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February 11 at 3:24 PM


Chris Sky at Pearson Airport Refusing Covid Test and Quarantine

Full video coming soon!

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Chris Sky is the real deal.

I took this video from his instagram account @realchrissky

If you are returning to Canada, you do not have to stop to get tested for anything, nor do you have to stay at a quarantine concentration camp.
It is against our Charter Of Rights, and proof of that is right here.

The "authorities" do nothing as he straight up tells them the situation, and they obviously are aware of it all because they do not try to arrest him.
The fact that these "officers" are not telling every single person what the truth about this is, proves that they are scumbag traitors, and they don't deserve to be here.
I kind of want to go traveling now just so I can come back and do this.

Also, check out the police wearing their masks properly lol (timestamp 0:55, 1:18, 2:03, 2:23)


Myself, along with many others, said that C V - 1 9 was a plandemic / scamdemic from the start, toward the end of March, last year, when the dark / evil ones used the hoax / scare to make America and the rest of this world capitulate to their CCP / Globalist / Pedophile / NWO Agendas, along with being further enslaved through them.
Those of you who supposedly had family die from C V - 1 9, you and the surviving members of your families were duped / lied to as the CDC does not have any actual samples of C V - 1 9 to compare with supposed deaths from of it.
We tried to tell you since the plan / scamdemic began last March, that it was all bullshit and being used as a ploy to usurp America and the rest of planet, to further enslave The People. Now, it's 'official'. Pissed off yet? Good. Now DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, AFTER you and your families get over being duped!!!

**If you know who this man is, please let me know so I can give him proper credit!!


Master Court
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David-Sidney How To Answer To Your Name in Court and How To Invoke Their Oath of Office


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Doug Ford, premier of Ontario, thinks he is above the law. He has refused to be officially served legal papers regarding a lawsuit by Kevin Johnston. Police state is looming closer and closer.

The lawsuit:

Please follow Kevin Johnston on social media ( or on his website above.


This video has since been blocked from sharing on FB.
Young man (20) brutally attacked and threatened by police officers for no reason.
Ontario is currently in lockdown and under a(n illegal) stay-at-home order, with one of the exemptions being going out to "get exercise" so he's well within his rights.


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Justin Trudeau is grabbing Canadians at our remaining international airports.
FULL REPORT from Keean Bexte ►​

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Grace-Anne kelly
Dec 16, 2020
If you answered “YES” then u do not think for yourself.


Yesterday afternoon, the Aylmer Police Service ticketed the oldest member of my congregation - an 85 year old WWII survivor - for attending a church service the previous Sunday.

This is a spiritual battle of good vs evil, light vs darkness.

Location: Aylmer, Ontario, Canada


85-year-old WW2 survivor who escaped Hitler and the gestapo ticketed $880 for going to church.
Location: Aylmer, Ontario, Canada


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This is remarkable. The first of many...

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WATCH THIS - They Can't Hide It Anymore


be aware...


Ever since the world became aware of Covid-19 in early 2020, we have warned of the possibility that the government response, may turn out to be worse than the condition itself.

Many have described this response as a form of medical tyranny, sold to us as a temporary measure for the greater good. Two weeks to flatten the curve they said.

Four months into the lockdowns, some of us half jokingly said things like, ‘I hope they lift the lockdowns before the 4th of July, so we can celebrate our freedoms.’

Now we find ourselves eight months in to a two week lockdown with no end in sight. Despite the fact that a Federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled the shut downs were unconstitutional. The Michigan Supreme Court also ruled that the Governor’s emergency orders had violated the constitution. So why hasn’t anything changed?

In this interview Spiro’s guest Dr. Pamela Popper discusses two new lawsuits that she believes could end Covid-1984. The two lawsuits, one in Ohio and one in New Mexico, challenge the root of the problem, the emergency itself.


This woman brilliantly walks us through the PLANdemic with the John Hopkins university document.
PDF version can be found here:
HTML version:


Project Knowledge
January 23 at 8:35 PM

"...not approved or licenced by the US FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use to prevent..."
And yes, I tried calling and got the same recording so completely legit!!


The Hidden Truth
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Watch this video before they deleted . Covid test cause covid 19 ?
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Tania The Herbalist
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Watch as Denis Rancourt PhD & Scientist discussed with Tania the Herbalist on how;
- Masks d0n't work,
- International scientists say PCR test does not test infection,
- Concerns of the mRNA jab and its dangers
- Transmission is not by contact
- Measures do not prevent deaths


Instagram: @taniatheherbalist
Parler: @Taniatheherbalist
Twitter: @Taniatheherblst
Facebook: Tania The Herbalist & Coach


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There are scientists right now who are working on experiments to answer the question - are we living in a simulation?

This future science short video documentary breaks down and explains the simulation theory. Along with why people such as Elon Musk believe in the theory, and is even funding work in the area. We also take a look at the math behind the simulation argument, showing the probability that we are living in a digital world.


The video mentioned in the video:
• Timelapse of Future Technology - 2022 - 4000+

Books mentioned in the video (affiliate links):
• Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies -
• The Doomsday Calculation -


Other topics covered in this video include:

• How the development of video games can show future technology predictions in the field of the simulation theory.
• Could a super quantum computer, or a Matrioshka brain with a Dyson Sphere, power a simulation for humanity.
• Would a simulation for humanity, allow for more distant space travel.
• And the video also explains the works of Plato, Zhuang Zhou, Philip Kindred (Blade Runner, Minority Report), Elon Musk, Dr. Nick Bostrom, Dr. David Kipping, NASA engineer Thomas Campbell, Silas Beane, William Poundstone, and Sean Carrol.

Photo Credit (cc) Dr Nick Bostrom: Future of Humanity Institute


Ivor Cummins
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This one is jam packed with all the data and science you need - to STAY SAFE!
- seriously, this one has revelations a plenty...

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It's not a Vaccine.......... It's a Synthetic Pathogen! This substance will literally induce illness. It's not to create an immune response or to stop transmission.
Dr David Martin
Judy Mickovits, PhD
Robert F Kennedy Jr
Rocco Galati


Another Canadian doctor speaks up. Definitely watch until the end!
Dr. Stephen Malthouse voicing concerns over the approach that the government has taken to "flatten the curve". He believes that the "pandemic" is over and that there is no second wave.


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