Two weeks prior to the original publication of this episode, the United States military killed a man named Qasem Soleimani outside the Baghdad airport. He was a top general in the Iranian army and the possible heir apparent to the top spot in the Iranian government.

After digesting the reactions of the media and politicians from both sides of the political spectrum, I realized that something was missing. That something was the big picture; the one that takes into account why the U.S. military was in a position to kill another country's military leader on foreign soil.

In order to learn the truth about the killing of Qasem Soleimani, you need to understand the history of the Middle East generally and of Iran and Iraq specifically.

Is it just me or is anyone else bothered when you hear politicians and talking heads refer to America as democracy? The “D-word” is thrown around so often by so many that I don’t think many people bat an eye when they hear it.

What is the truth about democracy in America?

Get caught up on all the news from December 2019 in fifteen minutes.

In this episode we examine the phenomenon of celebrities offering their opinions on politics and public policy. Why do so many people seem to care what they think?

As Christmas approaches, I am reading the Book of Luke. As I read the first few chapters, three words kept jumping off the page - “THE GOOD NEWS”. Inherently, I think most Christians know what this means or, at least they think they know what it means. But the more I thought about it, the more I questioned myself. So I thought a deep-dive was in order.

2:30-4:23 -- "good news" scriptures
4:24-8:10 -- "THE GOOD NEWS" scriptures
8:10-9:46 -- Hebrews - Old Testament / New Testament
9:46-11:24 -- "THE GOOD NEWS" and "the gospel"
11:24-13:24 -- What is "THE GOOD NEWS"?
13:24-end -- Conclusion

If you pay the slightest bit of attention to the news, nationally or locally, you’ve likely noticed a movement to squash free speech. Sometimes it’s subtle such as a gentle reminder from your spouse not to bring up a particular topic at the family gathering lest you offend Uncle Pete. However, what is happening with more frequency is mass censorship of speech under the guise of calling it “hate speech.”

What is the truth about hate speech?

When you hear discussions about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, you are likely hearing about the majority group who supported the new Constitution called the Federalists. However, there was another group of prophetic founders who opposed the Constitution as written for a variety of reasons who were equally important. They are called the Anti-Federalists. These forgotten founders warned about the inevitable growth in size, scope and power of the federal government - especially the judiciary - all at the expense of the individual states.

Evidence of their accurate predictions can be seen virtually everyday in the national news.

In case you hibernated through the month of November or boycotted the news, this episode will get you caught up on all the major stories from the month that was in only 12 minutes.

When I first heard the term "Trump Derangement Syndrome", I thought, "This is nothing new! The opposing party of every President has some level of irrationality associated with it."

I then came across a study that claims Americans are stressed out due to the political climate. They are losing sleep, ruining relationships and feeling mentally and physically sick.

When you combine that study with everything Trump has been put through - the constant media scrutiny (fake news), the baseless Russia collusion investigation, the lop-sided and deceitful impeachment inquiry, the level of vitriol directed at him and the violence directed at his supporters, I have come to the conclusion that this syndrome seems real.

Trump just is not playing the game by the customary rules created by the D.C. establishment and they are not happy with the prospect of an outsider changing the rules. Trump Derangement Syndrome is an epidemic among the D.C. establishment. I love the fact that he has deranged them to the point where they have been flushed out with all of their cards laid on the table.

If you ask the average American their impression of Edward Snowden, you are likely to hear him portrayed as a villain; he is a traitor to the country and should be tried for treason. A growing minority, however, view him as a hero for exposing the illegal and unconstitutional mass surveillance program which was implemented shortly after the terrorist attack on September 11.

In this episode, we examine the Snowden saga with an eye toward what it teaches us about the Constitution.

Do you know how you can tell it is Fall, bordering on Winter? California is on fire! This annual event seems to fall on the heels of Oktoberfest and, we are being led to believe that, the problem is getting worse. Why? Well, of course, the sole reason for this repetitive event is . . . . climate change!

In this episode, we examine the validity of that claim and try to arrive at the truth about the California wildfires.

In this episode we review the month that was . . . October, 2019. From impeachment to the Democrat debates to transgender athletes and action in the Middle East, it was an eventful month.

White privilege is an often-cited concept these days but the idea itself raises questions. What does it really mean? What can and should be done about it? What is really accomplished by bringing it up? Does the idea improve the conversation about contentious issues or does it lead to its deterioration?

Impeachment is a constitutional tool whose responsibility is granted solely to the House of Representatives. As outlined in the Constitution, the rules of impeachment are both specific (treason and bribery) and general (high crimes and misdemeanors). Besides the president and vice president, all "civil officers" are subject to impeachment. That means all federal employees whether appointed or hired.

Contrary to popular belief, impeachment does not mean removal from office. It is essentially an indictment. The Constitution grants the Senate the responsibility of holding a trial based on the evidence presented by the House. If convicted, the defendant can be removed from office and banned from future service in the federal government.

The power of impeachment has been used sparingly with only 19 instances in the nation's history.

You may be surprised by what we uncover when we dive into the language from the Constitution about impeachment, read the words of the Founding Fathers on the topic and study the history of its practice. How many Presidents, Supreme Court Justices and federal employees should have been impeached if the Constitution was followed?

If you follow the financial markets to any extent you have likely heard the term “negative interest rates.” In this episode, we are going to examine this never-before-in-history phenomenon. We are going to discuss the three ways this ridiculous financial policy manifests itself: on individuals, on bank reserves and on bonds and examine merits of this policy. Hint: It ain't good!

Welcome to the inaugural Truth Quest Podcast month in review. In this short episode, we walk through the biggest news items from last month, September 2019.

You've likely heard all the critics complaints about Walmart: The company underpays its employees, does not offer employee benefits, squeezes its suppliers which, in turn, kills domestic manufacturing jobs and leads to sweatshop labor in less-developed countries. The list continues: Walmart kills Mom and Pop shops, resists the unionization of their workforce, and destroys rural America.

Sounds like a horrible company but what is the truth about Walmart?

What would you say if I told you the federal income tax is unconstitutional? You most likely would say, "How can that be? I thought we have a constitutional amendment that covers the income tax?"

In this episode we are going to examine a perspective that you’ve likely never heard before and look at the truth about the federal income tax and the Sixteenth Amendment. You may be surprised to know that the manner in which the federal income tax is levied may not be in compliance with the Sixteenth Amendment nor with Supreme Court opinions on income tax cases.

When I evaluated the wealth tax I found that, besides the fact that they have been proven to be ineffective, ignore the laws of economics, require us to ignore the track record of the federal government and besides the fact that they are immoral and unconstitutional and their implementation would be stupid, short-cited, punitive, impractical, unnecessary, and a violation of privacy, I see no problem with them.

Most people are aware of inflation. They expect the cost of products and services to goes up every year. What these same people may not be aware of is the fact that this perpetual inflation is completely unnecessary.

If the United States had a sound money policy, meaning the U.S. Dollar was pegged to gold (on a gold standard) most of the angst around monetary policy, interest rates, the national debt, out of control government spending, inverted yield curve, negative interest rates, and cryptocurrencies would be nothing but noise.

In this episode we examine the history of a gold standard. We scrutinize actions taken by FDR, Nixon, the Federal Reserve and their impact on the worldwide economy. The bottom line is, because the gold standard constrains the spending of our overlords in Washington, D.C., they will never willingly revert back to that standard. Unfortunately the United States is in for a rude awakening as other countries have started accumulating gold reserves as a way to diversify away from the U.S. Dollar's reserve currency status.

China’s social credit score system has been in the news lately. The more I learned about it, the more I saw its implications in America. Is something like this the future of how all governments control their subjects? Who needs laws and courts and constitutional rights when you can be steered, jeered and cajoled by a social credit score?

Following the two most recent mass shootings, the usual cries of DO SOMETHING have resurfaced as they always do following attacks or a crisis. After the Las Vegas shooting, we got cries for a ban on bump stocks; today it's calls for red flag legislation. These laws, also known as Gun-Violence Restraining Orders, or Extreme Risk Protection Orders allow family members and mental health professionals to petition a court for an order enabling legal authorities to temporarily remove guns from those who are deemed to be a significant danger to themselves or others.

As is often the case with these DO SOMETHING solutions, it sounds good on the surface but what is the truth? Listen to find out.

I don't know about you but sometimes I get tired of discussing all the areas where we disagree politically or on public policy issues. In this episode I attempt to focus on things that most of us agree on such as government spending, right-to-try laws, the surveillance state, sound money, war, tort reform, term limits, the War on Drugs and the War on Poverty.

Does it not make sense to first focus on the few things in which we agree and then circle back to the numerous head-butting issues that divide us?

As I record this episode, we are living through the aftermath of two mass shootings – one at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas and one in the entertainment district in Dayton, Ohio. The reaction from the Left is as expected. Blame the NRA, blame rhetoric, blame guns, blame a perceived bias in society, blame everyone and everything except the shooter.

The Left has, yet again demonstrated themselves to be political opportunists disguised as compassionate onlookers. Their condemnation discrimination exposes their glaringly obvious double standard as they direct unfounded blame, condemnation and vitriol at their political opponents while ignoring the fact that many of these mass murderers are self-proclaimed liberals, socialists and communists.

They ignore mass shootings in Chicago, death and destruction in wars all over the world, and glorify and celebrate the murder of innocent babies in the womb while laying the blame of these mass shootings at the foot of Trump, the NRA and/or anyone who supports the Second Amendment.

Finding a solution is not their objective. Their objective is gun confiscation through liberty-limiting restrictions on gun ownership. The best long-term solution is a return of God to the public square. Short of that other solutions include law enforcement stepping up their game, reforming our mental health system, exploring red flag laws and eliminating gun-free zones.

We discuss all of this and more in this episode.

I have to be honest, I am more than a little embarrassed that I felt compelled to publish this episode. How did we get to a place in America where people fall for the “free stuff” chant from politicians? It wasn't long ago that the majority of Americans would have laughed in the face of a politician that offered them something for nothing?

Instead we are faced with an entire political party whose most persuasive argument for voting for them is, to some extent or another, to make promises to give voters free stuff.

Free healthcare for you! Free college for you! Free abortions! Free eye glasses! Free hearing aids! Free dental coverage!

These people are experts at two things: Pandering and spending other people’s money on other people. Buying votes with other people’s money is as low as it gets.


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