March (through the) Madness

Way Past Help
foREIGNer (2020)

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That's the Idea
foREIGNer (2020)

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In a stunning surprise, the Fab Four have put aside their differences to re-unite for one last song after all these years! And just in the nick of time too, because unlike your girlfriend, they're not taking this Valentine's Day lying down.

"She Cucks Me"
foREIGNer (2020)

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Harvard medical doctors have stated that if most people with sleep apnea would lose just 10% of their body weight, their condition could improve if not be completely eliminated (source below). Today I talk about strategies that you can use right now easily to accomplish this in your own life.


"How Long Do You Have to Use CPAP?'

"Losing just 10% of body weight can have a big effect on sleep apnea symptoms. In some cases, losing a significant amount of weight can even cure the condition."

"Walking benefits for health"

"Intermittent Fasting"

"Sugar, diets, and lifting weights"

Alternative Devices for Snoring

Jangle jangle, let your decorative holiday balls dangle in celebration of our pagan winter solstice holiday where we recount the wonders of the CCCP and maintain the slavic traditions of cold showers, story telling and a night at home spent with the person(s) you love most...

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Let's play a game: I'm going to drop comments on my own channel and see which comments the algorithm automatically deletes. These are not filtered comments by settings within my own channel. These are words that are being auto-deleted platform wide, even on my own channel- and even if I use certain words in a way that supports their narratives and fairy tales.

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Today we take a look at a popular music video from Russia which has all the favorite secretive nods of the Illuminated secret clique, from red, black and white to bird cages and bathtubs- this one's got it all. An interesting turn of events leads us to see what Warner Music Group's former CEO's family members are involved in behind the scenes, and only confirms the reason for all the signs and symbols that show up regularly in their programming for the control of the subconscious of the masses out there.

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Modern Day Kunta Kinte
artist: Pat RIOT

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After an afternoon of watching music videos at the hotel bar, I was blown away at how many black and white checkerboards, mannequins, and videos with people in masks or people going "shush" there were. If you are initiated, then you know these are no coincidence, this is the very way the hidden hand communicates.

After 5 years of being an affiliate of Regal Assets gold IRAs, I decided to stop promoting their offers. Here are my reasons...

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And we shall count ourselves the lucky beneficiaries of those much wiser and greater, ever more clever and liberal in command of the English language than ourselves. The Central Bankers. Oh ye wise keepers of the everything bubble.

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Just Be Yourself (2019)

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The central bank has recently cut rates while pumping over $200 billion into the short term overnight loan market, pledging to continue for the next 14 days with anywhere from half a trillion to over $1 trillion USD in order to maintain liquidity and "keep the economy strong".

What's Happening in The Real Economy:

*Car sales in India and China have plunged, along with heavy truck order in the US
*High-end real estate in the US is no longer finding buyers, same as around the world
*Rents in NY are rising as home prices are falling
*World central banks are performing more QE to inflate asset bubbles
*Market analysts are predicting a sudden downturn could occur based on historical data points matching those of 2008
*Former Overstock CEO and billionaire has stated he will invest around $90 million in gold, silver, and crypto
*Warren Buffet is sitting on over $100 billion in cash at the moment
*Luxury art and cars are not finding buyers at markets from the wealthiest spenders in the world economy

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At some point, you have to realize that you'll never abide by the YouTube Community Guidelines. At some point, you'll understand you can't play ball with communists, marxists, SJW's, half-wits, and (((them))).

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Many people will retire, but a significant percentage of retirees worry about not having enough money or outliving their savings in retirement. In today's video, I break down the exact concerns and what you can do to counter act them, addressing the points in various surveys taken by CPA financial planners of their clients.

While many are more confident about retiring, a large portion of people still worry about stock market volatility and being able to pay for health care, as well as maintain their lifestyle and have the ability to cover unexpected costs.

Creating income streams after you retire is possible if you have the right approach, and you won't necessarily reduce your social security benefits either.

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Bièr Run
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You already know it. Her phone, or you? Don't make her choose.

75% of women admit devices are ruining their relationships

People accuse MGTOW of being secretly INCEL, so what's the truth of it all?

Ever have to pee in a cup so you can keep your job or your liberty? Well, there are ways to confuse their tests, and this video shows you how.

And remember, I'm not only the President, I'm also a client.

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With the current trade war between the US and China, a well-timed tweet by Donald Trump is all it takes for major mainstream media to exclaim that the economy has finally turned around, but is this really true?

Online sales have slumped recently experiencing record-low growth, housing starts are down significantly as people can't afford to buy a new home, and the CASS freight index is showing year over year losses in productivity as fewer individuals and businesses buy goods and services.

Women are crazy about their birthdays. Some might even say they hold their own birthday in higher regard than they hold their boyfriend.


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