This episode is inspired by Paul Harvey's epic segment from 1965 called, "If I Were the Devil", where he outlined what the devil would do if he wanted to take down the United States.

In this episode, I attempt to update his nearly sixty-year-old rant with some specific and recent examples.

When the month started, I assumed the big story would be Covid - the vaccine, talk of vaccine passports, mask mandates and the continued bullying, harassment and discrimination against the unvaccinated (the subject of Episode 163). Instead, Resident Biden purposely created one of the most disgraceful and unforgivable scenes in American history in Afghanistan.

I also discuss a story (one that you are likely unaware of) that will have a more significant impact on your life in the long run than either Covid or Afghanistan - it has to do with Russia and Saudi Arabia.

This episode is my attempt to set the record straight about the unvaccinated. For those of you who are suspicious of them; think they are worthy of scorn and contempt or worse, this episode is for you.

For everyone else, this episode is packed full of Covid-related information. It offers a recap of the historical record from the perspective of the unvaxxed.

Few obscure, unilateral presidential actions have had more wide-ranging impacts on the United States than Nixon's decision to terminate the Bretton Woods agreement.

In this episode, we walk through a brief history lesson on money, banking and currency in the United States and then examine the impact of Nixon’s fateful and negligent decision that has led the U.S. down a road toward national bankruptcy ever since.

Last month we witnessed freedom protests in Cuba. Anytime the island nation hits the news cycle, the media jumps into high-gear offering their version of the truth about what ails that country. The United States' sixty-plus year embargo is often the main topic for discussion.

This short episode provides a brief overview of the three primary views about the trade embargo on Cuba as we, yet again, try to get the the truth.

The biggest story of the month was the admission by the White House that they are directing social media censorship when it comes to Covid and the vaccine. Free speech is dead in Democrat-controlled America!

Speaking of Covid, the misinformation campaign from D.C. continued in full force! We have thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse effects due to the vaccine. We have the demonization of the unvaccinated, talks about mask mandates, mandatory vaccines, and vaccine passports! The totalitarians are feeling it!

The other big story was the Department of Injustice showing, yet again, that they no longer stand for justice. They are nothing more than a prosecutory arm of the national Democratic Party.

In this episode I present the case against the National Democratic Party. You serve as the grand jury. You decide if the case presented justifies the imaginary indictment against them.

The charges include public perjury, willful negligence, criminal incompetency, conspiracy to destroy the union, violations of the First and Fourth Amendments, aiding and abetting tens of millions of murders via abortion, conspiracy to commit vote fraud, selective enforcement of federal law, thousands of charges of third degree manslaughter, falsification of documents, criminal intent to take down the currency and the economy, violating their oath of office, collusion with a private company to limit free speech and violation of federal discrimination laws.

Typical discussions about monopolies usually revolve around Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, General Motors, AT&T, Microsoft and even Blockbuster Video. The focus tends to be on pricing and lack of consumer choice. However, when you examine modern monopolies, a disturbing realization occurs: government is the only real monopoly!

By its very nature governments are designed to be monopolies in the sense that they are the only permitted providers of certain services: law enforcement, the court system, the DMV, the IRS, etc. The disturbing part of the federal government's monopoly position is how they wield their power.

In this episode we examine the dangers of government's monopoly power through the lens of big tech censorship. The national Democrats have discovered that they can circumvent the First Amendment by bullying Big Tech to restrict speech that does not comport with their agenda.

In order to get to the truth about the Covid-19 vaccine, you must look in two places. First, look at what Big Tech is censoring at the behest of the federal government. Second, look at what the government and the alphabet soup, conspiracy media is NOT telling you.

We examine both in this episode.

The month started out with a bang and never looked back! The book end events were Fauci's emails and Bill Cosby's release from prison. In between we were treated to a whole lot of Trump. First, the exposure of more Trump-related fake news like Hydroxychloroquine, his photo-op at St. John's Church, the Wuhan lab-leak theory and the January 6th trespassing incident at the Capitol. Despite the fact that Trump continues to be proven correct after the fact, Facebook extended his ban for two more years. Then Trump held one of his massive rallies in Ohio.

Along the way, we will discuss Kamala, Hunter, Joe, Putin and Tucker Carlson's predicament with a certain intelligence agency.

You have probably heard the term Modern Monetary Theory or MMT thrown around recently. It is all the rage with our overlords in Washington, D.C. But what is it?

In this episode we examine the destructiveness of MMT and learn that there is nothing modern about debasing your currency by printing worthless pieces of paper backed by nothing. We also learn that MMT is not a theory but more political propaganda backed by nothing resembling real economics or public policy.

Politicians who endorse it or do not oppose it vigorously are willfully negligent!

Due to the overwhelming unpopularity of their agenda, the national Democrats' must look for ways to rig the system in order to push their agenda forward. Threaten to pack the Supreme Court. Open borders; pushing to grant amnesty and voting rights to illegal immigrants. Colluding with big tech to censor dissent. Try to nationalize elections and make vote fraud legal.

This episode focuses on their their latest tactic to rig the system: abolish the long-standing Senate procedure known as the filibuster.

We will use the words of prominent national Democrats to explain why the filibuster is such an important component of the United States' system of government.

You can decide for yourself if you believe Obama in 2005 or 2020 or Chuck Schumer in 2003 or 2021 or Kamala in 2017 or 2021 or Resident Biden in 2005 or 2021.

I have arrived at the conclusion that we, as a society, spend too much time and energy focusing on the willfully negligent clowns in Washington, D.C.

If we are going to change the world, we need to wean ourselves off of our Washington-centric focus and spend our time and energy thinking locally and acting locally.

Changing the world starts in our own communities.

The month of May 2021 will be remember mostly for the exposure of frauds like Dr. Fauci, BLM, and most of the story of Covid.

The month also served as a reminder of the 1970's - an economy heading towards stagflation, dramatic inflation, war in the Middle East and geopolitical jockeying with Russia.

Along the way, we'll discuss totalitarian and racist Democrat mayors, hackers, the election audit in Arizona, and the documented ignorance of those who exclusively get their news from the likes of CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet soup outlets.

What lessons can we learn about ourselves, politicians and leftist lunacy by discussing rampant shoplifting and Uber? Listen to this episode to find out.

If you pay the least bit of attention to the news, you will have a hard time avoiding Critical Race Theory.

Last year, President Trump signed an executive order banning it from all federal agency training.

The governors of Oklahoma and Tennessee recently signed bills banning its teaching in public school while the governor of Washington state signed a bill that requires CRT training for all public school officials across the state.

In this episode, we explore the truth about this thing called Critical Race Theory.

Vaccine passports are touted as an innocent way of jump-starting the economy by providing a means for people to prove their vaccination status, allowing them to travel, shop, go to the gym, attend sporting and cultural events and conduct other indoor activities.

Is that it? Or is there something more sinister behind the concept? Many liken it to a tactic employed by a good old-fashioned police state; just a modern version of “Show Me Your Papers!”

In this episode we connect the dots and explore the long-game of vaccine passports.

Did Officer Derek Chauvin get what he deserved? Was justice served?

In this episode we ask a series of questions about the death of George Floyd and the subsequent trial of Officer Chauvin in an effort to flex your critical thinking muscles while allowing your emotional muscles to atrophy a bit while we evaluate this tragic episode in American history.

I encourage you to answer each question or research each one in light of the trial of Office Chauvin and determine for yourself if the verdict was just.

Resident Biden gave a brief address in the Rose Garden in early April, 2021 regarding his Executive Orders on gun control. In that short address, he made at least six clearly false statements or outright lies.

In this episode we focus our attention on one particularly misleading statement about gun show loopholes and use it as a lesson to demonstrate how the Left manipulates their voters and the media through the use of language.

It's the perfect storm! A voter base uninterested in the truth; just searching for bias confirmation. A political party willing to lie and mislead. And a media willing to parrot the narrative.

If you control the language (and the media), you can control the narrative, which explains why the Democrats refuse to debate their policies on their merits.

In March, 2021 the state of Georgia passed an update to their state’s voting laws called the Election Integrity Act of 2021 or, as I prefer to call it, The Easy to Vote; Hard to Cheat Act of 2021. The purpose of the update was to restore confidence in the state’s elections given the shenanigans that went on in Fulton County during the 2020 presidential election.

The typical response from the Democrats was, of course, to tell blatant lies about the law, convey false narratives, feign outrage, and cry racism - in this case, comparing the law to the Jim Crow era.

In this episode I decimate the national Democrat’s false narratives and paint it for what it is – just another manipulative maneuver to feed to their ignorant, head-in-the-sand voter base and their friends in the compliant media who, of course parrot their message without question.

Another eventful month is in the books! Cancel culture found its next victim - Dr. Seuss! Biden's diabolical and immoral lack of border enforcement came full circle. Another $2 trillion "relief bill". The Democrats in the House passed bills to institutionalize voter fraud and further limit private gun ownership. The trial of officer Derek Chavin, mass shootings, Biden falling, vaccine passports and much more!

Stop beating around the bush!

The current immigration crisis at the U.S./Mexico border is nothing more than a massive voter drive for the Democratic Party. Biden set out the welcome mat and the migrants flocked to the borders.

It is an engineered event designed to push as many illegal immigrants into the country as quickly as possible in order to grant amnesty and voting rights shortly thereafter. Many migrants, including thousands of children, are abused during their journey to the border. Women and girl's are routinely raped and sexually assaulted.

The majority of Americans oppose the Democrat's immigration policies but, like all good totalitarians, they ignore the people.

In their eyes, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. If a few thousand people’s lives are ruined, incur sexual assaults, sustain a few deaths or experience a little discomfort in order to accomplish the goal of Democrat-control of the federal government, so be it. It is pure evil.

Anyone educated in the public school system in the United States have been force-fed a series of lies about the Great Depression. In this episode, we set the record straight while pointing out how the Left-wing in America are a one-trick pony. They make the same arguments today as they did almost 100 years ago!

Three myths about the Great Depression are examined:

Myth #1 - Herbert Hoover and his free market laissez-faire economic policies caused the depression.

Myth #2 - FDR and the New Deal kept the depression from getting worse.

Myth #3 - World War II cured the depression.

Antifa is one piece of the broader anti-American movement that prioritizes power and control over the well-being of the country as a whole. The group's biggest victory, by far, is their acceptance and tolerance by the mainstream Left including the corporate press and national Democrats.

In this episode we conduct a deep-dive into Antifa. Who are they? How well-organized are they? What is their organizational structure? Are they just an idea as Biden has said? Are they mostly peaceful protesters as countless media outlets and national Democrats have said? And, most importantly, how can a group who claims to be anti-fascist get away with employing fascistic means to achieve their objectives without being thoroughly discredited?

February 2021 was like a delicious sandwich with the top piece of bread being the G-O-A-T, Tom Brady, winning another Super Bowl and the bottom piece being Trump's CPAC speech. The meat, cheese and mayo included Biden bumbling, Cuomo tumbling, Big Tech censoring, the House impeaching, the Lincoln Project collapsing and Merrick Garland stuttering.


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