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Installing a "J" Hook type ceiling fan in one of the worst case scenario situations.
If you are here just to only watch the fan in action please click here 24:28 to save you time.

Finish: Assorted Brass
Serial number: 186774
Model: 952
Blades: 9852 Walnut
Date: 1978

Running it with only two blades.

Turning it on and off. Look how long the coast time is on this fan.

Fasco's industrial ceiling fan.


Balto Woof



2001 Ford Expedition XLT Sport 5.4 liter Triton V8 engine.

The first part is hearing what it sounds like with the stock exhaust. The second part of the video is what it sounds like with true dual exhaust.

Two glasspack mufflers. The Cats was not removed and no mods was done with the engine.


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