Tyrannus King

Clips from the Bumblebee film will be used as flashbacks.

Footage is mostly from the movie tie in game and the 2007 film itself.

This will take place towards the end of Joey's duel against Marik and through Yugi and Kaiba's duel towards the near beginning of the Battle City Finals.

Originally supposed to be published on January 26th, 2021, a day before my birthday.

3 years after Optimus left Earth to search for his Creators, the Transformers were still hunted down by the TRF, a unit formed after Cemetery Wind is disbanded for its crimes, a dangerous secret remained within the Earth. Optimus Prime is gone. Many heroes have surfaced to try to protect their beloved homes on Earth, only then did fate intertwined their fates to where everyone works together to save their allies, and their home. Two worlds colliding. Only one survives.

This is only for fun and entertainment purposes only.

Some footage is altered a little to avoid spoilers. Some are from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, others from Injustice 2 and Transformers 4 and 5.

This is only made for fun. Some footage is from the actual trailer whereas most is altered.

This version of the remake will combine dialogue from the original animated film and the live action, since many complained about how stale and lacking emotion the remake had that the original didnt have any problems.

For entertainment purposes only.

Part 1 will start with introduction of King Mufasa and his son, Simba. As this part will focus on Mufasa's reign only.


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