A few weeks ago, Bristol-based independent journalist Tony Gosling included an excerpt from one of my podcast episodes, “What Rough Beasts are These?”, on his weekly broadcast, The Politics Show.

Tony asked me to delve further into the background of Klaus Schwab, and I discussed another podcast where research was presented about the Schwab family. I also presented some research into the foundations of the EU, which seems to dovetail with the background to Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Both institutes have quite a surprising interest in power and royal lineages.

Links and sources
The Politics Show on YouTube:
The Politics Show web page:

Race Relations Adviser Ras Judah Says Mayor Marvin Rees Should Not Back Police Violence – Bristol Police Attack Peaceful Protesters As They Did To Provoke 1980 St Pauls Riots – Demockracy? Common Purpose Fifth Column Control Two Top Bristol Mayor Candidates – EXCLUSIVE Dr Mike Yeadon On A Year Of Fake Science Covid Dictatorship – Exposing Black Nobility ‘Man-god’ Klaus Schwab’s Nazi Family Nuke Business – Aims Of The The Historical Illuminati – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
Link to download The Politics Show as a podcast:[email protected]/2149-1-Politics_Show_26_Mar_2021.mp3

“Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich” – Forbidden Knowledge podcast with Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel:

Interesting “Schwab Family Values” post by Johnny Vedmore:
Schwab Family Values - A global protection racket

Covid 19 is a real disease that has sadly caused fatalities. But some people are profiting richly from it – in fact, it has become something of a gold mine, with compromised scientists, offshore firms, banking executives and big tech firms jostling to win their slice of the corona pie.

In an effort to protect these juicy financial profits, an edifice of establishment science has been constructed, and any scientist who dares to entertain an opinion that runs contrary to this edifice risks losing their reputation and livelihood. Maybe this is why mainstream science seems – in my opinion – increasingly arrogant.

“Is Our Fight Against Coronavirus Worse Than the Disease?

UK Biobank SARS Cov 2 Serology Study results:

MHRA papers

Monklands hospital “was downgraded because of the huge cost of the other two hospitals in Lanarkshire, Hairmyres and Wishaw” which “were built using Private Finance Initiatives (PFI).”

Monklands Hospital protestors still fighting against A&E downgrade in 2016

Tim Davie appointed new BBC Director-General:

Guardian profile on Jo Maugham

Byline Times: Friend of Matt Hancock wins £14.4m PPE contract
Friend of Matt Hancock Wins £14.4 Million PPE Contract

Unlimited Hangout: “Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement” by Jeffrey Loffredo and Witney Webb

Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement

CorbettReport interview with Witney Webb about the above article:

Interview 1619 – Whitney Webb on the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

The Week: Who is set to make money from the Oxford coronavirus vaccine?

The Times: Oxford coronavirus vaccine may be financial shot in the arm for Huawei

Dave VonKleist - Who Benefits from Covid hysteria? Analysis by 9/11 Truth 'In Plane Sight' Pioneer

Elon Musk becomes world's richest person co-founder overtakes Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as car firm’s shares soar after ‘blue Senate’ victory

Tesla chief Elon Musk was the 35th richest person in world at the start of 2020. Photograph: Hannibal Hanschke/AP
Rupert Neate Wealth correspondent and Joanna Partridge
Thu 7 Jan 2021 19.12 GMT

Elon Musk, the maverick boss of Tesla, has overtaken Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest person, after shares in the electric car company he co-founded soared on hopes that a Democrat-controlled US Senate would usher in a new green agenda.

A 4.8% rise in Tesla’s share price was enough to push Musk into the top spot according to the Bloomberg billionaires index, which tracks the daily changes in the fortunes of the world’s 500 wealthiest people.

The 49-year-old entrepreneur’s net worth hit $186bn (£136bn) at 10.15am in New York on Wednesday, making him $1.5bn richer than Bezos, who had held the top spot since October 2017.

Musk responded to the news of his status as the world’s richest person with tweets stating “how strange” and “well, back to work …”

Musk said he intended to use half of his fortune to “help problems on Earth” and “half to help establish a self-sustaining city on Mars to ensure continuation of life (of all species) in case Earth gets hit by a meteor like the dinosaurs or WW3 happens & we destroy ourselves”.

In a series of tweets that the South African-born billionaire pinned to the top of his timeline, Musk said the reason why he wants lots of money was “not what you think”. He said he had “very little time for recreation” and doesn’t have “vacation homes or yachts or anything like that”.

It is less than two months since Musk, who helped found Tesla just 17 years ago, surpassed Microsoft founder Bill Gates to become the world’s second richest person.

Tesla’s share price has risen by more than sevenfold this year as demand for electric cars soared and governments announced further measures to wean the world off internal combustion engines.

The market value of Tesla, which recently joined the S&P 500 index of the US’s biggest companies, exceeded $700bn (£516bn) for the first time this week. That makes the company worth more than Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, GM and Ford combined.

Musk, who owns 20% of Tesla’s shares, was the 35th richest person in the world at the start of 2020. He also owns the rocketship company SpaceX, which is transporting astronauts to the International Space Station in a deal with Nasa.

Last year Musk named his seventh child X Æ A-12. The baby’s mother, the Canadian singer Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) explained that the name referred to “artificial intelligence”, a long range reconnaissance aircraft and her favourite song Archangel. Neither parent was sure how to pronounce the name.

Analysts said Tesla’s value was buoyed by the Democratic victories in Georgia to take control of the US Senate, as it meant the US would probably introduce tax credits for electric vehicles and join the green agenda already set by many European countries.

Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, said: “A blue Senate is very bullish and a potential ‘game changer’ for Tesla and the overall electric vehicle sector, with a more green-driven agenda now certainly in the cards for the next few years.”

Expected US electric vehicle tax credits would benefit Tesla, “which continues to have an iron grip on the market today”, he added.

Ives reckons Tesla’s shares could hit $1,000 in a “bull-case” scenario, if the company can hit 1m electric car deliveries by 2022.

Tesla was within a whisker of achieving his target of half-million cars last year. The California-based manufacturer’s annual sales rose by 36% after a final quarter that exceeded analysts’ expectations despite the pandemic to deliver a total of 499,550 cars in 2020.

Musk’s wealth could soar higher as Tesla’s share price growth puts him on target for a bonus deal that could pay a record $55.8bn.

However, fears are mounting that share prices could be rising far above real values and the bubble may burst in spectacular fashion.

Elon Musk: from bullied schoolboy to world's richest man
Read more
Jeremy Grantham, the British co-founder of the US investment firm GMO and who is credited with calling the market peak in 2008, said current investor behaviour bore the hallmarks of the mood in the run-up to the 1929 Wall Street crash.

“I believe this event will be recorded as one of the great bubbles of financial history, right along with the South Sea bubble, 1929, and 2000,” Grantham said in a letter to clients.

SpaceX recently sent four astronauts to the International Space Station on its Falcon rocket and Dragon capsule in a commercial contract wit

Something about 'The Worse To Come'
English Civil War, French Revolution, American Civil War, Russian & Chinese Revolutions, Three World Wars. Canadian author of 'The Dying God', 'White Terror Black Soldiers' and 'Ordo Ab Chao' David Livingstone on todays creeping mass media/political takeover, both East and West -

Race Relations Adviser Ras Judah Says Mayor Marvin Rees Should Not Back Police Violence - Bristol Police Attack Peaceful Protesters As They Did To Provoke 1980 St Pauls Riots - Demockracy? Common Purpose Fifth Column Control Two Top Bristol Mayor Candidates - EXCLUSIVE Dr Mike Yeadon On A Year Of Fake Science Covid Dictatorship - Exposing Black Nobility 'Man-god' Klaus Schwab's Nazi Family Nuke Business - NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

Dr Mike Yeadon, [full EXCLUSIVE ONE YEAR ON interview below] on how we know lockdowns don’t work, respiratory illnesses don’t spread asymptomatically, and data showing Covid was in SW in winter 2019. Mike Yeadon on how none of his contemporaries want to admit to the Government lies, as they don’t want to lose their jobs.   Melinda Gates, on BBC WS ‘Heart and Soul’, discussing her beliefs in abortion and eugenics 'helping' the poor not to have so many children. Three facts No 10's experts got wrong: DR MIKE YEADON says claims that the majority of the population is susceptible to Covid, that only 7% are infected so far and virus death rate is 1% are all false - The ‘scientific method’ is what separates us from pre-renaissance peoples, who might tackle plagues with prayer. We can do better, but only if we’re rigorous. If an important theory isn’t consistent with the findings it purports to oversee, then we’ve got it wrong. Honest scientists occasionally are forced to accept they’ve gone astray and the best scientists then go back and distinguish what they’ve assumed from what can be shown beyond reasonable doubt. After nearly 35 years of work leading teams in new drug discovery, and trained in several biological disciplines, I like to think I’ve a good nose for spotting inconsistencies. I was once told by a very senior person who, at the time, was responsible for an R&D budget similar to the GDP of a small country that they’d noticed I did have an outstanding talent for “spotting faint patterns in sparse data, long before the competition did”. I’ll take that. Sometimes I spot inconsistencies in my own thinking (more commonly, it must be admitted, others do that for me); on other occasions it can be about others’ scientific work. This is an example of the latter – specifically, Sage. It is my contention that Sage made – and tragically, continues to make to this very day – two absolutely central and incorrect assumptions about the behaviour of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how it interacts with the human immune system, at an individual as well as a population level.


"Serious Fraud Office (SFO) And National Crime Agency (NCA) Ignoring 450+ Signatures Forged By Lloyds Bank": Former Detective David Laity, Castle Park Business Support Unit (BSU) Survivor - Boris' Satanic Bird? Aleister Crowley Fan Carrie Symonds - The New Normal Documentary On The Covid Conspiracy And Fourth Industrial Revolution - WEF 2021 Bid To Overturn Abrahamic, Biblical Faiths With A Money-Based Fake Religion? – BBC Mass Propaganda Hoax In January 1926, Beat Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds by 12 Years - Charles Galton Darwin: British Eugenics Bees Ants Maniac Author Of The Next Million Years (1952) - NOT The BCfm Politics Show - presented by Tony Gosling

Interview with David Laity from Cornwall, a former police detective, on how he took out a loan with Lloyds Bank to build a house, how the builder defrauded him and was jailed, but Lloyds still wanted him to pay back the money. Being a former Police Detective he investigated Lloyds and found fraudulent and other criminal activity, including over four hundred Lloyds documents with forged signatures, with many other victims having similar stories. The (A4J) team is made up of volunteers who freely and willingly give up their time and resources in an effort to get restitution for the many victims of systemic banking fraud and wrongdoing.All action4justice (A4J) team members strive for transparency in all aspects of their work whilst maintaining confidentiality whenever appropriate.Our mission is simple: to seek fair restitution which is commensurate with the hardship, suffering and mental anguish of the victims of banking fraud. A4J advice and website use is free; all we we ask for in return is, should you receive a payment, you give consideration to a donation to the cause so that we can continue to help other unfortunate victims in a similar situation to yours: You will, from experience, know exactly how that feels and the need for support through the difficult times. Pledging to the Mission By pledging a small portion of any settlement you may receive through the help of the A4J team, you will be helping to continue righting the past wrongs of the banks whilst, at the same time, helping A4J ensure history does not repeat itself and protect the next generation, perhaps your children, from similar suffering and hardship

We are a group of Lloyds Bank victims who want resolution and recompense for the criminal fraud of Lloyds bank in stealing our assets and ruining our lives. Like our compatriots at Virgin Money UK – NAB Remediation Support Group, we are not going away. We are founding members of Banking Victims For A Future 2020 +

Review alleges 'major fraud' at Lloyds Bristol unit committed An independent review into the handling of historic fraud allegations against Lloyds Bank has been shown new documents said to allege a "major fraud" may have been committed. Several business owners alleged they have been ruined by the firm's business support unit based in Bristol. Avon and Somerset Police said it had found no evidence any criminal offences had been committed. But up to 200 alleged victims say their claims were not properly investigated. Last year, Avon and Somerset Police asked Thames Valley Police to conduct a review into allegations made against the financial institution. Thames Valley police and crime commissioner (PCC) Anthony Stansfeld oversaw the successful prosecution of corrupt financiers from HBOS in Reading for a multi-million pound loans scam that destroyed several businesses. Thames Valley Police officers have now interviewed one alleged victim, property investor Kashif Shabir, whose documents were not passed to them by the Avon and Somerset force. Mr Stansfeld has written to the Avon and Somerset crime panel stating the documents "strongly indicated that a major fraud" had been committed against Mr Shabir.

Which Cells Are Targeted? Dr Stanley Laham Ivermectin mRNA autoimmune dangers

Stanley Laham
University of Florida
There is also a predictable nefarious effect, that is the onset of an autoimmune cascade of events.
The mRNA will be translated in the cytoplasm of Cells it penetrates into viral proteins that can prime our immune system to make specific circulating antibodies to prevent the pathogenesis of the virus if exposed.
But this mRNA bray also be incorporated In our DNA by reverse transcription and remain as part of our genome. This would heathy Cells to make viral protein that migrate to the cell membrane. In this scenario, these cells would be recognized as foreign by our immune system and be attacked causing a new autoimmune disease. There is no way to predict over the months and years after vaccination with this viral mRNA how many cells in what organs would be endangered by making this foreign protein.

2-And this is a most important point: the formation of RNA-antigen complexes that is found in those peritoneal exudates macrophages as a precursor to the completed I-RNA strands was not inhibited by either Actinomycin D or rifampin suggesting that the RNA formed in those complexes during the antigen processing phase was not transcribed but formed in another manner, perhaps by Reverse Translatase.
3-The ability of I-RNA to stimulate antibody production in spleen cell cultures is not inhibited by Actinomycin D nor rifampicin indicating clearly that there is no need for transcription of any gene for the antibody produced. The information for the whole antibody must be completely contained in the I-RNA..
So the evidence suggests that some antigens are first sequestered by a specialized sub-population of macrophages that process them by first forming RNA-antigen complexes. That RNA does not need to be transcribed from any gene region since its formation is not blocked by inhibitors of RNA polymerase, but is perhaps elaborated by a Reverse Translatase that probably makes up the major protein component of those complexes. The next step seems to be incorporation of that RNA into a gene region by reverse transcriptase and then transcription of the complete strand of I-RNA. This I-RNA is released and picked up by B lymphocytes that can then initiate an antibody response. Once this I-RNA is incorporated in the appropriate gene region of the B cells by reverse transcription, they become committed memory cells capable of a more rapid secondary immune response if stimulated again by the antigen.
Proof of the existence of such an enzyme would be in RNA-DNA hybridization studies. If one could extract the RNA from the RNA-protein complexes that seem crucial as a precursor to the formation of I-RNA in those specialized cells and show that it would only hybridize with DNA from V or D gene segments of committed memory B cells but not unsensitized B cells from the same donor, it would be a powerful argument for the existence of reverse translation.

COMPLETE Dr Vernon Coleman on Matthew Paris Covid Propaganda Richie Allen Show 14 Dec 2020
The Climate Change Myth
Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA
I used to be a passionate believer in climate change. I was writing about it when it was called global warming several decades ago, and being widely vilified for it – probably by the same people who are now enthusiastic `believers’. In those days people were worried about the ozone layer and greenhouse gases.
Even then the whole issue wasn’t new. Climate change was first written about by a Swede called Svante Arrhenius in 1896. He predicted that fossil fuel emissions might delay the onset of another ice age.
I have, during my life, studied many medical and scientific controversies and tried to analyse the truths and see through the lies, the deceptions and the politically convenient half-truths.
As a scientist I have absolutely no doubt that the climate change scare, and the argument that if the climate is changing it is a man-made phenomenon, have no more truth behind it than the AIDS scare which was promoted with such enthusiasm in the 1990s.
The climate change myth makers are part of a huge and profitable industry and most of those promoting the myth have a vested interest in its survival and its growth. There are books to be sold, television programmes to be made, conferences to organise and billions to be made out of building wind farms and solar farms.
Despite the absence of any evidence, the climate change nonsense is widely supported. The British Government’s Department of Energy has even changed its name to the Department of Energy and Climate Change and has its new name expensively installed outside the front door.
The leading advocates of climate change include the adorably potty and naïve meat eating Prince Charles, who has forecast that the world will end in 2017; a fading pop singer; a dressmaker; the sanctimonious tax avoiding hypocrite Bonio and what seems like the entire editorial staff of the BBC, who seem happy to give airtime to any minor celebrity or pseudo-scientist who is prepared to enthuse about the dangers of climate change while denying any airtime at all to scientists who bravely refuse to follow the official BBC line.
Climate change enthusiasts have promoted their cause by flying around the world to hold meetings, by throwing bombs at policemen, by holding demonstrations designed to block the traffic and pollute the air and by forging documents purporting to give their spurious arguments some sort of a scientific basis.
The whole global warming fiasco is marked by smug, self-righteous, ignorant celebrities who are delighted by their own certainty and the knowledge that whatever constraints are introduced will not apply to them. I would be more impressed by their earnestness if Prince Charles and Bonio vowed to fly no more and to turn their aeroplanes into tractors.
Despite all this hot air, the evidence supporting the climate change argument is thinner and weaker than a wet tissue. The global temperature (as measured by satellite) really hasn’t risen (though climate change propagandists have tried to ‘adjust’ the figures to show that it has). In the old days that used to be called ‘cheating’ or ‘fiddling the results’.
The computer modelled predictions which are regularly used to frighten us all have been shown to be plain, old-fashioned wrong.
Polar bear populations recently reached a 50 year high and the amount of ice in Antarctica is growing. These are facts which don’t fit the hoax being perpetrated by the climate change conspiracy theorists but they are facts nevertheless.
And the perhaps rather surprising fact is that the IPCC’s last Assessment Report concluded that there really isn’t any evidence supporting the theory that climate change has led to an increase in extreme weather events.
In Britain, the climate change fanatics blame flooding on climate change and regard the fact that the nation has for decades been building approximately 10% of its new houses on flood plains as a simply inconvenient truth. They also regard the fact that councils have failed to unblock drains or dredge rivers as irrelevant and unsuitable for their purposes. And flooding, they believe, has absolutely nothing to do with the draining of peat bogs (nature’s natural reservoirs) or the enthusiasm of farmers for chopping down every tree they can possibly find cluttering up their land.
Meanwhile, it seems that those who are most vocal in warning us all that we must not fly, drive our cars or heat our homes are the ones who spend much of their lives in their aeroplanes or their expensive limousines and when they aren’t moving about the planet they are relaxing in one of their many luxurious, well-heated homes.
The climate change mythologists ignore the considerable downside. Millions of people have suffered (and are still suffering) because of the ill-based exhortations of the climate change mythologists.

Investigative Journalist Greg Felton.wmv

Investigative Journalist Greg Felton
SARS-CoV-2 Contagion Collusion Corruption
04 Dec 2020

Contagion, Collusion, Corruption
This is a pre-order. Books will begin shipping the second week of December, regardless of shipping option selected.

Softcover, 120 pages

FROM RESPECTED INVESTIGATIVE AUTHOR GREG FELTON comes a book so shocking, so earth-shaking that it is sure to be suppressed and censored by Amazon, Google, Facebook—and the U.S. government!

SARS-CoV-2: Contagion, Collusion, Corruption uncovers the collusion among scientists, governments, and media to keep the world ignorant of the real origin of SARS-CoV-2 to the detriment of public health.

From early attempts by Beijing to fabricate cover stories, to the inability of the WHO to act in the public interest, to genetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2, Felton separates fact from fiction, science from hysteria, to expose the mismanagement, incompetence, cover-ups, and dishonesty that obscure who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Through meticulous investigation, dedicated reporting, and exclusive sourcing of primary documents, SARS-CoV-2 unearths a more complex understanding of the rise, spread, and consequences of the first year of the pandemic than has yet been seen. The tragedy of SARS-CoV-2 is that it could have been prevented because it is merely a symptom of the toxic practice of genetically manipulating viruses, ostensibly to develop vaccines.

Meticulously researched, Felton demonstrates with cold, hard facts the following:

Scientists caught faking genomic data to make SARS-CoV-2 look like as if it had a natural origin.
Gain of Function (GoF) experiments in Wuhan beginning soon after President Barack Obama issued a moratorium on U.S. based experiments for safety reasons.
Continuing funding for China-based GoF experiments violates the spirit—if not the law—of the moratorium
SARS-CoV-2 showing signs of genetic manipulation and certain nucleotide sequences that are statistically implausible in nature.
Prestigious journals like Nature perpetuating the false “natural origin theory.”
Rampant collusion between researchers and journalists to promote the natural origin theory has been documented.
EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based non-profit, leading the effort to sabotage the lab-origin theory.
U.S. and Chinese high-security labs having a long history of accidental viral release and/or biosafety lapses.
Strong evidence from multiple sources are cited that HIV was spliced into SARS-CoV virus to create SARS-CoV-2.
GoF research violating U.S. law against creating biological weapons.

Streamed live on 5th January 2021
Day 205 of the Stand 20 | 2021 - A year of the Supernatural

Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and his wife Adonica are the founders of Revival Ministries International, The River at Tampa Bay Church, and River University in Tampa, Florida. They travel about 46 weeks of the year, holding weekly meetings in cities across North America and in 85 nations worldwide. Their commission is to win the lost and to awaken the Church to fulfill the Great Commission. On December 1, 1996, Drs. Rodney and Adonica founded The River at Tampa Bay Church, a multi-racial church representing a cross-section of society from rich to poor, from all nations, and bringing people to a place of maturity in their Christian walk. River University, which started as River Bible Institute in 1997, consists of River Bible Institute, River School of Worship, River School of Government, River Bible Institute Español, and River School of the Bible Online. For more information about Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, The River Church, and/or River University, visit

I believe we stand on the brink of a Third Great Awakening, a revival that will result in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen.
– Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne

The Manifesto
The “antichrist” system, operating through the WHO, the UN, and governments worldwide, have mocked the Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

They have done this by arbitrarily shutting down the Church, by not acknowledging or recognizing the Church as an essential service, by openly discriminating against, and even persecuting, the Church. In their arrogance and godlessness, they have attempted to neutralize the Word and power of God and to mute the voice of the Church—the voice of Righteousness and Truth.

They ignore or belittle the teachings of Jesus Christ.
They mock the Word of Almighty God; the Blood of Jesus; the power of the Holy Spirit; the power of our worship; Psalm 91, the saving, keeping, and preserving power of God; the power of Communion, the table of the Lord, the body and blood of Jesus; the doctrine of laying on of hands; the commandment to gather together; the power of unity and prayer of agreement.

So, with the Stand, like Elijah, we mock the prophets of Baal; we mock the mainstream media; we mock those who oppose and resist Almighty God.
They will fall and fail—every one of them.

British researchers have been examining and pooling data from a wide range of international studies — including Argentina, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan, Spain, Egypt, India and the USA — and found that the anti-parasitic medicine Ivermectin not only reduces deaths from Covid-19 but can be used to protect doctors and nurses, as well as others who have had contact with ill people, from getting the virus.

One report on the drug was published recently by an independent UK-based medical research company, the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd (E-BMC).

Similar research has been conducted by Dr Andrew Hill of the University of Liverpool and funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) as part of its Access to Covid-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator programme.

The research also backs up recent findings from the US by Dr Pierre Kory and clinical experts of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).

Doctors estimate that Ivermectin probably reduces the risk of a person dying from Covid-19 by between 65% and 95%.

In addition, some researchers are calling for Ivermectin to be offered as a prophylactic measure to health care workers.

Commenting on the research, Dr Tess Lawrie of the E-BMC, said, “This is really good news. Ivermectin will have a significant impact on the battle against Covid-19.

“It also offers great hope for the better protection of our doctors and nurses who are on the front lines of this terrible crisis, as well as the protection of those who have had ‘contacts’ with sick people.

“Ivermectin is a well-known, safe and inexpensive medicine that is currently unlicensed in the UK for human use.

“This research is the integration of global efforts by clinicians, researchers, and study participants to make a difference in the fight against Covid-19. We owe a debt of thanks to them all.”

Dr Stephen Malthouse Bridge City News Alberta Canada Gagged Covid Doctors

In 2011, a review of the literature by the British Columbia Centres for Disease Control that sought to
evaluate the effectiveness of social distancing measures such as school closures, travel restrictions, and
limitations on mass gatherings as a means to address an in􀃙uenza pandemic concluded that “such drastic
restrictions are not economically feasible and are predicted to delay viral spread, but not impact overall
mortality”. [Italics added]
Speci􀃘cally, there appears to be no scienti􀃘c or medical evidence for
1. Self-isolation of asymptomatic people
2. social distancing
3. facemasks
4. arbitrary closure of businesses
5. closure of schools, daycares, park amenities, and playgrounds
6. the discontinuance of access to education, medical, dental, chiropractic, naturopathic, hearing, dietary,
therapeutic, and other support for the physically and mentally disabled, particularly special needs
children with neurological disorders
7. the closing down of or restrictions on religious places of worship.
According to the CDC Pandemic Severity Index, none of these measures have been warranted. The Great
Barrington Declaration, signed by more than 30,000 health scientists and medical doctors from around the
world, adds support for this statement.
Surprisingly, the recommendation for reducing COVID-19 morbidity and mortality by supplementing with
vitamin D, a measure that is supported by high-quality research, has been absent from your frequent public
broadcasts and professional bulletins. Optimizing nutrition is a convenient, inexpensive, and safe method of
improving immune resistance and has been con􀃘rmed through numerous studies for both prevention and
treatment of COVID-19. As far as I am aware, you have never mentioned something as simple as vitamin D
supplements for our most vulnerable citizens. Yet, it was the promise to protect these same citizens that was
used to justify the lockdown of a healthy population and the closure of businesses.
Why are you still using PCR testing? The Deputy Chief Medical Of􀃘cer for Health in Ontario has publicly
stated that the PCR test yields over 50% false positives. A New York Times investigative report found that
PCR testing yields up to 90% false positives due to excessive ampli􀃘cation beyond the recommendations of
the manufacturer. The PCR test was never designed, intended or validated to be used as a diagnostic tool.
Even the Alberta Health Services COVID-19 Scienti􀃘c Advisory Group has stated “clinical sensitivity and
speci􀃘city values have not been determined for lab developed RT-PCR testing in Canada”. Despite expert
consensus, you continue to use this inappropriate and inaccurate test to report so-called “cases” and justify
your decisions.

'Evil Rules You Know, It Really Does...' Peter Cushing rumbles the Covid-19 Virus Maniacs!

Tony Gosling Heaven Under Siege The Beginning of the End?
Covid: A Psychological, Economic Biological and Spiritual Warfare Operation?
Eschatology 2020



Sunday December 6 2020
1100 - 1700 GMT
Moeen Yaseen Introduction and Setting the Scene


Clive Menzies Morality, Money and the Great Reset

Tony Gosling Heaven under Siege: The Beginning of the End. Covid: Psychological, Economic, Biological and Spiritual Warfare Operation?

David Livingstone The Book of Revelation: Blueprint for the New World Order

Peter Forrest The Conversation that is never had



Dr. Arif Siddiqui The real picture on the Global War of Terror

Muazzam Sandhu The future of Kashmir and India under the Hindutva regime Brig Akhtar Janjua Ghazwa i Hind, Hindutva and KaliYug

Professor Abu Sway Al Quds and Ash Sham (Jerusalem and Syria) in Islamic Eschatology


Covid-Like Restrictions! Chamberlain Announces WWII - BBC Home Service Sunday 3rd September 1939


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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights campaigner, historian & investigative radio journalist.

Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war.

Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down.

Tony tweets at @TonyGosling.
Tune in to his Friday NOT The BCfm Politics Show at