Began sailing towards Cartagena, Colombia. More seasickness. Mano (dog) experienced dolphins. Enjoyed the ocean. Arrived in Cartagena.

The ship's cook dug an infection out of my foot with a hook knife. Boated to the third San Blas island. The crew found some aggressive fish. Set out across the ocean towards Cartagena, Colombia.

Boated to the second San Blas Island. Went snorkeling. Dug sea urchins spines out of my hand. Explored the island. Annalise lost her toenail. Had a bonfire. Got an infection in my foot and can't walk.

Slept my first night on the ocean. Vomited a lot with seasickness. Boated to the first San Blas island. Explored the ocean.

Got my truck inspected for shipment. Drove to Colon, Panama. Put my truck into a shipping container. Drove to Puerto Lindo, Panama. Fended off aggressive dogs. Talked with interesting travelers.

Drove To Panama City. Mano (dog) navigated an escalator. Google Translate told me to say something inappropriate to children. Explored the city coastline. Discussed Mens vs Womens IQ as it applies to leadership roles.

Crossed into Panama. Drove to Boquete, Panama. Watched Mano (dog) play tetherball. Toured a bee and butterfly farm.

Drove to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Learned how to harvest coconuts. Explored beaches.

Nicaraguan police tried to rob me. Crossed into Costa Rica. Lots of bribery demands by both Nicaraguan and Costa Rican officials. Drove to La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Visited a natural food farm. Learned how to process sugar cane by hand.

Found a scorpion in my pants. Crossed into Nicaragua. Drove to Leon, Nicaragua. Sledded down a volcano.

Crossed into Honduras. Drove to Choluteca, Honduras. Talked with police about protesters and if it's safe for tourists. Discussed the women who kill their babies.

Crossed into El Salvador. Played in the ocean with Mano, my dog. Discussed women in power.

Crossed into Guatemala. Visited a Guatemalan Catholic service. Discussed how to filter good women from bad. Went to dinner with a Guatemalan woman.

Drove To Talachupa. Got sick. Discussed women in leadership roles.

Drove to Oaxaca, Mexico. Discussed family vs career women. Saw construction mannequins.

Drove to Mexico City. Discussed the politics of how equality is not a virtue. Saw a lot of military transports.

Drove To Chapala, Mexico. Had an accident and dealt with Mexican insurance. Stopped by citizen roadblocks. Discussed how to retire in Mexico.

Drove to Manzanita, Mexico. Got stopped twice at police checkpoints. Stayed in a hostel with a super classy live band on the rooftop.

Driving from Phoenix, Arizona to Hermosillo, Mexico today. And hear my thoughts on Disney princess films.

I'm moving to Ecuador. And guess what? I decided to do it the hard way - driving. Join me as I travel through the countries of Central America with my dog. Here we go.


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