Roll Over Your 401K or IRA Into a Gold or Precious Metals IRA

The Stock Market Takes Another Massive Dive After Posting an 1085 Point Gain Just Yesterday

Just one day after the single largest point gain in history, the Dow Jones is down about 600 points at the time of this recording. While many were touting the 1085 point gain as proof of a great economy, a mere 2 days after a 650 point drop, the fundamentals and current price action are telling a vastly different story. At this point, it's going to be up to everyone out there with money, investments, a 401K or IRA to make some hard decisions soon regarding their money management. Will you stay in the most volatile market since 2008 and hope for the best? Or are you going to start making preparations to secure your own financial future and destiny apart from the crowd?

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Get Your THOT Repellent, Boys- Delete All Social Media Instant Messaging Apps and feel the freedom of getting one step further away from the digital queen bee plantation. Just say no to big tech companies in bed with the modern SJW cuckening movement.

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Nationalist. Patriot. Pro-Freedom. These are all the slogans of Alex Jones and his Infowars broadcast. Yet on some very important news stories affecting the rights and freedoms of Americans and others around the world, he is conspicuously silent. But why though?

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Roll Over Your 401K or IRA Into a Gold or Precious Metals IRA

The Stock Market is in Freefall Collapse- Get Out of Your IRA or 401K While You Still Can. It's beginning to look a lot like 2008, only a lot worse. While 2008 was the result of bad sub-prime mortgages and a global recession, the "everything bubble" of 2018 looks like it has finally burst. No longer can the government band-aid problems like the new housing market crash, record levels of debt for corporations, people, and countries, as well as weak retail numbers and economic slowdowns occurring all over the world. Take action to preserve your retirement account while you still have one!

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Yak Shemazh! In today's video we will be discussing the $hitCoin known as Rock2 Token, which was produced by mining BitCoin in an imaginary mountain cave near Almaty Kazakhstan. At first my brother Billow was hesitant to mine Bitcoins, but I assured him that he would be rewarded with 2 mules and an unchapparoned date with his sister upon completion of the Rock2 Token scam. It is least I can do for him after he perform the task of admin on the crypto message boards for the glorious wealth enrichment of my pockets. I LIKE!!! Shen kuуй!

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Whether you are a retail associate, barista, waiter/server, bartender, or just some guy standing next to a tip jar, these tips and observations from dining out in SE Asia are going to solidify your skills as a tip winning cash making hospitality machine, or person, if you identify as human, like I often do.

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Recently outstanding online model of journalistic integrity featured my youtube channel in a hit piece and said a few things about me that weren't very nice... ALL THIS AND AFTER EVERYTHING I DID FOR YOU DURING WORLD WAR 2... in this video I give my response to making the tabloids in the UK and review and debate Tim Patten's new book: "Masculinity Is Our Future"... leave your comments below!

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China is the greed engine of the beast system, trapping countries and ensnaring them with their own citizens' desire to have more for less, until all you see around town is Payless. Tonight's political bedtime story takes a closer look at the reptilian known as the red dragon.

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It's that time of year again when I shine the light on darkness while the mainstream media sellouts and the echo chamber of low IQ repeater citizens hold fast to the biggest lie in American history.

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The CIA controlled mainstream media and well-to-do upper middle class douche rags would have you believe that the economy is spit on your neck kick you in the crotch fantastic, but the facts for the average man tell quite a different story. If you're about the S & P like a Thot aspires to ride a stock broker's D, then homey you don't in fact know me.

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Tonight we remember our dear friend Donald Rumsfeld and look at the overall effects of countries choosing to get rid of their immigration laws to serve their elite political masters, and raise a barbarian army against the working and voting public.

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Today we discuss if Flat Earth is a real thing or just a mental illness. Is the Hollow Earth theory just as empty sounding as its name implies? Today we go beyond the Is rae Lies and learn more about our physical and political universe, taking a look at how many of your US Congress and government have a 2nd citizenship in a foreign country.

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A lot of you are asking "Should I join the military?". I am not trying to talk anyone into or out of US military service, but there are some things you should consider before signing your name and your life on the dotted line. Joining the armed forces can be rewarding and dangerous, exciting and depressing, but is it worth it in 2018 considering the current political climate?

This video was sponsored by Dr. John Char and his son Seth. Many thanks to them for making this possible.

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Deleting my facebook account permanently in response to Alex Jones ban, ending my thousands of dollars spent advertising with them, and generally going about my day.

The Western world is falling apart. When freedom becomes the enemy and people try to silence others or even celebrate it, then it's only a matter of time before it completely implodes.

Those who refuse to learn history are doomed to repeat it.

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