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Opening of Den TV on 25 November 1997.
The short sight of the older "Network Two" ident at the start of this would suggest this is from at latest September 1997 but I know for sure that this is from November 97 so that might be a different recording.

Ad break from in between an episode of Winning Streak from January 2002, the closing credits of the same episode, opening credits of a second episode also from January 2002 (maybe February?) and the ad break from that second episode.

0:00 - ad break, January 2002
2:28 - Winning Streak closing credits
3:12 - Winning Streak opening titles
5:14 - ad break January/February 2002

Full episode of Home and Away on TTV/RTÉ Two in March 2006.

RTÉ News One O'Clock presented by John Finnerty from March 2002.

Ad break after the One O'Clock News into Home and Away in March 2002.

0:00 - Next on One
0:07 - Saturday on Network 2
0:45 - ad break
3:22 - Big Big Movie ad
3.33 - Later on One
3:40 - RTÉ One ident into Home and Away

This clip is from directly after this previous video, the One O'Clock News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxKsY0h2eVc

RTÉ Two and TTV continuity and ads in between Home and Away, Scope and Against the Head in March 2006.

0:00 - ad break during Home and Away
3:24 - TTV in-studio continuity with Aidan Power
4:00 - ad break
5.56 - TTV ident and ad break
8:02 - Champions League RTÉ Two ad
8:34 - RTÉ Two ident into Against the Head
9:48 - Heineken Cup RTÉ Two ad
10:18 - ad break

Episode of Gerry Ryan's 70's Hitlist from 2005 on RTÉ One.

Extract from The Sunday Game and RTÉ Two ads/continuity from 25 September 2005.

0:00 - ad break
3:00 - The Sunday Game
6:17 - ad break
8:23 - The Sunday Game
11:55 - ad break
12:56 - RTÉ Two ident
13:14 - ad break

#TheSundayGame #AllIreland #CrokePark

Full episode of the programme "Scope" broadcast on TTV on RTÉ Two in March 2006. This was episode 12, the last episode in the then current season 3 of it. Some details about it can be found here: http://web.archive.org/web/20061004110806/http://www.rte.ie/tv/scope/

RTÉ One continuity from 2005 in two separate recordings from the same tape. Not sure of exact dates for either of these recordings.

0:00 - ad break
3:51 - EastEnders closing credits
4:25 - ad break
5:25 - Ident House Hunters in the Sun
6:09 - ad break
10:24 - ident into Silent Witness
10:35 - ad break

Just after Prime Time - War on Iraq into The West Wing.

0:00 - start
0:04 - Saturday Movie - RTÉ One
4:13 - CSI - RTÉ One ad
4:44 - RTÉ One Dublin City ident
4:59 - Ad break

Part of Prime Time - War in Iraq from March 2003 on RTÉ One.

Opening to the first episode of the 2009 season of Ear to the Ground featuring the old intro music.

(Uploaded to YouTube 3.10.2020)

RTÉ One continuity into Coronation Street and the break in the middle of it. User Murphy 903 on YouTube pointed out that this is from 1 January 2000. The 12 to 1 clip at the start was recorded over.

0:00 - 12 to 1 clip
0:03 - Ad break (cuts in)
2:09 - Over on Network 2 ad
2:15 - Winning Streak coming up
2:22 - RTÉ One Millennium ident
2:36 - Coronation Street opening
3:00 - Ad break

Original description:
RTÉ One continuity into Coronation Street and the break in the middle of it. Not sure of the exact date of this but considering the Millennium ident and an Eircom ad, I guess it's around late 1999. The 12 to 1 clip at the start was recorded over.

Part of Network News, Network 2 ident into Thirty Something and an ad break. Broadcast 8 January 1992.
0:00 - Network News (cuts in)
1:37 - Network 2 ident into Thirty Something
2:54 - Ad break

Christmas continuity, idents and some presentation on BBC Two from December 1991, possibly a few days before Christmas Day.

0:00 - Intro
0:03 - The Colour Purple BBC 2 ad
0:39 - Coming up on 2
0:48 - Ident into Steptoe and Son
1:40 - Have I got News For You ad
2:13 - Tonight on 2
3:20 - Thoughts on Television Christmas Past
6:04 - Ident into Christmas Night with the Stars.

Full episode of The Word, the first of 1993, broadcast on 8 January 1993 on Channel 4.
#TheWord #Channel4

RTÉ Two ident broadcast on 8 February 2009 without the RTÉ Two logo. I assume this was some sort of glitch as I've never seen this before.

A preview of what was to come in March 2009 on RTÉ Two. Broadcast 8 February 2009.

Some broken clips recorded in between an episode of Lost on RTÉ Two on 8 February 2009, the recording was stopped during most of the ad breaks but I put together what was available. This also features an interesting ident at the end with no RTÉ Two logo.

Clean Channel 4 ident broadcast on 2 January 1993.
Segment from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdnhq...
#Channel4 #ident

Part 2 of 2 of ads, continuity and closedown from Channel 4 broadcast in January 1993.
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ_CG...
#Channel4 #closedown #1993

Part 1 of 2 of ads and continuity from Channel 4 broadcast in January 1993.
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdnhq...
#Channel4 #TheWord #1993

2020 rebroadcast of the iconic programme. Opening titles only.

Full episode, except the end of the credits, of Fair City broadcast on Network Two on 31 July 1997.


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