Kelli has always been fascinated with psychology. She wanted to understand why people do the things they do and act the way they do.

Within her path and career in the semiconductor industry, she always loved and had a desire to learn about psychology and human behavior. I always had the feeling that there was more to reality than she was led to belief…something within her that she could feel, but is hard to describe. An urge to find the deeper truths of life itself.

This led Kelli into diving deep into learning more about belief systems, spirituality, where we come from, and ultimately the programming of humanity, a phenomenon that we have been exposed to for quite some time.

In 2008, Kelli still had many unanswered questions and began working with a Life Coach, who showed her a deeper understanding and the truth of who she really is. Thus, in 2010, she became a Certified Life Coach because of this passion for personal empowerment and her desire to help other people.

In August 2020, she started The Rivers Edge, a platform where she interviews a variety of guests on spirituality and current events. Because she is really interested in personal empowerment, she aims to share wisdom, knowledge, and information so people can realize we actually do create our own realities with our thoughts and feelings.

For now, Kelli thinks that we are watching the movie play out, but we must stay centered, strong and defiant to protect our freedom and the freedom of generations to come.

One of Kelli's most favorite things to do is spend time at the beach with her dog and she loves nature in all its varieties.

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We talk about:

1. Mindset: Everything starts in the mind. Our bodies can do it, but our mind needs a little training. It's all subconscious reprogramming.

2. Food: How to eat delicious high fat food aka ketogenic diet and feel amazing. Intermittent fasting options as well.

3. Fitness: I will give you efficient workouts to get the body moving and boosting your energy.

4. Self Care: This is important to long term success for us ladies. I will show you how to fit that much-deserved self-care into your crazy schedule.

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Teymara is a Transformational Therapist, Subconscious deprogrammer, Insight Reader and more. Her Transformational Therapist title was given to her by the actress Shirley MacLaine during a discussion about the difficulty of putting a single title on someone who has such a broad range of experience and skills. The title is ideal because Teymara’s focus is on supporting people to transform their lives and become empowered.

The journey of her life and career has allowed her to accumulate a collection of qualifications she can call upon to help people transform their negative programming, overcome life hurdles, find direction and live the lives they were meant to live by understanding their souls’ purpose.


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