The perpetrator is a repeat felon, the defender did not use a gun, he used a knife. The NYC DA is filing charges against him for murdering the thug who clearly was a threat to this man's life and the aggressor.

This is another example of people in stores/restaurants attacking employees. However, there was no need for a gun. Some pepper spray would have stopped the attack, it's obvious that this was an overreaction and she can expect some serious jail time for her retribution.

Good Situational Awareness
Maintained good seperation
Decent Draw Speed and two good hits. The first buckled him over the second you see the muzzle flash and he drops.

This newer footage clearly shows the case was not self defense. Unlike how it was painted by the media DaBaby Rapper Johathat Kirk was the instigator in what became a deadly assault. There was no self-defense in this case as he claimed.

This is a very graphic video. We can learn a lesson here for our own self-defense. This video clearly shows that the robber was more concerned about killing the security guard than his own life and continued the gunfight with the guard until he bled out.

His fail was permanent after attacking the police officer in the parking lot.

Some of these failures are great because they failed when facing an armed good guy. Self Defense is something you have to do yourself. Training is key.


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