NZ38A Edendale to Invercargill 2nd and 3rd May 2000
Loggins And Messina - Same Old Wine: Rock 'N' Roll Mood.
Billy Joe Thomas: We Have To Get Our Ship Together; The Stories We Can Tell.
Invercargill Talk. Invercargill South. Looking at house for $19000, done to $12000 and I could have bought for $9000. I should haven done so! It was opposite the hospital and with a little care would have remained tenanted for ever!
Guts And Glory an exhibition of Rugby Cartoons. Then the animals, and the Maori and other exhibitions.

NZ37A After Balcultha to Near Gore 2nd May 2000
Starts with the rest of the Hall & Oates album A Lot Of sChanges Coming Down with Perkiomen; Past Times Behind.
Then we have the rare Hall & Oates Album: Whole Oats: I'm Sorry; All Our Love; Georgie; Fall In Philadelphia; Waterwheel; Lazyman /2 Good Night And Good Morning; They Needed Each Other; Southeast City Window; Thank You For…; Lilly (Are You Happy).

NZ38B Invercargill to near Winton 3rd and 4th May 2000
I am sure Tali White of the Lucksmiths will like seeing the Birds in the exhbition and later in Queens Park. After all he did have a Lucksmith’s CD called Which Bird Is That, released in August 1996. I either bought it or had it given to me at the CD launch. It is signed by the band. I probably made a video of them on the same day.
Still in the Exhibition: Beyond the Roaring 40s. Albatross. Antarctica. Trams.
Queens Park. The Rose Garden etc. the Aviary; The Japanese Garden; Wallaby, Rabbits, Deer
Invercargill Croquet Club
Train maps
Leaving Invercargill.
Quicksliver Messenger Service: Gypsy Lights; Cowboy On The Run; I Heard You Singing; They Don't Know.

NZ37B Near Gore to Edendale 2nd May 2000
Talk introduction to Loggins & Messina.
Loggins And Messina LP: Sitting In: Nobody But You; Danny's Song; Vanevala.
Gore talk.
Loggins & Messina continue: Trilogy comprising: Lovin Me, To Make A Woman Feel Wanted, and Peace Of Mind.
Mataura and Southland Talk.
Loggins And Messina cont: Back To Georgia; house On Pooh Corner.
Edendale talk.
Loggins and Messina: A Country Song.

NZ35A Moraki to Waiting For Other Direction Train To Pass 2nd May 2000
Duncan Sheikh: Out Of Order; November; Home; The End Of Outside; Little Hands.
Palmerston Talk.
Pilot and their Magic CD: Sooner Or Later; January; Girl Next door; Auntie Iris; Just A Smile; You're My No 1. Train stops awhile while waiting for other direction train.

NZ36A The Big Tunnel, through Dunedin to Sheep 2nd May 2000
Jim Messina - Whispering Waters; Stay The night; It's Alright Here; Move Into Your Heart - start only.
Did Andrew Cash with Sleepwalker and These Days get on here?
Dunedin talk. Money Talks: New Frontier (as we go through some big tunnels); Brave Young Boy (Wall Street Mix)
Mosgiel talk. Nick Barker's version of Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me); Pink Floyd: Sheep.

NZ35B Other Direction Train passes to The Big Tunnel after Doctor's Head 2nd May 2000.
Pilot and their Magic CD cont: Call Me Round; High In The Sky; Magic; Penny In My Pocket; Canada; Trembling; Never Give Up; Over The Moon; Don't Speak Loudly; Lovely Lady Smiles.
The River Detectives: Train Song.
Jim Messina - Child Of my Dreams.

NZ36B After Sheep to I’ll Be Bye 2nd May 2000
David Crosby: Traction In The Rain; Song With No Words; Orleans; I'd Swear There Was Someone Here.
Milton talk:
Monkees: Last Train To Clarkesville. Hall & Oates album: A Lot Of Changes Coming Down: A Lot Of Changes Coming Down; In Honour Of A Lady; Deep River Blues; The Reason Why; If That's What Makes You Happy; The Provider.
Balcutha talk. Hall & Oates continue with side 2: They Needed Each Other; Angeline; I'll Be Bye.

NZ34B In and leaving Oamaru 1st and 2nd May 2000
1st May 2000 Around Oamaru as night falls and my hotel.
2nd May 2000 Leave Oamaru talk.
Music: Charlie Sexton: Impressed (DUB Version from extended EP from Japan); Beats So Easy; It's Not Easy.
Duncan Sheik CD (continued): Barely Breathing; Reasons For Living; Days Go By; Serena.

NZ34A Around Oamaru 1st May 2000

Tour around Oamaru. Oamaru Talk. My talk.
The Dream Academy: A Different Kind Of Weather; Lowlands; Not For Second Prize.
Melanie: Little Bit Of Me; Someday I'll Be A Farmer; Steppin (around here is the Plant Nursery Geodesic Dome); Brand New Key Ring Around The Moon; Ring The Living Bell: Shine The Living Light (Chant), Ring The Living Bell, Shine The Living Light (Chant Reprise).
Looking for the Yellow Eyed Penguins. This first one was not a penguin but some common bird. A couple of penguins did turn up eventually.

NZ33B After Timuru to near Oamaru 1st May 2000
In Aura: Sense (11.03)
The Last Americans: I Would; Afraid For The First Time.
Maypole Product CD: Clearance Sale (6 Years); Call It Pride.
This Way CD: Wanna Be.
Styx I CD: What Has Come Between Us.
Duncan Sheikh CD: She Runs Away; In The Absence Of Sun.

NZ33A Rangiata to past Timaru 1st May 2000
(which I am making into the film on 1st May 2023 - 23 years later to the day!)
Icecream Hands (from Sweeter Than The Radio) cont: Picture Disc From The Benelux; Bad Hip; You Could Be Reported; Giving It All Away; Stupid Boy; Magic Pudding Blues; The Obvious Boy; Seawall.
Crosby Stills and Nash: Cathedral.
Timaru Talk.
Simon & Garfunkel: Scarborough Fair.
In Aura: One Million Smiles; Coma Aroma (5.27)

NZ32A Christchurch 30 Apr 2000 and Leaving 1 May 2000
Christchurch in Worchester Boulevard 30 April 2000.
Dream Academy - Forest Fire - part.
May 1st Christchurch talk.
Leaving on The Southerner. In 2015 when I first uploadd this video the train was no longer running. Lobby the NZ politicians and tourist board to get it going again!.
Icecream Hands from Memory Lane: Traffic Jam; Is It Your Electric Chair; Winter’s Tune; Paper Bird; Iron Shoes; Here We Go'Round Again; Embarrasment Head; Supermarket Scene; Leave Us Kittens Alone; The Angel Inside; Go When You Want To; Is It Already Too Late.
David Crosby from his If Only I could Remember My Name LP: Music Is Love.

NZ31A Springfield to Entering Christchurch 29 and 30 April 2000.
These videos of Christchurch in 2000 were years before the big 2011 earthquake. So I wonder how much of this survived or was recreated. ALC 22nd April 2023.
Kenny Loggins from his Alive double CD with: Whenever I Call You Friend; Celebrate Me Home.
Springfield Talk.
Dream Academy's A Different Kind Of Weather CD: Love.
Christchurch Radio as train arrives at night. 29th April in Christchurch rado with Enrique Iglesias and The Rythym.
30th April 2000: The day in Christchurch.
Dream Academy continue: Mercy Killing; Lucy September (Punting On The Avon River); Gaby Says; Waterloo.
My talk about Botanical Gardens

NZ32B On The Southerner Train 1 May 2000
David Crosby from his If Only I could Remember My Name LP: Cowboy Movie; Tamalpais High; Laughing; What Are Their Names.
Ashburton Talk.
The Eagles: Take It Easy
Icecream Hands from Sweeter Than The Radio: Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?; Spiritlevel Windowsill; Dodgy; Rise, Fall and Roll; Nipple; Yellow And Blue; Gasworks Park.

NZ31B Christchurch 30 April 2000.
My talk about Botanical Gardens
Dream Academy continue: Twelve-Eight Angel (I think it was the chap Punting the boats who got into the Citroen 2CV, and he waived at me as he drove away. Actually looks much older, so perhaps he was a French Chef at a restaurant); Valentine's Day;
Health and Healing fair and tram ride.
Art Gallery. Garden concert: The Girl From Ipanema part.
Christchurch Cathedral. Climbing the stairs and view from the tower. I believe the tower fell down in the late earthquake. I wonder if it was rebuilt?
Dream Academy continue: It'll Never Happen Again as we finish this video at Worchester Boulevard Christchurch.

NZ30B White Bridge to Springfield Area 29 April 2000
Mt. White Bridge talk.
Kenny Loggins from his Keep The Fire CD: This Is It.
Kenny Loggins From Back To Avalon CD: Back To Avalon.
Kenny Loggins From Vox Humana CD: Let There Be Love; I'll Be There; I'm Gonna Do It Right; Forever; At Last; Lorraine; Love Will Follow.

NZ30A From Terramacoy River (After Inchbonnie) to White Bridge 29 Apr 2000
Van Morrison: It's All In the Game; You Know What They're Writing About.
Otira Talk.
Kenny Loggins: Walking In Air; The Bells Of Christmas.
Arthur's Pass talk.
Seals & Crofts: Ledges.
Bealey Bridge talk.
Kenny Loggins: Coventry Girl; Angels In The Snow; December.

NZ29B Sat 29th April 2000 on the TranzAlpine train

Kokiri talk.
Tommy Shaw cont: Free To Love You; The Race Is On
Moana talk.
Seals & Crofts Unborn Child LP: Prelude; (It looks like I jumped the tape forward a few minutes, so I may have missed one or two songs here, such as Wildflowers and Desert People); Unborn Child seems to be partly here; The Story Of Her Lover; Dance By The Light Of The Moon.
Inchbonnie talk.
Rockmelons: New Groove.
Jackson's talk
Van Morrison: And The Healing Has Begun.

NZ29A Leaving Greymouth Sat 29 Apr 2000:
Greymouth walk.
Train arrives and goes to turnaround.
Leave Greymouth talk.
Tommy Shaw: Girls With Guns LP: Girls With Guns; Come In And Explain; Lonely School; Heads Up; Kiss Me Hello.
Stillwater talk.
Tommy Shaw side 2: Fading Away; Little Girl World; Outside In The Rain.

NZ28B Kama playing at The Richmond Hotel, Greymouth Set Three 28 Apr 2000
Troy Murcott is in the band
Third Set: Losing My Religion; Gunshy; guitarists swap guitars!; No Secrets From You; another swap around with the drummer going to the lead guitar; Homesick Blues; Strung Out; Here I Am; Red; Going Down; I'ts Been Bugging Me; Bad Case Of Loving You.

NZ28A Kama playing at The Richmond Hotel, Greymouth cont 28 Apr 2000
Troy Murcott is in the band
Brown Eyed Girl; Listen To The Music; Tear It Up; Long Train Running; Tell Me Why.
Second Set: Summer Of 69; You Really Got Me Now; I Don't know Why Does Love Do This To Me; China Grove; I'm Walking; Treat Her Right; Mister Jones; I'm Still Alive.

NZ27B After Stillwater to Greymouth 28 Apr 2000
Music from the band Stillwater contiues: Sometime Sunshine; Alone On A Saturday Night.
Deacon Blue: Born In A Storm; Raintown; Chocolate Girl;
In Greymouth Deacon Blue continue Dignity; Kings Of The Western World.
Greymouth talk. Jess Roden And Peter Wood: Future Soon. Simon And Garfunkle: Bridge Over Troubled Water.
The band Kama playing a three set gig at The Richmond Hotel, Greymouth. Troy Murcott is in the band: Mustang Sally; Hurt So Good; April Sun in Cuba.
Kama continue on the next two videos.

NZ27A To After Stillwater 28 Apr 2000
Françoise Hardy: The Rose (Mon Ami The Rose); Only You Can Do It (Je Veux Qu'll Revienne); Another Place (La Nuit Est Sur La Ville); Autumn Rendezvous (Rendezvous D'Automne).
Moanna Talk.
Pink Floyd: Arnold Lane.
Player: Come On Out; Baby Come Back; Goodbye (That's All I Ever Heard).
Kokiri talk.
Player: This Time I'm In It For Love; Trying To Write A Hit Song.
Stillwater talk.
Music from the band Stillwater: Women (Beautiful Women).

NZ26B On Tranz Alpine Train To After Inchbonnie 28 April 2000
Fabrique: Move On. Jess Roden and Peter Wood: Some Vision. Arthur's Pass talk. Love And Money: Avalanche
Otira Talk. Music to Jacksons: Kansas: Ghosts; Rainmaker; One Man One Heart; The Bells Of St James.
Jackson's talk.
Music: Michael Jackson: Thriller.
Inchbonnie talk.
Music: Gimme An Inch by Iain Matthews.
Françoise Hardy: Just Call And I'll Be There (Le Temps Des Souvenirs)


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