Professor Richard Spence is the author of Wall Street and the Russian Revolution. I invited him on to help me sift through the realities and fantasies of the different claims made for US backing of the Bolsheviks - as well as their involvement in the wider Revolution. Professor Spence also discusses the ambiguities of history, and what conspiracy theorists tend to get right and wrong.

See Professor Spence’s book, Wall Street and the Russian Revolution, here:

Full presentation on the history of Ukraine:

Daily antiwar updates:

In addition to the anti-communist crusade, the Russian Revolution also gave rise to anti-communist conspiracy theories. At their most extreme, these posited that dark elements within the US Government secretly supported the rise of communism and even facilitated the Bolsheviks coming to power. In attempting to understand the nature of the Empire, what are we to make of such claims?

Conspiracy Theories: The Bolshevik Revolution, podcast by Tom Secker:

Killing Hope, by William Blum:

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Anthony Sutton:

Interview with Anthony Sutton:

Russia and the Soviet Union, by Ralph Raico:

Splendid Isolation?: Britain, the Balance of Power and the Origins of the First World War, by John Charmley:

Wall Street and the Russian Revolution, by Richard Spence:

Prolonging the Agony: How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-And-A-Half Years, by Jim MacGregor and Gerry Docherty:

For a summary of Jüri Lina’s work see, Do Americans Face a Red Terror?, by James Perloff:

A People's History of the Russian Revolution, by Neil Faulkner:

Article on General Maurice Janin

Trotsky in New York, 1917: A Radical on the Eve of Revolution, by Kenneth D. Ackerman

Lord Milner's Visit to Petrograd (UK Gov. Hansard)

America's Secret War against Bolshevism: U.S. Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920, by David S. Foglesong:

Albert Rhys Williams:

Bolshevik Propaganda: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate:

Hello and welcome to the DSC Podcast. Step inside and join our conversations as we seek the depth in all things. Be it mysticism, therapy, mythology or world events – we will seek not to find answers but rather to come up with ever better questions. Hosted by Richard Cox.
The consequences of lockdowns were as brutal as they were predictable. The United Nations warned of ‘multiple famines of biblical proportions’, that would kill ‘hundreds of thousands of children’, whilst Oxfam cautioned that ‘the economic crisis is potentially going to be even more severe than the health crisis’, moving half a billion people into poverty.

How could this be justified? Only through the claim that lockdowns would save more lives than they cost. Absent evidence, this is simply a gamble, so was it a gamble that paid off?

Read the full report at:

Dr. James Boswell returns to the show to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which he’s been covering on his Wall of Controversy blog.

Read James’ Wall of Controversy blog here:

Today’s guest, Gem, runs the YouTube channel, Humans of Earth, where he engages with Flat Earth arguments and Apollo Moon landing cynics. On the latter topic, he has produced two substantial documentaries: one presenting the positive evidence for the landings, and another aiming to debunk Bart Sibrel’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon. This is what I principally drew upon to form my critical questions when I recently interviewed Mr. Sibrel.

Gem agreed to come on and tell me what he thought of that interview, as well as balance this series out by presenting a positive case why we definitely went to the Moon.

You can find his documentaries, along with all his other work, here:

Today’s returning guest, Daniel Thompson-Mills, spent decades in the environmental movement. Events of recent years caused Daniel to reevaluate some of his core beliefs, a process that ultimately led to his authoring the book: The Case Against Man Made Climate Change.

In this interview I focus on asking Daniel how this dramatic cognitive shift came about, why certain facts had previously been invisible to him, and how his change has been received by the people around him.

The Case Against Man Made Climate Change, as well as Daniel’s other books, are available here:

As a CIA Intelligence Officer, Dr. Michael Scheuer ran the Agency's Osama Bin Laden Tracking Unit, known as Alec Station, from 1996 to 99.

In the years after the September 11th attacks, Dr. Scheuer became famous for many of his views on US Foreign policy and criticised the Clinton and Bush regimes for failing to assassinate Bin laden when they had the chance.

This interview was shocking to both myself and my co-host Adam Fitzgerald, as Dr. Scheuer entertains the possibility that the 9/11 were assisted from inside the US Government, and ‘inside job’, but rejects the common position that the CIA’s Alec Station played a pivotal role in this, by withholding information on the hijackers from the FBI. Neither of us currently know what to make of this.

Dr. Scheuer’s writing and podcast can be found at:

When compared to the controversies of excess deaths, accusations of manslaughter, life changing vaccine injuries and the inhumanity of lockdowns, the issue of mask mandates may seem like a relative triviality. If they helped ‘stop the spread’ then great, and if not—what did we really lose by trying?

The deeper question raised by mandates however, is at what point is it acceptable for one group of people to impose medical interventions upon others? Is it after a certain amount of scientific evidence of efficacy has accumulated? Is it when a certain level of popular consent is attained? Can it only be done after a thorough study of potential harms? And what about the very nature of mandates, to what extent do any unintended and adverse effects of mandating behaviour need to be taken into account?

This raises the further question: if mandates turn out to have a counterproductive or even harmful effect, what sanction should fall upon those who imposed them?

Read the full essay here:

Simon Bown is a past life regression therapist and host of the Past Lives Podcast, where he investigates all sorts of evidence for survival of the human soul.

Having produce two episodes in the ‘A Question of Memory Series’, where I basically concluded there was little evidence to believe hypnotic regression could reliably be used to recover memories, I thought it would be good to have someone on to challenge that position - and who better than a guest who employs such techniques to recover memories from different lives altogether!

In this interview I ask Simon about the therapeutic benefits he sees in his work, and why he feels these are not best explained as just ‘theatre of the mind’. We then get into whether there are any dangers in conflating fantasy and reality, and finally what the metaphysical implications of all this are.

Listen to Simon’s Past Lives Podcast here:

Find out about his past life regression work here:

And listen to the Alien and UFO podcast here:

Mansoor Adayfi was held without charge in Guantanamo Bay for over fourteen years. This was in spite of the fact that early on it was apparent he had no connection to Al Qaeda, and had essentially been sold to the CIA for a bounty.

In this interview, Adam Fitzgerld and I ask Mansoor about his experience in the camps, what their real purpose was and how his faith helped him maintain his humanity for all those years. We also ask about his recently publicised encounters with Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

Released to Serbia in 2016, Mansoor now writes, creates art and advocates for the men who remain at Guantanamo. In 2021 he published his memoir, ‘Don’t Forget Us Here’. You can follow his activities here:

I recently appeared on the ‘My Friends Hate Freedom’ podcast, to discuss COVID, geopolitics, spirituality, mythology and more. The host, Bearsnare, even let me read some of my poems!

Check out My Friends Hate Freedom here:

Bill Rice Jr is a professional journalist, whose frustration with the COVID narrative led him to break free and ply his trade on Substack. His regular newsletter now attracts thousands of readers. I came across Bill’s work when preparing the Measuring the Mandates report, as he has specialised in documenting the evidence for early spread of the virus. Although we’d approached this question from different angles, we’d both realised the implications of this: that COVID couldn’t be the thing driving the excess mortality. This is the biggest scandal of our time.

In this interview I ask Bill all about that. We also discuss some of his writing and insights into how ‘The Narrative’ insulates and protects itself, and what we can do to break through.

Follow Bill on Substack:

Read Measuring the Mandates, Questioning the States Response to COVID-19:

Zandra Lewis was a registered nurse and Director of Abbotswood Nursing Home on the Isle of Man at the time the COVID-19 pandemic was announced. In this interview Mrs. Lewis gives her account of what happened when the Island’s government took direct control of Abbotswood, during the early part of the COVID era. Whilst this situation is, as far as I’m aware, unique, it gives insight into practices that were common across Britain and the wider world - those of end of life pathways, denial of food and water and use of respiratory suppressant drugs like midazolam.

Zandra’s account is featured in the Measuring the Mandates book, freely available here:

I was recently a guest at the Virtual Alexandria itself, Aeon byte Gnostic Radio, where we discussed the intersection of Gnosticism and Anarchism, and whether they are synonymous regarding worldviews and goals? What can the Gnostic myths tell us about coercion and tyranny, including what has happened today with the erosion of individual rights?

Visit the Virtual Alexandria at:

Find my writing and podcasting on all platforms at:

Today’s guest is the ‘Moon Man’ himself, Bart Sibrel. Mr. Sibrel has produced two documentaries on the Moon landings; A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, where he presents what he contends is proof of NASA faking the missions, and Astronauts Gone Wild, where Buzz Aldrin punches him in the face.

For this interview, I went looking for the best criticisms I could find of Bart’s claims, and put them to him. I think this is informative whatever side of this debate you fall on.

All of Bart’s work can be found on his website -

This is the particular clip Bart references regarding the Apollo 11 crew faking footage -

I drew most of my criticisms from the YouTube channel, Humans of Earth -

To find this podcast on a variety of platforms see -

‘The identification of a novel coronavirus had been announced by the world’s media, then suddenly vast numbers of people started dying across multiple countries. Whilst correlation alone does not prove causation, surely the new virus must be the sole culprit for these deaths.’

Read the full essay here:

Watch Jacqui Deeevoy’s film, A Good Death?, here:

Dr. Jon Campbell’s presentation, Euthanasia in the Pandemic?:

Measuring the Mandates: Questioning the State’s Response to COVID-19 is an essay written by a group for submission to an inquiry into their government’s pandemic policies. As they were basically the same as pandemic policies everywhere else, it’s been converted into an internationally applicable version. At 22 thousand words, it ended up being a small book, which is freely downloadable from my website. In this series of presentations, I’m going to go through the various chapters on masking, lockdowns, vaccines, PCR and what caused all those excess deaths anyway. I’ll then read the conclusion, which looks at the philosophical underpinning of the state’s response.

Read the full essay here:

The second of two presentations delivered to ‘Manx People’s Community Support’ on an essay titled ‘Measuring the Mandates’, which questions government’s response to COVID-19.

The version of the essay, specific to the Isle of Man Government, can be read here:

An international version will be available soon

This is the first of two presentations delivered to ‘Manx People’s Community Support’ on an essay titled ‘Measuring the Mandates’, which questions government’s response to COVID-19.

The version of the essay specific to the Isle of Man Government can be read here:

An international version will be available soon

With the Artemis program set to perform a lunar flyby next year, followed by a landing as early as 2025, the prospect for man’s return to the Moon has never felt so concrete. How will the Moon landing conspiracists deal with this, are their theories set to be blown out of low Earth orbit? On the other hand, what if Artemis is a dud, how will NASA’s defenders cope if a ‘return’ proves impossible to pull off?

Now is the time to place your bets…

Marcus Allen talk:

Empire of Psychopaths: What Lead the Romans to be Quite so Brutal?

Tom Holland & Dominic Sandbrook, The Rest is History Podcast:

John Pilger, Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq:

Randy Walsh is a commercial pilot, who after being inspired by the Moon landings as a child, became cynical of them later in life. This cynicism turned to research, with a focus particular on the Saturn rockets. Several years and two books later, he is convinced man never walked on the Moon.

In this interview I ask Randy about his journey and research, before moving on to some more philosophical issues regarding how this question can best be resolved.

Find Randy’s books here:

Follow Randy’s work on YouTube:

Mike Stone is the author of the Viroliegy blog, where he investigates the scientific evidence for the existence of viruses. In this interview I ask Mike about journey into that research, what it’s like to communicate a position most people find so radical and - if the ‘no virus’ paradigm is correct - what on earth that would mean for our belief in a scientific worldview.

Follow Mike’s work at:


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