At some point, you have to realize that you'll never abide by the YouTube Community Guidelines. At some point, you'll understand you can't play ball with communists, marxists, SJW's, half-wits, and (((them))).

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Many people will retire, but a significant percentage of retirees worry about not having enough money or outliving their savings in retirement. In today's video, I break down the exact concerns and what you can do to counter act them, addressing the points in various surveys taken by CPA financial planners of their clients.

While many are more confident about retiring, a large portion of people still worry about stock market volatility and being able to pay for health care, as well as maintain their lifestyle and have the ability to cover unexpected costs.

Creating income streams after you retire is possible if you have the right approach, and you won't necessarily reduce your social security benefits either.

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You already know it. Her phone, or you? Don't make her choose.

75% of women admit devices are ruining their relationships

People accuse MGTOW of being secretly INCEL, so what's the truth of it all?

Ever have to pee in a cup so you can keep your job or your liberty? Well, there are ways to confuse their tests, and this video shows you how.

And remember, I'm not only the President, I'm also a client.

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With the current trade war between the US and China, a well-timed tweet by Donald Trump is all it takes for major mainstream media to exclaim that the economy has finally turned around, but is this really true?

Online sales have slumped recently experiencing record-low growth, housing starts are down significantly as people can't afford to buy a new home, and the CASS freight index is showing year over year losses in productivity as fewer individuals and businesses buy goods and services.

Women are crazy about their birthdays. Some might even say they hold their own birthday in higher regard than they hold their boyfriend.

Found this cigarette on the ground and I don't even feel like smoking it but I will to prove that it doesn't control me any more. I recently discovered that certain foods combined with exercise really eliminated the cravings and desire to smoke, try them for yourself.

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21 Signs You are a "GREAT" Boyfriend! (according to some hypergamist broad) - MGTOW

YouTube seems to hate all things white these days, but when it comes to going black, they may never come back.

All humans have a dark side, and females are no exception. While males are often painted as the calculating evil villains throughout history, and no doubt many have been, it's irrational to assume all females are angels.

Gov. Rick DeSantis was in rare form, pledging to persecute Florida residents for Israel while on a trip to Jerusalem, signing bills, eating bagels, and breaking glassware at weddings.

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Dow futures pointed to a higher open today after some positive news from Wal Mart, but it doesn't seem to be enough to pull the rest of the market with it. Even if the Dow Jones industrial average recovers 200 or 300 points, it's only a matter of time before the next round of bad economic news and further stock sell-offs drag it back into the basement.

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Who could have seen this coming, besides anyone paying attention? Economists were quick today to draw cause and effect from yield curves inverting and a potential recession, in between sips of their Monster energy drinks and realizing that now apps are on phones too.

In other news, the sky was blue, and the banks will actually pay you to take on the risk of a new mortgage. And thus the status quo continues on uninterrupted, and we hail our glorious benevolent masters.

Historians will write: "It was a Wednesday."

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Dow Futures slid on Monday in pre-trading as global economic outlook weakened further. This comes in the midst of the US China trade deal's fate remaining uncertain until after the 2020 election, according to Goldman Sachs. Deutsch Bank has gotten completely out of equities sales, Chase Bank has forgiven all credit card debt in Canada, and gold has hit all-time record highs in the Canadian and Australian Dollar and the British Pound, while making 6-year highs in the US dollar.

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Has it been a year already? Time to celebrate. Everything is so much better off Facebook. No pictures of what other people are eating. No hearing about how great everyone's life is. No cheating ex-girlfriends contacting you after they're married with children just to say "hi".

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In the worst day for stocks in 2019, the Dow Jones, S & P 500 and Nasdaq all lost 3% or more as the global economic slowdown is becoming more unavoidable by the day. Even with central banks devaluing currency and slashing interest rates, it seems this market has a lot of downside potential.

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2019 trucking orders have all been in the red, but last month was the worst with new heavy-truck orders coming in at -81%. The CASS Freight Index is also showing a sharp contraction in the number of containers moving throughout the global economy. Truckers have seen 2,500 layoffs while 7 major trucking carriers have closed their doors this year. With what many are calling a manufacturing recession as having already begun, it's only a matter of time before these financial markets follow suit and head downwards.

It's time to protect your 401k or IRA while you still can, because once the market comes down, you won't have much time to respond to the problem.

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Can We Talk ft. Antonia Marquee and Thir13een
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Baby Boomers have come under fire lately on the internet for destroying America, but is the criticism founded when you consider that they are actually the greatest rock stars of our time?
Rock on, you crazy irresponsible boomers. Rock on.

Be Like a Baby Boomer! Use CBD to Solve Your Problems!

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Jerome Powell says the economy's so great, we're going to go ahead and cut interest rates anyway, but just a little tease so we can all see what happens. The stock market responded by dropping a full 1% across the board, not satisfied with the token measures presented at today's Federal Reserve meeting.

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Consumer Reports took a survey of over 1,000 people to identify the top guest complaints when dining out in restaurants. Surprisingly, about 7 of the top 10 complaints were issues that could have been directly solved by the restaurant server or waiter themselves.

Learn how to make more tips and more money as a waiter, server, or bartender:

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