Went for a walk on the beaches of Peru. Discussed my new software project. We (Mano and I) found a family of seals.

Tried an experiment...

Drove to La Balza, Peru and crossed into Peru. Discussed if American Men are the bitches of their women. Drove south to Trujillo, Peru looking for a home. Drove to the north coast and found a place to settle.

Went to the border to check on visa renewals. Saw the city of Loja was empty. Discussed the civil unrest in Ecuador. Decided to move to Peru.

Here I show you my own unique design for very cost-effective ant-proof beehive stands. Halfway through I discovered how to improve my design to make the stands automatically refilling - a case of accidental genius. My completed design is the best I've ever seen. Do you agree?

Discussed what the #MeToo movement reveals about women's nature.

Explored a beautiful mountain orchard property in Ecuador with its own stream tucked away in a hidden valley - a prepper's paradise.

It is a forest in the clouds and may be the land with the most beautiful view I have ever seen. Explored a new property halfway between Guayaquil and Cuenca, Ecuador.

I added music to my videos for greater interest. Let me know if it works for you or not. Thanks!

Drove to Ipiales, Colombia. Got stuck at the border without my truck. Did I make it to Ecuador?

Drove to Pasto, Colombia. Found a supplier of stingless bees and honey. :) Cops searched my truck. :(

Discussed women who monkey branch. Drove to Cali, Colombia.

Drove to Tolu, Colombia, but couldn't find a hostel. Drove to Caucasia, Colombia. Got stopped by lots of Colombian police. Discussed Western women's lust for power. Drove to Medellin, Colombia.

Got my truck out of a shipping container after sending it across the ocean from Panama to Colombia. It took 3 days! Got sick again.

Began sailing towards Cartagena, Colombia. More seasickness. Mano (dog) experienced dolphins. Enjoyed the ocean. Arrived in Cartagena.

The ship's cook dug an infection out of my foot with a hook knife. Boated to the third San Blas island. The crew found some aggressive fish. Set out across the ocean towards Cartagena, Colombia.

Boated to the second San Blas Island. Went snorkeling. Dug sea urchins spines out of my hand. Explored the island. Annalise lost her toenail. Had a bonfire. Got an infection in my foot and can't walk.

Slept my first night on the ocean. Vomited a lot with seasickness. Boated to the first San Blas island. Explored the ocean.

Got my truck inspected for shipment. Drove to Colon, Panama. Put my truck into a shipping container. Drove to Puerto Lindo, Panama. Fended off aggressive dogs. Talked with interesting travelers.

Drove To Panama City. Mano (dog) navigated an escalator. Google Translate told me to say something inappropriate to children. Explored the city coastline. Discussed Mens vs Womens IQ as it applies to leadership roles.

Crossed into Panama. Drove to Boquete, Panama. Watched Mano (dog) play tetherball. Toured a bee and butterfly farm.

Drove to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Learned how to harvest coconuts. Explored beaches.

Nicaraguan police tried to rob me. Crossed into Costa Rica. Lots of bribery demands by both Nicaraguan and Costa Rican officials. Drove to La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Visited a natural food farm. Learned how to process sugar cane by hand.

Found a scorpion in my pants. Crossed into Nicaragua. Drove to Leon, Nicaragua. Sledded down a volcano.


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