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BR Knights

BR Knights game 4

MTG Arena gameplay

Yeah boi! Yer buddy Matty is punching people. The ass wears a T-shirt that say's "Punch Nazi's" and then he acts like a typical brown shirt thug. The irony is lost on these morons. In my opinion.
Let's see if WotC bans him. I bet they don't.

Creepy Rudy says it better than anybody:
Best product in the world, sold by the worst company in the world.


Stay off social media and you won't get banned from Arena.

Magic Duels Gameplay

Ramp v Mono Red, Vampires, Ramp.

I know he plays Act of Treason. He has a lot of cards in hand. Am I dumb enough to play my Ulamog?



GBr Ramp

Part 4
Completing a quest in the Bone Gallery. Nice Boss in there!
Playlist for Torchlight 2:


Magic Duels - Rank 40 Battles - Magic the Gathering


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