classic vid.
stossel sued him because schultz caused permanent hearing loss to one of his ears and chronic headaches for years by slapping the shit outta him

full auto pest control
that 50 bmg was overkill tho

life is tough out here for a talentless basic beaner

its a black thang. you wouldnt understand

good to know

bless this man!
i would like to name one as well; TjJohnson, jew!

stole dis from Black On White Violence (Happens A LOT) - https://www.bitchute.com/video/Yigrp9LrX2jf/

just another reason niggers should not have the privledge to live among whites. they are not humans.
they do not know how to build a society much less function in one without being criminals or at the least a burden to the tax payer. bring back slavery. make them work off the trouble they have caused, then execute them all!

truly the savior of the white race. lulz! the ADL spent its money wisely creating the GDL, hiring and spending close to $100k on Handsome Truths boob job, cosmetic dentistry, and a hair transplant!
anyone who stands with the GDL is a ADL shill or a moron beyond belief.

stole dis from themanwhowasnot - https://www.bitchute.com/video/keZmNlRPncxH/

insurance wont cover that shit. btw Handsome Truth has spic blood in his veins. he is not white. he is a actor for the ADL.
smoking tons of weed and using roids gave him the man tits.
excellent commentary in this video about the fraud HT is.

stole vid from syyenergy - https://www.bitchute.com/video/fUo9wsvGcRWe/

Ghetto Brawl narrated by a BBC reporter.

its funny how all the fake nazi GDL homos half ass defended this Handsome Truth queer when these videos started dropping but now have recoiled back into there moms basements to hide. pussies! own this shit u faggots! this is your hero!

eat your heart out you beta faggots who made this queer your personal hero. fucking fags u r. we all know u homos are shitskins and kikes anyway. bitch ass fatherless busters.

Handsome Truth GDL Goyim TV

which way western white man?
Handsome Truth is a obvious grifter looking for saps to keep the ADL/GDL relevant after having as much success in the nigger rap game as Hispanio TV did on odysee

why would anyone go there for vacation? its a nigger shopping ground and the faggot woke cops wont do jack shit about it. they love faggots, pedophiles, trannies and niggers there.
what would we do without niggers? besides have a safe, clean and relatively crime free society?

equality in ball form.
slick move!

who is buying and eating that shit?

classic vid, just in case one of you jackasses comments that its old.

one white man who refused to bend his knee to the world.
he turned down $50m from developers who built suburb around his home.
be unreasonable! be a king!

i have heard of this before but it turned out the trees roots pierced a underground power cable and gave the tree voltage


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