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In March of 2018, Tony did a show with Joe Carey (Founder of Radical Truth), Dr. Jay Smith, and Usama Dakdok. They exposed the agenda behind 'interfaith dialogues' which is a popular tactic used by Islamists in the West to make Islam more appealing to people by focusing on 'what we have in common.' However, it's the 'differences' which matter most.

In October of 2017, Tony did a show with Dave Agema & Pastor Joseph explaining how the 'Islamic hatred of Jews' originated and why, and they used Islam's primary sources to make their case. Unfortunately, the Islamic hatred of Jews still continues today because it's ingrained in the Islamic worldview.

In October of 2017, as a follow-up to the show on Muhammad's pre-Islamic wife named Khadija (, Tony did a show with Dr. Bernie Power & Rockie Naser (a former Muslim, now Christian) about Muhammad's favorite wife, Aisha. Watch and listen to learn what Islam's primary sources say about her.

In March of 2017, Tony did a show with Rockie Naser (a former Muslim, now Christian) and Beth Grove, two experts on Islam and Muhammad's many wives. Here's that show which exposes why the 'wear a hijab for solidarity' and 'the hijab ennobles women' claims are pure lies. To watch the follow-up show called, "Aisha: Muhammad's Child-Bride" click here:

In April of 2016, Tony did a show on ABN's Trinity Channel with Tommy Robinson that went viral. This is that classic show in which Tommy warned Americans about Islamization coming to the United States. Nonie Darwish was also a guest in this show during the second segment. In September of 2016, the second show / follow-up interview that Tony did with Tommy was called, "Enemy of the State," based on the title of Tommy's autobiography. You can watch "Enemy of the State" here:

In September of 2016, Tony did a second show with Tommy Robinson, and the title is based on Tommy's autobiography. This is a follow-up show to the first interview that Tony did with Tommy which went viral. It was called, "The Islamization of the United Kingdom" and you can watch it here:

The Islamists don't want you to see this hard-to-find video, which is why it's posted here for you to watch & share with others. A Jew who is fluent in Arabic went undercover as a 'Muslim' to interview and expose the Islamists and their plan for the Islamization of America.

After Tony presented "Lights Out: When Islam Rules America" for the first time, he was asked to be interviewed later that day. Here's the video of the two-hour interview which contains a LOT of commentary about "Lights Out." You can watch the actual presentation here:

A presentation that Tony created to give at an evangelism conference in 2017.

A presentation that Tony created to give at an evangelism conference in 2019.

Who IS Jesus according to Mormonism, the Watchtower, Islam, and Christianity? They all have contradictory teachings when it comes to "Jesus," so how can we know who is right and who is wrong? This video will divide Truth from error.

A presentation that Tony created to give at an evangelism conference in 2018.

Learn about the history of Islam and the creation of Islamic law, and learn why America's founding documents are incompatible with Sharia. You'll also see how Islamic law and Sharia-compliance are coming to the West, and of course, what the ULTIMATE solution is to what's happening.

The Muslim Brotherhood presentation that includes in-depth history, the tactics they've used in the past as well as the present, what they're doing in America, and most importantly, the ULTIMATE solution to stop Islamization.

This video explains what's happening in America in regard to the Islamization of four major areas of society: Education, Immigration, Government, and Churches. It reveals what has already happened in other countries, and how America is currently following in their footsteps. Most importantly, this video includes the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to the Islamization of America. Remember, the one-minute, 'official trailer' is available on YouTube here:


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