Galtymore or Galteemore (Irish: Cnoc Mór na nGaibhlte, meaning "Big hill of the Galtees") at 918 metres (3,012 ft), is the 12th–highest peak in Ireland on the Arderin scale, and the 14th–highest peak in Ireland according to the Vandeleur-Lynam scale. Galtymore has the 4th highest topographic prominence in Ireland which classifies Galtymore as a P600, or "major mountain". Galtymore is also one of the 13 recognised Scottish Furths, or Irish Munros, in Ireland. Galtymore is the County Top for both Limerick and Tipperary, and it is the highest mountain of the Galty Mountains, or Galtee Mountains, a 30–kilometre range that runs east–west, split between Limerick and Tipperary in Munster, Ireland.

0-255 decimal
8-bit binary counter LED array with 74HC595 Serial Shift Register with PIC 12F675

8 LEDS are attached to pins QA-QH of 74HC595. Data in the form of an 8-bit binary counter from 0 to 256 is outputted to shift register and display on array and then looped. thus implementing an 8-bit binary counter with just 3 outputs of PIC.

A push button is attached to GPIO 3 pin which is held high by a pull up resistor , when button is pressed it goes logic low. This button is checked by sw on startup if activated it switches are LEDS on constantly so unit can be used as a lamp.

* Function: PIC12F675 8-bit binary counter, LED Array and shift register
* Created on 31 August 2018, 19:34
* IDE: MPLAB X v5.05
* Compiler: xc8 v2.0

Contact for code and schematic.

PIC micro-controller emergency vehicle lights LED simulation
Name: Emergency vehicle lights simulation
Description: A simulation of the lighting system mounted on Emergency vehicle lights
using PIC 12F675 8-pin 8 bit microcontroller
4 Leds are attached to PIC. The PIC cycles thru various lighting patterns based on input from a push button which is read by means of hardware interrupt on GP2.
* IDE: MPLAB X v4.2
* Compiler: xc8
Contact me for source code and schematic.

Ballycotton Cliff Walk

The Cliff Walk is from Ballycotton village to Ballyandreen beach along a cliff track where you are flanked by meadows on one side and the ocean on the other. It starts at the end of Ballycotton village (at the y in the road take the right up the hill, the left takes you to the pier). The walk extends over 5 miles on a foot worn track along the cliff face with stunning views and passes Ballytrasna beach. There are many stiles to cross on the route

Irish Mountain Hare in the Galtee Mountains Tipperary .

Crows in Graveyard

The Big Snow Ireland 2018 Galtee Mountains

Title : Arch Linux distro maintenance bash script.
Description: Updates, maintenance, backups and system checks in
single menu driven optional script Command line program for Arch linx users.
see readme.md(access thru cylon info page) or manpage "man cylon" for info.

AUR package name : cylon , at aur.archlinux.org


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