Have you seen the latest virtue-signaling craze? The yard sign that reads: “In this house, we believe: Black Lives Matter; No Human is Illegal; Love is Love; Women’s Rights Are Human Rights; Science is Real; Water is Life; Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere."

In this episode we unpack this type of semantically overloaded political sloganeering and ask quite a few relevant questions.

The purpose of this episode is, not only to summarize Ben Shapiro's book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps, but to help you recognize the agenda and tactics used by the Disintegrationists - as Shapiro calls those who wish to tear down America.

Going forward, I hope that you consume the news with this information in mind. Identify the schemes deployed by these folks for what they are and understand their motivations.

August 2020 was rather tame when compared to recent months but it still had plenty to offer including: the DNC and RNC national conventions, George Floyd, Trump executive orders, Coronavirus, and continued riots in Democrat-run cities.

Joe Biden recently selected California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. You may be wondering why I would spend any time talking about someone who, if history is any guide, will be a footnote in the history books? Think Geraldine Ferraro, Dan Quayle, Lloyd Bentsen, Jack Kemp, Joe Lieberman, John Edwards, Paul Ryan and Tim Kayne.

The reason, of course, is because Joe Biden is not healthy. The likelihood of him serving out his term (if elected) is looking less likely by the day.

The other reason to spend some time examining Kamala Harris is because the party-line about her from the left-wing media is that she is a pragmatic moderate and a wonderful role model for girls all over the globe. Is that the case or is she, as others have suggested, a manipulative, authoritarian, opportunist. You tell me what you think after listening to this episode.

If you asked one hundred people if they think America is healthy culturally, financially, spiritually, educationally, racially, or constitutionally, I am willing to bet a large majority would respond in the negative.

America is broken and the only thing that can save it (from itself) is state secession.

In this episode I build the case for secession:

The reasons it is necessary
Why secession is good
Refute most of the common objections to secession
Address how it could be accomplished in the 21st century

I encourage you to comment below and help build the secession movement.

Another eventful month with Supreme Court opinions, lots of wokeness and virtue signaling on display, some news on the George Floyd front, the controversy over reopening schools and, of course, Covid, Covid, Covid!

Have you noticed an overwhelming level of opposition to reopening schools in the corporate press and among many Democrats nationwide? Why is that? Why is there so much hysteria from the Lockdowns-are-the-Only-Option crowd?

What is the truth about reopening schools?

Isn't the death of George Floyd a clear cut example of police brutality and racism? Isn't a second-degree murder conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin a slam dunk?

Upon examination of the evidence, the answer to both questions may not be in the affirmative.

The prosecution of General Michael Flynn has proven yet again that, if you make enemies out of the wrong people on the Left side of the political spectrum, they will not hesitate to ruin your life. If you follow the news at all, the names of the players in this corrupt prosecution will be familiar: James Comey, John Brennan, Obama, Biden, Eric Holder, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, George Papadoupolis, Sergey Kislyak, Sidney Powell, Lisa Page, Eric Holder, Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Rod Rosenstein, Judge Emmet Sullivan and Andrew McCabe.

The story demonstrates how corrupt and deranged the FBI has become along with some of the lawyers at the Department of Justice. It also demonstrates how liberal privilege protects high-level Democrats from prosecution. It proves, yet again, that when a story no longer serves the national Democrat’s agenda, the corporate press obligingly drops it like a hot potato. And the story also demonstrates that there is a negative correlation between the number of co-conspirators and the chances of keeping a lie alive.

June 2020 was another eventful month most notably because the radical left-wing and fascists jumped the shark by utilizing the claim of systemic racism to, not only unseat President Trump, but to essentially tear down America as we know it.

Out with reason, conversations and debate! In with virtue signaling, wokeness and censoring anyone who dares to have an opinion outside the 3x5 card of allowable opinion!

Recently, House Democrats voted on a Coronavirus relief package which included establishing national mail-in voting. President Trump opposed the idea on Twitter and all hell broke loose for a few news cycles.

This issue is another example of the long game that progressives have been playing for over a century. It's just another chip in the armor formerly known as the Constitution.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd - the protests, riots, looting, burning and murdering - it has become readily apparent to anyone paying attention that we have now entered a new era of forced conformity. You either go along with the party line, repeat after them word-for-word, or you risk being canceled, de-platformed, fired and/or charged with political blasphemy and heresy.

File this episode under "Epic Rant". Forty-five reasons why the majority find it difficult to share in the outrage culture.

What a month it was!! Michael Flynn, Coronavirus, the Mueller investigation, Obamagate, Cuomo, Twitter, Joe Rogan, Plandemic and riots!!!

We covered a lot of ground in the first 100 episodes - the Constitution, economics, abortion, social issues, healthcare, socialism and Christian apologetics to name a few. In this episode, I take a brief look at some of the myths we busted and review lessons learned.

In Episode #98, we focused on the most common myths about Lincoln. In this episode, we take a deeper look at the man, his motivations, his actions and consider what his true legacy should be. Specifically we examine how he destroyed states' rights, his dictatorial actions during the war, his real agenda and we make a strong case that he should have been charged as a war criminal had he lived.

When you think of Abe Lincoln what do you think? "Honest Abe?" A great orator? The Gettysburg Address? The five dollar bill? Mount Rushmore? He saved America? His assassination by John Wilkes Booth? His Zeus-like monument in Washington, D.C. He always ranks at or near the top of every list of “the greatest Presidents.”

But what is the truth about Abraham Lincoln?

Despite the fact that April 2020 was dominated by the Coronavirus - shelter-in-place orders, social distancing, mask-wearing, economy-killing, stimulus spending and daily news conferences with the White House Coronavirus task force, there were a number of other noteworthy news items.

In America, we do not have definitional socialism where the government owns the means of production BUT we sure as hell have a bunch of socialistic tendencies, leanings, agencies and programs. In this episode, we answer the question, "Just how far toward socialism does America currently lean?"

In the last episode, we covered some of the lighter side issues like the importance of slowing down, enjoying our families, nature and the simple things in life. We also discussed the impact the crisis will have on future attendance at traditional four-year colleges and the continued failings of socialized medical systems.

Today we are going to look at this topic more from a public policy and economics’ perspective. We examine why the United States' federal government and all centralized political bodies are too big to succeed. In the shadow of the Coronavirus crisis, we look at the dramatic need for deregulation at all levels of government.

We end the episode with an examination of the crisis from a constitutional and economic angle: fiat currency, the importance of savings, and the stock market bubble pricked by the Coronavirus.

In this episode we begin by examining some of the the lighthearted lessons learned from the Coronavirus crisis. We then speculate/observe some of the booms spawned by the crisis. Next we turn our attention to some of the more serious implications and lessons learned including the impact on the future of four-year university attendance, the threat that China poses to the world and the impotence and incompetence of socialized medical systems.

Wow! What a month it was! Obviously the Coronavirus is the only thing anyone can think or talk about. Listen for a recap of the month that was - - March 2020.

As I record this episode in late March 2020, the world is living through the Coronavirus crisis. Recently my wife and I were discussing the toilet paper shortage. I explained that the reason there isn't any toilet paper now is because the stores did not raise the price when they saw a surge in demand. She argued that price gouging during a crisis is wrong and immoral. I tried to explain why it is actually a good thing. Full disclosure: She was not convinced. Hopefully you will be after listening.

We discuss some basic economic concepts like: What is a price and how do they fluctuate. Then we dive into the topic at hand - price gouging. This is followed by an examination of pandering politicians and price controls and the morality of price gouging. We wrap up the episode discussing the benefits of price gouging and whether or not these arguments hold up when a crisis is regional versus worldwide.

In Episode #87, I introduced you to the concept of secession. We reviewed current and past secession movements and offered three reasons it is necessary AND good - decentralization, self-determination and competition. In this episode, I discuss the fourth reason secession is desirable - the idea that smaller is better. After that, we will discuss how secession is justified and I will do my best to dispel the most common objections to the concept of secession.

Joe Biden has spent almost 50 years in Washington, D.C. and, prior to that, a handful of years practicing law. He is the personification of a career politician. Personally I find him unimpressive, uninspiring and unaccomplished despite his longevity in D.C.

In this episode we will examine his voting record, his ideas, his propensity to be a bully, a compulsive liar and a gaffe machine. We also review the history of corruption among the Biden family and discuss the obvious lapse in his mental health.


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