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(He brought this up too but I can't debunk it.)
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An upload of a video from Vidlii.

Here's my explanation. A while ago, there was this guy stalking a good friend of mine. I, along with other people, called the stalker out and eventually, he was banned from Vidlii. On the same day, his friend was also banned for calling people racists and saying Pedophilia was a racist slur. During the friend's ban (going to call him Jay), Jay made a video on youtube, trying to get people to sign a petition to get him unbanned from Vidlii. I saw the video and did a commentary on it. After that Jay went on other social media sites saying that he was mad at me. Recently, the owner of Vidlii let Jay back and he "apologized" for being a major cunt. Well, it turns out that apology was a crock of shit when I saw he wanted a few people (me included) to be banned from Vidlii while the user AliTheZombie13 is on a Banning spree of the best users on the site. This Speedpaint was my response to Jay.



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