1.Stay In Him (Kingdom Chapel Worship cover) 00:00
2.Living For Yahweh (from Third Heaven Rock N Roll e.p, check it on Spotify etc.) 04:29
3.Take Off Your Old Shoes (feat. Arrey Atem preaching) 08:18

original version of "Stay In Him":
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Also check a written interview in I.C.I.T Webzine for more info:
Listen to Crazymen´s new record "Living Above The Cyclone Firestorm":



Also check "Living above the storm" the first musicvideo from the new album:

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1.When The Saints Go Marching In (Cover)
2.Living For Yahweh (IngoÅsk original)
3.Those Who Pray In Spirit & Truth (K.C.W Cover)
4.Källan (K.C.W Cover)
5.Jam Session Nr.1
6.Jam Session Nr.2

Those who pray in spirit and truth will come to the same conclusion x2
And the Son will shine upon their faces
And the Son will shine upon their hearts

Ref. And they sing Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son and Glory
to the Holy Ghost

(swedish lyrics)
Dom som ber i ande och sanning kommer att vara enade x2
Gud Son lyser på deras vägar
Och Gud Son lyser på deras hjärtan

Ref. Dom sjunger, Ära till Fadern och Ära till hans Son och
Helig Ande är här.

Ref. And they sing Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son and Glory
to the Holy Ghost, The Word that last forever is worthy all our praise
The one that sits on the throne

Links to the clip:
Leen Ritmeyers hompage:

Another video with Johannes Enarson about the Temple:

The book "Apollyon Rising" by Tom Horn:
Video about the book:

Ingoåsk musicvideo "Living For Yahweh":

1.Hillinge Hills 00:00
2.Fighting a Beast with many faces and many names, But I already won in CHRIST! 04:00
3.The Calm Before The Storm 06:28
4.The Right Flow 09:30
5.Esther 12:47
6.Onias 19:14
7.Soft Stone 21:54
8.Mountain Bird 22:50
9.Noah 24:54
10.Samuel 27:49
11.The Vault called Sky is sapphire blue glass 30:44

Full album also on Spotify etc

Homepage for Popofobic:

1.Third Heaven Intro 00:00
2.Living For Yahweh 01:05
3.Stay In Him (K.W.W cover) 05:17
4.Take Off Your Old Shoes 09:20
5.Människosonens Återkomst (The Crazymen Cover) 11:27

New album "Third Heaven Rock N Roll e.p" out now listen at:

This video was published on was first published by the youtube-channel "Liebesbriefe von Jesus - Loveletters from Jesus":
But since I did´nt find it on here and I felt the message was right on the spot... I decided to publish it aswell... But test this for yourself...

Take My Warning seriously…

"April 26, 2020 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Nana

(Jesus) "My people, please heed this warning. As the lo..down will be rolled back in your nation, so will many va..ines and cures be sent out for testing. They will try to do this quickly, out of fear of having this virus spread, and out of fear as well, many will run to receive the va..ine.

“No, it’s not the mark as some have said, that time has not yet come, but this va..ine will affect your immune system gravely, rather than building it up. It breaks it down to make you more receptive to the plagues that they will again release on your nation. This has nothing to do with your government and your president in office, but with the ones that came before him.

“My people, you must remember, they had this plan long ago, they have been waiting for this time, the right time to bring about their plans for the new world order. The d..p state and many servants of Satan are so frustrated because I continue to mitigate every attack, every plan and assault they inflict on the nations and the world to expedite their time of reign, but they forget that I AM God and I AM in control.

“I am even in control of them, I allow the times and seasons of these things, and they work under My heavenly jurisdiction as to what I allow to wake My people up and bring many lost back to their senses. Why do the nations rage and the kings of the earth come to fight a losing battle? Indeed, I will be victorious in the end.

“However, My people, this does not negate the fact that I am indeed coming and these are the signs foretold to prepare you, so that you may believe when you see these things and do not fear. This is not a time to go back to business as usual, this is not a time to go back to your old ways of thinking, this is not a time to go back to the rat wheel of this world.

“No, My beloved one, this is not a time to go back to Egypt. I am calling you all out of this bondage of the world and into My heart. I am calling you to see what is most important in your life… Your salvation and that of your families.

“Have you realized how important your children are? How much they need your guidance and wisdom? How quickly they are growing up, and either the world can teach them, or I can through you. Have you realized the moments you have missed with them while you were at work, focused on work, focused on living a comfortable life and allowing the school systems to do your job? Have you noticed these things, dear ones?

“This Lo..down I allowed goes much deeper than My people have seen or have come to realize. This is indeed a time of deep reflection, for you will be held accountable for these little souls. Have you taught them My ways, or have you allowed them to sit before the tv and read the books of this world and learn from them? Have you realized how precious your spouse is and how much they are in need of your love, comfort, encouragement and guidance? Have you realized how distant you two were becoming? How thoughts of boredom and discontentment had creeped in, which leads to coveting and eventually an affair. Have you realized that they are another gift from Me to you?

“So, husbands, love your wives as I have loved the church, laying down My life for her, and wives, love your husbands, submit to them as you submit to Me. I honor these actions in a marriage very much and will bless it, as one walks in these practices and virtues.

“So, My precious ones, I am calling for a deep examination of your soul and your family. Don’t go back to how things used to be, because they were headed down a destructive road, turn your heart back to Me instead , turn your family’s heart back to Me as you lead them by example."

He said stay in me, just stay in me
I give you all you need, just stay in me
And ask of me just ask of me, I give you all you need
just stay in me.
And let my words remain in your heart.

So just stay in him, just stay in him
he gives you all you need, just stay in him
And ask of him, just ask of him, he gives
you all you need just stay in him.
And let his words remain in your heart

Yeshua (Jesus in hebrew) said... That´s what Jesus said...

Lyrics based on John 15:1-7

1.Living For Yahweh 00:00
2.Take Off Your Old Shoes (Edit) 03:08
3.The Preacher And The Fool 05:49
4.Outro 09:23


The Giants of Sweden & The Bibel #27, 23 feet large stone, "Mark of the beast" etc...

Taken from the album "Spiritual War Songs" (Vuv Records 2018)
Youtube: SIDE A -
Youtube SIDE B -

Fysical Vinyl? visit -

Popofobic homepage:


Living for Yahweh:

First Music Video: - Take Off Your Old Shoes
2:nd Music Video: - The Preacher & The Fool

First rehersal ever: 2018
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Swedish Instrumental Rock band "Baptism In August" mostly playing in 432hz tuning...
All albums at:
Full Album "Blood, Fire & Holy Mountain" also on bitchute channel and this interview in higher quality:

Skapade Gud människan i grundtonen A=432hz -Adam-, har denna grundton nu blivit manipulerad till 440hz? och i så fall varför? Om detta handlar "Den Udda Bibelfrågan #6" (D.U.B#6)

The Waiting 432hz studio version 2017

The Waiting 440hz live i Tv Studio 2004:

The Waiting 432hz Live 2017:

En annan video med mer info om 432 /440 hz teorierna:

Information om historien bakom 1930-talets överenskommelse där 440hz blev standard för alla som håller på med musik:

Lite mer om 432hz och det som bla..kompositören "Verdi" föreslog som den bästa stämningen för orkestrar under 1800-talet- The Scientific Pitch

Testa själva om det ligger något i detta...


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