Beautiful rendering of God's #FLATearth

Excellent video proving the Bible and #FLATearth yet again.


Most of us don't realize that our actions and attitudes put us unintentionally in debt and uncompensated servitude as we blindly attempt to conform to external agendas promulgated by media, government and corporations. This video exposes some of the mechanisms of mass control.

This video challenges men, women, workers, managers, executives, consumers and debt slaves into examining their most fundamental presumptions about their place and purpose in society.
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I dedicate this awesome song to the ex-slaves of the #Illuminati that stood in the gap for their own souls and many others. Generations were set free during these wars.

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As seen on Season 1 Episode 4 of CW’s Containment - “With Silence And Tears” 2016

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"Meet Me on the Battlefield” - © 2014
Written By: Angie Broberg / Jessica Roadcap / Svrcina
Produced By: David Dorn
Vocal Production: Maks Gabriel

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Photos By: Jeremy Ryan Creatives & Hope Tree Entertainment

Hair & Makeup By: Chrissy Marie Yoder

Hair Color: Sarah Crews

Awesome anthem of love.

Incredible discovery in the ruined cities
of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Look What We Found in SODOM & GOMORRAH (Documentary)..

Joachim Heinrich - Vosages
Kai Engel - Interception / Homeroad

Drone Footage
Discovered Media

Extra Photos of Ashen Cities
Jake Wilson / Kevin Fisher

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An R$E Production 2019
Filmed on location by the Dead Sea.

LIES IN THE TEXTBOOKS (Too bad Dr. Dino - Kent Hovind - didn't take his own advice and reject the #NASA BS and then become a #FLATearth scientist!)

Beautiful #FREESTYLE Anthem

Dedicated to Key TT. Thank you eternally.

From the CONCEPT OF ONE album

Dedicated to Key TT: despite our best efforts we couldn't make this happen. Thank you for your sweet heart.

Dedicated to Key TT. Another #FREESTYLE Forever song that still brings tears. Eternally grateful.

God bless brother Scriven's memory and thanks to those that made this video tribute and history of his life. Good Samaritan even after all the loss he suffered. To God be the Glory.

Thanks to Sister CareBear for linking this to us.

FROM Vincent Rhodes YT Channel
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Vincent Rhodes explores the current events and mysteries of our world from a biblical perspective. Often controversial, he challenges the mainstream narrative, insisting that things in the news and mainstream media are often not what we have been told. In a world of deceit, Vincent Rhodes insists that only the Truth, as revealed through our Lord Jesus Christ, will set us free.

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The only hip-hop tune I know that properly and fully deals with baby-killing. Giving God the glory for life. God bless Doug E. Fresh

Let's not give each other heartbreaks.

Flag Burning Ceremony at abortion mill in Pensacola, Fl, on September 3, 2005, two years after Paul Hill was executed for assassinating an abortionist and his bodyguard. The Creator's Rights Party burned the flag of the federal government of the USA as a sign of the revolution that has destroyed The Creator's plan for government in this nation; and as a warning to every inhabitant of this land of the fire that was coming to destroy us unless we return The Creator to His rightful place over the federal government of the United States of America. - Found on

Brother Paul laid down his life for his friends: the Greatest Love

Brother Carl exposes the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in this song.


Thank you REX for making this superb vid:

Michelle Thaller NASA's Assistant Director for Science Communication demonstrates why the public no longer trusts the scientific community.

Del boy is a Masonic 666 Satanic freak infiltrating the #FLATearth movement. Thank you Russianvids!


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We are still suffering much persecution so we need many prayers and daily.