Hunter Scott Harris

My view on the 5.56x45mm vs 7.62x39mm debate.

This is a quick video talking about my new rifle, the XCR in 5.56. This thing is pretty badass.
Filmed on Kiyo webcam.
Uploaded fomat .Mp4

Bitchute growing becoming more and more competitive to youtube.
Filmed on Kiyo webcam.
Uploaded fomat .Mp4

My girlfriend learning how to transition on her roller skates.
Filmed on iPhone, exported from Final Cut into .Mp4

Filmed on iPhone 11
video file .mov
uploaded from iphone 11 safari
thumbnail was a screenshot on iphone
uploaded under 10 mins

I tried to upload this so many times in so many ways I uploaded it here to see if it was my third channel that wasn't working

Just a little update on what's on in my life.

Went jackrabbit hunting and found a Javelina XD

I went on a rabbit hunt with a few bumps on the way.

Me working on my trigger control

Here is a little unorganized review of the PMR 30. I know I need chapstick bad!

What your first gun should be

How to have effective gun control

Testing uploads on iPhone



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I love the outdoors and want to bring you guys along! XD
This is my main channel and will have different topics that interest me.
This includes
video games
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