Covid Vaccine Injuries

Her support group and personal Facebook account have been removed via Facebook. She has had a multitude of issues since getting her Pfizer injection. She has been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy, for which there is no cure.

Stacee was a long haul freight driver and professional singer prior to her Pfizer shot. She has suffered the last several months since her injection this past spring. This video is a compilation showing her old life and her new reality. The second half of the video is her beautiful voice singing while waiting in line at the pharmacy for her new prescriptions.

Tiktok has also been censoring her story. She deserves to be helped and heard.

Elizabeth was very pro science and pro vaccine. She tearfully admits making fun of adverse reactions until it hit closer to home and she found herself having one too. They had to stop her heart. She is now on medication and being censored for speaking out.

John Stokes is a division 1 college athlete being censored after his story of myocarditis went viral. John was injected with Pfizer. He had a physical prior to his shot and is said to have been in good health. His story is now being censored, and tiktok went as far as removing some of his videos.

He was offered money to sell the rights to his story in order to silence him, and he refused the money.

Donna and her family have shared their Pfizer experience. This once healthy teen now suffers from seizures and tics.

Brittany wishes she would have seen just one story of potential outcomes before getting her injection in August. Social media has successfully suppressed thousands of stories. They are preventing informed consent. Brittany is now in a wheelchair.

Shelly is a runner who has had health issues since taking her Pfizer shot. She has been given 8+ medications/prescriptions, has had embolisms, DVT, and heart issues. She gives a very emotional message at the end of the video.

Melissa has had issues for the last five months since getting her covid shot. She can’t get answers. If you know a doctor to refer her to, please reach out to her.

“Ultra rare”

“One in a million”

“You are a gift to me, as in my more than 20 years in nephrology I’ve never had the opportunity to work with this disease”

DX: Dense Deposit Disease

There is no cure.

I don’t buy the breakthrough case campaign. It looks like prior trials to me.

This video includes her medical records. For daily stories please visit my Telegram channel at:

Heartbreaking testimony of a woman who lost her husband after his covid shot, and her reaction to things she overheard at a school board meeting.

Rithaika was only 18 and died within days of her covid injection.

Roulette suffered from Bells Palsy a few days after his Pfizer vaccine. While getting help at the hospital his jewelry was placed in a bag, which included a necklace he wore with his mother’s ashes. The hospital could not find the bag when he later inquired. His jewelry was never returned.

He also states that he thought some of these side effects were a conspiracy theory and that until you experience something like this, you really don’t know.

Downloadable version of this video is on my telegram channel.

This healthcare professional has had issues for several months since her vaccine. Tiktok recently censored her. I created a compilation to briefly share some of what she has been going through.

Before and after of a 23 year old and psych changes they say is from Moderna vaccine

He has struggled with tinnitus for a few months. Symptoms began after he took the Moderna messenger RNA shot. He had issues reporting to vaers.

Kaitlin couldn’t walk after her J&J covid vaccine. She is/was a flight attendant.

Farley’s development of Bells Palsy after his covid vaccine shows another perspective. Paralysis for those dependent on sign language could leave them with no way to communicate. Fortunately he can still sign.

Banned video for no legitimate reason.

They are suppressing your stories and we are fighting to share them. Keep speaking your truth!

Danee’s story is a bit of a tearjerker. She got her first dose December 18 and second dose January 10. It has had an impact on her health, including her speech. 7 months later, she still has no answers.

Facial paralysis, courtesy of Pfizer

Brooklyn is only 19 and had a neurological reaction to her covid jab.


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Real people and real stories of covid vaccine injuries.