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Tulk Guitar



Apologizes for late update.

Going to get back on a weekly deal.

Sorry this one is just talking, just wanted to say I'm back

FYI that neck was 33 bucks!

Was able to get my hand on my 1st electric guitar from 1991 ($99 new)

will be documenting my journey it making something cool(-ish) with it.

Sorry for the crazy late end video. Had to take a mental health break after this build.

Montage time!

I'll try to get the Final VId out this week, and get this wrapped up

Had some invaders barge in.

The dawn is brief and the day full often belies its promise.

Finally. Took all weekend.
Need to work on the nut just a bit then setup will be done.

Ill post a sound demo then

Update 7/26/2018: There has been an incident with CA glue. and wont be able to even have the Guitar ready to shoot a Demo Vid. So maybe next weekend.

So glad color is done.

Retrospect I should have sanded down to wood and started over. That acrylic lacquer really dissolved everything.(Filler-sealer-Printer-Paint), but I felt the metallic flakes would have covered any grain issues.

Love for a paint expert to chime in and call me an idiot and explain what happened.

Could have been better. Next guitar will be PERFECT. I promise :)

Posting this video to show what happens if your spray pain reacts bad with what is underneath.

The white and pearl I did the whole body, says that its paint AND primer. But the red Duplicolor I initially use is a Acrylic lacquer and broke down not only the printer but the sanding sealer (and grain filer, maybe).

Anyway I'm a totally layman on this kind of thing.

I did finally get a red color finished on the next Vid. Ill try to get that out tonight as well.

Sorry I uploaded this incomplete the other day.

Video for the Red is on hold till next week. Several major issues cropped up and I'm waiting on things in the mail



Ash requite a TON of grain fill to get a smooth surface

Had to route out room for the three way switch. Included carving out belly cut

Knocking out the neck I'll be using for the Build. between this and the "test" neck its time to move on to the body next.

Wrapping this up. Really liked how it turned out. will probably just do a condensed Fast forward through the Wormoth neck and start this project in earnest.

1st few coats

Testing on neck I might use later to see how it all turns out.

Made an executive decision on the neck I was going to use.

it had this ugly orange finish I didn't like, decided to go with the proper looking headstock shape. and in general wanted nicer neck.

So this vid me stripping it down the original and using it as a guinea pig for everything ill be going to the new neck, and will just do them both in tandem.

Next vid will be staining them both.

Looking forward to this build. Hopefully less mistakes and really want to make this a quality build.

Heres the company I got the wired pick guard

Also sorry for the coughing/sniffing, allergies.


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