Calling out some of the broken promises. Remember when Trump would pay for the wall if he had to? The government just says whatever it takes to pacify you and keep you going along with their ride. You don't have to play their games, do not consent to their government. Would you not declare the government illegitimate after all they've done?

Red flag laws may be implemented when congress returns and false flags may be used to justify the red flags

The government is going to use every method they can to disarm you.
We are already slaves because we don't fight back, they want the guns because they want to ensure their control over us.

I explain why I think the New Zealand gun buyback program is not as successful as they want you to think. I think it's a psyop to help introduce it into the united states while also getting some guns. However the claim that 10,000 guns have been turned in, I have serious doubts.

Police are only becoming stronger with the technology the state gives them, mix that with state sponsored authority over you, equals a harder enemy. Also some news. My bitchute exclusive is Total Liberation

I talk about how the government violates the people

no matter the legitimacy of events, they are being used to push their ultimate agenda of enslaving you. They will use red flag laws to arrest you because the government said you were dangerous.

The man as far as I've read, has survived. I hope he will join the resistance.

Eric was the first I've seen to directly point at the ones who keep us imprisoned and offer to the masses the only true solution that can free us.
Thank you.
Standing up causes a domino effect and others stand up. Being among those who stood up first is an honor that is forever yours that even death can't take from you.

Cop gets away with murder with no charges, and now will get paid to do nothing because he murdered someone. While this happens bankers want you to be a wage slave living in an apartment with perpetual debt.

Bankers hurt you, and they think it's funny.

Just testing the theory on using smoke grenades to counter snipers.
This particular brand and type was more effective than I had hypothesized. The black smoke was from an eg18x smoke grenade. There was a slight wind, so maybe the smoke would have provided cover longer if there had been no wind.

As a guerilla tip, black smoke like this could simulate a real fire, or to simulate a huge engine malfunction. Imagination can go a long ways.

I go over more blacklisted news items and talk about the need for change. Police have no right to regulate your life. Police blindly upholding laws that violate people make them responsible for the harm, police deserve no free pass to hurt people just because "they were doing their job". They choose to be employed in that job.

I go through "blacklisted news" articles for dialogue about my anti authority beliefs and other information.

Some tips on how to move through brush more quietly.

This is a simple homemade video about fighting tyranny. Some of my knowledge is from books with guerilla warfare information and some of my own intuition or other sources.
If we don't stop the bankers, they are going to continue to hurt innocents and the vision of a prison planet will come true. Perpetual evil is at stake. Stand together, people need you to save this planet and right it's future. You can make a better future, one that's worth having fought for.


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